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F – May 2022

I love the way you went down on me. That was fabulous. See you soon.

M – April 2022

I was a virgin before you. Now I feel I am a woman because not only you did without any pain for me but also you teach me how to please you. Thank you very much

V & W – March 2022

My husband wanted to be cuckold. I like to play the role of the hot wife with you. He did enjoy hearing us on the phone.

B – February 2022

Hi James, I have seen the new stories and also the old ones. it excites me to read them while caressing me in the evening while thinking of you.

Y & Z – January 2022

You fuck my wife in the car while I was driving, that was so exciting. thx

O – December 2021

Hello my big James,  you fulfill all my expectations. thanks😘😘😘

T & G – November 2021

We enjoyed this evening very much. You knew how to use my wife. I like the way she did act with you, like a little slut. Thank you.

S, October 2021

My dear James, you are able to understand the ladies in a manner that I have never seen during my long life. Please continue to please us. No one is like you.

P, September 2021

Hi James, I just wanted to thank you for that moment. I love the way you kiss. I can stop thinking of you. 😘

J, August 2021

James is an extremely lovely, chill man. He is polite, an excellent conversationalist… He is also all about consent, and won’t touch you anywhere without asking you first if it is OK to do so. He is a very good lover who manages to be naughty while making you feel like being with him is the safest thing. And it’s hard for someone to be both naughty and safe, because naughty can feel unsafe and safe can feel boring, but James manages to be the perfect combination of both. A 38-year-old virgin, I was very picky about who should give me my first time and I feel James was absolutely the right person to do this for me. And though this was meant to be a one-off for me, I am already thinking I’d love to see him again when I am next in Paris. Thank you so, so much James, I am so grateful! 🙂 Xx

F – August 2021

I wanted to give you a hug and you came to meet me at my hotel. Hugs, kisses and so many things I wouldn’t say here. Everything was perfect. You have fulfilled me How to not succumb to your gentlemanly charm.

M – July 2021

Rest now darling. Yes it was beautiful. Yes we will see each other again soon

W & A – June 2021

I must admit that we had a little apprehension. This is the first time but we were asking my wife and I but still !! You had all the skill and the class to dispel this very small apprehension which is after all normal. My wife can’t wait to see you again and I can’t wait to see her in your arms.

A – May 2021

Hello James, After meeting you, I’m still hot as embers when I think of your big b … I caress it in thought with my tongue, you take me wildly and you make me cum like a little slut . I want to start over very quickly. Wet kiss.

C – April 2021

I dared to tell you what I liked and you gave me all the pleasure I needed. Thanks again. xoxo

G & G – March 2021

My husband was in the room next to ours when you arrived. With the door between open but without permission to come and watch
When I decided, I called him to put handcuffs and a blindfold on a chair next to the bed. He was able to hear our foreplay, your naughty words to me. How good and sexy I was, how wet it made me. Then I let him watch when I took care of your cock, when you made me cum, and especially when you cum on me in front of his amazed eyes.

E – February 2021

Hi James, as promised, I just ‘tested’ your site. It is really good and some stories remind me of ours I have seen the new stories and also the old ones. it excites me to read them while caressing me in the evening while thinking of you.

S & L – January 2021

I wanted you to revive my wife by hinting that you would like this to take place in the conjugal bed. She knew it turns me on. She was a bit reserved on this setup even though I knew it turned her on too. In the end you were able to convince her and it was a fantastic experience. My wife tells me about it again and you are now part of our erotic games. Thank you

E – December 2020

Hello my beautiful James, I really enjoyed our evening, you were adorable with me. Calin as I dreamed. Don’t change anything for our next appointment … Thank you ++ By the way what is the title of your book on Amazon?
I wish you happy holidays full of Savoyard fondues, double whip cream meringues. … So you will have to come to exercise with me to find the line ….. I kiss you 😘😘😘

L & H – November 2020

We enjoyed this evening very much as we wanted BDSM. You knew how to teach us domination and my wife loved it when you tied me to the chair. She wanted that I could do nothing but want her when it was you who could take her like a little bitch. Thank you.

M, October 2020

You were a beautiful lover and my body still vibrates from this evening. You knew how to put me in confidence, relax me, make me come when I no longer knew. I loved your wet kisses, your expert tongue on my pussy. Your caresses have awakened forgotten sensations in me. Your fingers know how to show the way to pleasure.Your cock has filled me up. Your knowledge of a woman’s needs, your reassuring words and your expert gestures make you unforgettable. I wouldn’t have thought to say it, but I miss you already.
Obviously, I count on your discretion.

