The skin of this forty year old lady came to life once again as the hands of her male escort brushed over her

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The skin of this forty year old lady came to life once again as the hands of her male escort brushed over her

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The skin of this forty year old lady came to life once again as the hands of her male escort brushed over her. She could feel the tiny hairs on her flesh rising to meet his fingers, longing for his touch just one more time.

She closed her eyes and deeply breathed in his scent, a mixture of cologne and sweat, then slowly exhaled, ever so grateful for whatever had brought them together this fateful night.

They lie naked in the dark room with only the candlelight to see their way around each other’s bodies, clothes strewn around, and the sheets crumpled and tangled as evidence of our sexual encounter.

James ran his hands over the lady’s thighs, over her thin waist and around her back, pulling her down to him. The male escort kissed her softly on the mouth.

The lady sighed as their lips parted. She opened her eyes and ran her hands over his chest. James did put quickly a condom and she lifted herself onto his stiff cock and they both moaned as she took all of him deep inside her.

The lady had never cheated on her husband before but, James, the gentleman for demanding ladies as it was written on his web site was worth it. She hadn’t realized just how badly she missed being touched until James had shown her.

At sixty-five years old her husband’s emotional distance had made her  feel too old for love and caused her to forget the excitement of that first kiss and the rush of blood coursing through your veins when someone eager to be with you caresses your skin.

James’s hands held her waist firmly as the lady slowly began to rotate her hips, sending shivers of pleasure through her pussy. She kept her hands firmly planted on his bare chest and stared intently at his face, imprinting the image of his hazel eyes, his thin lips and nice hair onto her brain, an image she would remember for the rest of her life.

His elegance and energy, made her feel alive again and invincible to the harsh world outside this hotel room.

James guided the lady trying to keep her pace slow. The lady was so eager to pound him into her, he had to keep her under control in order not to cum too early. Her hot pussy juice dripped around his cock and down his balls as she danced on his rod sending sensations through her, she had never dreamt possible.

The gigolo flipped her over on her stomach and pulled her rear end up in the air, slowly inserted the tip of his cock into her and gave her a playful slap on the ass. the lady squealed and pushed herself to him in an attempt to get him further inside her.

James held her ass cheek firmly in place with one hand and smacked her buttock again with his right. The lady’s face fell into the soft pillow and James held her wrist tightly in his left hand.  The gigolo wanted to release her from the chains of everyday love making and take her on new sexual adventures.

The lady moaned as the gigolo plunged his cock deep into her and she wagged her behind at him. James smacked her ass again, harder this time, leaving a red mark on her white ass cheek.

She bit her lip and held still as he pounded her roughly and deliberately.  Each penetration sent waves of ecstasy through her body, the wetness of her pussy running down her thighs as she moaned louder and louder.

James sat at the edge of the bed and waited for the lady to position herself across his legs.  The gigolo reached over to the night stand and picked up her hairbrush. Her eyes widened as she watched him firmly grasp a whip, knowing he was going to use it.

She felt her mouth go dry as she positioned herself across his lap. The lady bit her lip and closed her eyes, bracing herself for what was to come. James teasingly ran the whip up her thigh and over her right butt cheek, across to her left cheek and down her thigh making a slow torturous circle.

The lady gasped at the cool breeze that swept past her bottom and the surprise of not getting the smack on her behind that she had expected.

James began to run the whip over her flesh again in the same circle. James smiled and then raised the whip and smacked her quickly on the ass. The lady jumped and squealed and James quickly ran his hand over the stinging red cheek to sooth it.

The lady moaned as his hand caressed the stinging skin, bit her lip and closed her eyes again. James ran the whip around her behind and over her legs and then, with a quick swing, the gigolo smacked her ass again.

She shot up and tried to rub her behind but James quickly put her back down on his lap. The lady’s breath came at a rapid pace and her heart felt like it would jump out of her chest at the anticipation of her next swat on the ass.

James flipped the whip over and ran the soft bristles over her stinging flesh sending chills up her spine.  The gigolo slid the whip over her bottom and into her ass crack, sliding it down to her wet labia where it glided over her silky pussy and sensitive clitoris.

She shuddered as the whip made contact with her clit and emitted a soft whimper. James sat the whip down and rubbed her rosy cheeks tenderly with his hand, one arm firmly across her shoulder blades to keep her from shooting up again.

She could feel his hard cock poking her stomach as she lay exposed across his lap. She felt a tear in her eye but the pleasure she was experiencing was far too wonderful to ask James to stop now. The gigolo  caressed the tender skin lovingly and without warning spanked her again and again.

The lady squealed and moaned. She wiggled just enough to make it seem she was trying to sit up and James would smack her a little harder.The lady placed her hands on the bed and James mounted her from behind.

Gently the gigolo  stuck the head of his cock in her swollen pussy and rammed into her burning ass cheeks as he steadily increased the rhythm.  He slid easily in and out of her wet pussy as he grasped her firmly by the waist, holding her in place.

She moaned and panted with each stroke feeling her body getting closer to the edge of pleasure. then James pulled out and lay on the bed with pillows to support his head.

The lady climbed on top of James and straddled him slowly sliding his cock into her quivering pussy. The gigolo  groaned as his hard dick slid into the warmth of the lady and the now familiar muscles once again tightened around him ready to coax the cum from his very core. She sat on him taking him into her completely and let out a sigh.

James leaned forward and took her nipple into his mouth, his warm tongue flicking the tip and then once again taking the full nipple into his mouth. He switched back and forth between her firm breasts and then pinched a rednipple as he suckled the other.

The lady’s pussy contracted and she began to slowly ride his cock and moan. James released her breasts and put his hands on her hips, guiding her rhythm as she rode his dick up and down and then grinded into his pelvic bone.

She felt herself losing control and shoved James’s hands aside. The lady grabbed the headboard with both hands and slammed herself into him over and over, pumping him harder and faster.

The bed creaked and they moaned in unison as the lady slammed his cock into her cunt. Suddenly the climax over took her and she let out a guttural cry, feeling warm waves of immense pleasure in her pussy.

The lady shivered and slipped off of James’s cock and onto the mattress.  She lay there panting, soaked in sweat and ecstasy. James out of breath ran a trembling hand through her long hair.

She couldn’t remember being any happier than she was now, with her male escort.  James pulled the lady close to him and held her tightly in his arms. The gigolo planted a soft kiss on her forehead. He would teach her many things about pleasure in the coming months.


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