K, 48 years old, August 2020

Hi James, I just wanted to thank you for the massage last night. I’ve had erotic massage before but nothing as relaxing and professional as that. You are amazing at what you do. I hope to get another one soon. If not on this trip, definitely next time I’m in Paris in a couple months. xoxoxo

A, 30 years old. July 2020

A moment spent in respect, listening and always a word to reassure me about my body, my reactions, my feelings. Seeing my apprehension to come into contact with a stranger, you did not hesitate to give of yourself and to concentrate on my pleasure, something that few men know how to do. I feel much lighter and with less doubts about my relations with my next partners. Thank you James.

M&G Jan 2020

My partner and I have always enjoyed a very active and enjoyable sex life. For some time we have considered pushing the boundaries further by trying a threesome. We found James’ website and read about his services and explored the reviews of couples who had previously utilised him. We met up with James in a wine bar and hit it off immediately – so quickly moved on to our hotel room. We were delighted with our evening with James and all of our expectations after reading the website were fulfilled. James, you are a gentleman and we would thank you for respecting us and fulfilling our fantasy! We are still thinking about our memories of the night the 3 of us experienced together. We will use your services again in the future and are already planning different positions we want to try with you to push our sexual boundaries even further. Please let us know if you are planning to visit England at any stage – so we can meet up and fulfill the next fantasy. Regards M&G

A & C  July 2019

Good Morning. James, Thank You my wife and I had a wonderful night better than expected. I’m sure that we will be back in Paris in the future.

C. in July 2019

Hello James, It was magic. I had never felt so much pleasure.😊

V. in June 2019

Good evening my prince charming, thank you for your message after this hot night. It’s like I still feel your hands on my skin. Chills. That sweet warmth feeling when I’m cold … I love that.

S. in May 2019

Good night James and thank you again for this moment … 😘

J. in April 2019

James, It was really good. Thank you for making me comfortable and understand my expectations.

E. in March 2019

Thank you James, For your kindness. I had a good time.

T. in February 2019

I cannot find the words but my body still vibrates with your caresses, your kisses, your …
As soon as we met in this bar, I knew you were going to seduce me. Your gentleman style, your reassuring words. Your voice and your words that tell a story and make me laugh before making me scream. See you soon Mr. James.

B. in January 2019

It was really an amazing evening …. so great …. I can not find an adjective to describe it
By closing my eyes I feel that you are still by my side and I feel your breath … and I have chills…
So I try to keep my eyes closed most often.

S. with her Husband in December 2018

Dear James,
I’m trying to write a comment and I notice that it is impossible to make it brief. The experience with you was overwhelming and absolutely fantastic. Although I was really nervous and insecure when my boyfriend told me that he contacted you to have a threesome, because this was (is) my fantasy. I was afraid of many things….When we met you in the wine bar, I was relaxed after 2 min. You are a true gentleman, you know how to subtile seduce a woman and you made me really curious and demanding for more…
Arriving in the hotel, you took the right initiatives to creatie a perfect ambiance.
The start with a slow massage that changed quickly in an erotic atmosphere was really absolutely exciting. I felt wanted, sexy, horny and also lifted to a higher level. You gently pushed my boundaries and I absolutely loved that!!
You are the perfect lover, handsome, masculin, sensitive for womens needs, beautiful body, very intense and HOT!
Also my boyfriend felt respected at any time. We are still enjoying our memories of that night with you..
We had planned to do this only once (to avoid emotional issues) but now we are secretly fantasizing to do it again because the experience exceeded our expectation.
James, you are the best!
I know that it is some kind of profession for you but I want to thank you anyway for giving me (us) these warm and hot feelings. Thanks also for taking the time to have a cosy, funny and friendly converstion after.

I regret only one thing. That is that I have no picture of your face, I loved you eyes while we were having sex…

(Sorry for my English, it is not perfect but I guess you understand everything. 😊)


C. in November 2018

Thank you James. You did answer my expectations. Have a nice week end !

P. in October 2018

A magic moment to feel like a woman. A woman with a man who respects her and gives her pleasure without counting his time.

O. & N. in September 2018

Mr. James, I want to thank you for giving pleasure to my wife. I liked to see her enjoying it in front of me with you.

R. in August 2018

Thanks James. kisses.

T. & H. in July 2018

What a party !!! You are a gentleman with women. We loved your hands and your …. on our women’s bodies.

L. in June 2018

At first I did not know what to expect and then you did this massage to me so sensual that my body was carried away in a world of pleasure.

M. in May 2018

5 stars for massage, 5 stars for pleasure, 5 stars for gallantry. I highly recommend women who lack tenderness and more.

N. in April 2018

As usual, perfect. In addition you had brought champagne.

S. & C. in March 2018

We enjoyed having a drink with you to get to know each other before going further. Thank you for your patience.

M. in February 2018

Hello James. Thank you so much. You made me happy when I received your nice good morning word. I’m a little tired after this aerobatic session.

C. in January 2018

How many times have I had pleasure in your arms? I do not even count anymore. Hugs.

M. & J. in December 2017

An infernal threesome. My husband and you, you really made me live a wonderful experience. Thanks again.

B. in November 2017

No one is better than you James. Not only you are a gentleman with all the meaning behind but also a charming prince who can make a woman’s dream come true. In my mind and in my body. I enjoy every moment with you.

A. in October 2017

I love your companionship. Our dinner was so interesting and romantic. You are an amazing story teller.

I will recommend you to all my girlfriends who want to spend a night before getting married. xxx

S. in September 2017

Watching myself in the mirror while you fuck me with no mercy was the best moment of my sexual life…

Y & U in August 2017

Going to a swing club is exciting but with you, there is no risk and we did enjoy it because you know how to…

F. in July 2017

Blindfolding was my fantasy and you make it true. I like to be treated like a whore. You did it well. Bye.

N in June 2017

I wish I could meet you more often. When are you coming to America ? You can be my guest. thx James

M & S in May 2017

Sir James, I like when you fuck my wife. I like to see her cumming, squirting with you. See you soon.

P & P in April 2017

My hot wife is so happy and so am I for our evening of blessfull pleasure. She is so fucking bitchy with you. thx.

T. in March 2017

Thank you Master. I am your little slut. Please I know I cannot speak and I like to be punished for that.

C. in February 2017

Oh James ! I cannot find the word. My body response is my best answer to you Sir.

K. January 2017

Lots of kisses after that full night of sex. Thank you James

M. in Decembre 2016

I like when you touch me. I like when you please me. I like you to drive me until I climax and reach cloud nine.

I will come back again and again because you are so nice and you know how to please a woman like me. kisses

S. in November 2016

That special moment was so good. You are really a gentleman. I wish I could come more often in Paris. But I will try to do my best to make it happen again. Thank you James for you tenderness and the love you give to me. You really know how to please a woman. Thank you.

J. in September 2016

I spend a fantastic moment with you, the diner was great and you did entertain me with many intelligent discussion. You know also how to listen and provide good advice on many subjects. You make me laugh and that was so good after all the problems I went through during my recent divorce.

Then we move to a more intimate place and you hug me like a princess in your arm. This particular moment make me feel like a real woman again. I won’t elaborate about the night but you’ve been way beyond my expectations. I will give your number to my friends who need to treated properly by a gentleman like you.

P. August 2016

You are THE man of my dreams. I can’t stop thinking about those moments in your arms and the pleasure you did give to me. I will come back and I want more than ever to vibrate and explore more my sexuality with you. You are a magician and I love it.

D. in July 2016

Wow, where do I start? You were far and above any expectations I had – in fact, I didn’t know what to expect. You are a perfect tour guide and ultimate gentleman. Thank you for a night in Paris that I’ll never forget.

C. in June 2016

For my birthday, I book James because I wanted to live one of the stories he wrote. I was not sure about him but that night was so amazing. I had intimate moment with a dedicated man listening to my pleasure and giving a real boy friend experience to me. I did not want the night to end. Thank you my dear James. You are more than a simple gigolo.

A. in May 2016

The first time I had sex baked with James was fucking amazing. I felt like I could feel every inch of him and everything he was doing. It was really overwhelming, but in an awesome way, and it felt like we were super connected.

P. in April 2016

Me meeting him at my place before going out to dinner. We didn’t even manage to close the front door before we were up against a wall making out and getting hot and heavy. My house opened up to street level, so we finally closed the door and moved to the living room when we realized people were watching outside and catcalling us. Then he propped me up on the armchair of the couch and fucked me in front of my open back window where the neighbors could have easily seen in if they wanted to.

M. & C. in March 2016

My husband wanted to have a threesome. We decided to hire James in order to avoid any feelings between me and a man in the middle of our couple. I enjoy lots of stimulation and having two people on me produced the most memorable moments. James has been very gentle with me and help me to relax because this is not so easy to have intimate moment with a stranger. He did a nice massage and his hands are magic. I really started to become hot while my husband was watching us.Then they both start to touch me and we ended up in a real sex trio where I had several orgasms. Thank you James for being a gentleman with me.

N. in February 2016

I’m 45 and recently I had shower sex for the first (and second) time with James. We fucked while we cleaned each other and he went down on me both times, giving me the most mind-blowing orgasms EVER. So much that I had to hold myself against the shower wall for a while afterwards.

Z. in January 2016

I am not a big fan of men giving me oral sex because I am more of a penetration kind of girl but James went down on me and slid his fingers inside me and licked on me and it was the most amazing oral sex I have ever had in my life. I am a squirter and when I squirted on James he completely lost it! He started pounding me like a wild beast!

M. January 2015

Oh James, you look so handsome, having dressed for me this evening, taking pride in selecting the perfect outfit to accompany your natural beauty. Your skin is so smooth, and I run the back of my fingers down your cheek to your chin, your eyes twinkling above your nose as your seductive lips slowly spread into a smile at my touch.

P. December 2014

James answers to my desire with a passionate kiss. Our lips crash together, animating the now palpable sexual tension between us. He tugs gently at the belt securing my robe, pulling both ends so they fall loosely to my sides. The front opens, exposing my swollen breasts and eager nipples. Thank you for those moments.

T. November 2014

Ever since I was a little girl, my parents made sure that I got a good spanking if I was naughty. I didn’t learn to like it until I met James who gave me a good spanking with my pants down or my skirt up.

F. October 2014

I am a 25 year girl and I called James in order to ask him to help me giving up with the memory of my ex-lover. My therapist told me that if I make love a last time with someone wearing a mask with the picture of my ex-boyfriend, that could help me cut the link between him and me. James was so kind to accept to wear this mask while making love with me. I am now totally liberated from this old story. I eventually hired James from escorting me to go out.

Kate September 2014

I’m a recently divorced woman in my early 40s. I’m not ready to be in a relationship again, but a woman sometimes has needs that can’t be taken care of through the whole DIY mode. I met James who is nice and attractive. Once we were in the bedroom hotel, he opened a bottle of champaign and we had a nice conversation that help to break the ice between each other. After that we had an incredible moment of tenderness.

C.B. August 2014

“Not living anywhere near Paris, I had to get to know James by e-mail and telephone conversations to see if we clicked, which we did almost immediately, so I booked my trip to Paris for the next month. When James walked into the lobby of my hotel, he greeted me like a true gentleman by kissing my hand. We went to a lovely restaurant for dinner and the conversation was pleasurable with such a well educated man with a true sense of humour. We got back to the hotel room and as we kissed for the first time we were quickly lost in one another. What happened after that took me to Cloud 9! To desire and to be desired back is precious. Thank you, James for such a fabulous time. See you very soon!”

Pamela in May 2014

I’ve never been in love with a man. I’ve never even had a boyfriend and I’m turning 27 this year. But I knew that I wanted to experience what sex was like with a real man. I found James on the internet and he gave me the most intense orgasm of my life.

He was very kind, slow and made me feel at ease. He never pushed me or hurried me, even though there was a time limit and he couldn’t stay all night (much to my disappointment). I felt like the moment would go on forever. It was like I was stuck in limbo as he massaged my shoulders. I felt like a girl becoming a woman. And for the first time, I felt ready.

Chris and Jane in April 2014

A true, personal story from the experience, I Want to Watch My Wife. This is my biggest fantasy! I can’t get it out of my head. We have done MMF a few times earlier in our marriage and I am dying to do it again.

I found out that this particular fetish is called “Candaulism” – being aroused by exposing your wife or watching her have sex with another man, rather than just “voyeurism” which is just watching random people. James was so good in taking care of my wife while I was watching them. My wife did enjoy it too. So I personally recommend any couple to try this experience with a professional like James.

Bridget and Paul in February 2014

I started using male escorts when my partner and I wanted to try a threesome with another man. We didn’t want to go out and pick up some guy in a bar so we decided to call a male escort. That way we could be guaranteed discretion as well as safe sex and good hygiene. James is not only an amazing male escort but also a great human being. He make us feel comfortable in this threesome delicate and exciting experience. I was so happy to feel two men in me and I never had such strong waves of pleasure. We regularly call James to come home.

Rose in January 2014

I’ve never been with a male escort. I’ve never even been married and I’m turning 35 this year. But I knew that I wanted to experience what sex was like with a real man. I send a mail to James and we had a 4-hour appointment in my hotel bedroom. As we had sex, I felt something change in me. I felt more alive and like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Society places a great deal of importance around sex and suddenly I felt like I was older and allowed to enter this secret club. I really discover how a man can be tender and at the same time passionate. We had a great moment that I will remember for ever.

Priscilla in October 2013

I was in Paris last week for business but as a business woman I don’t want to spend my nights with boring colleagues. I usually go to swinger club with my husband but since he was home and I wanted to try some experience, I decided to hire an escort to come with me to this famous club. Always curious about why, this one was DSK’s favorite. I had diner with James, this french guy is so nice and well educated, not the french urban legend that we usually imagine. We had a great time together and we met interesting people, I did really enjoy my time. If you come to Paris contact him.

Céline in August 2013

I met James on the beach in the south of France. He was on vacation. I did not know what he was doing. I need someone to put me on sunscreen so I asked him, he kindly agreed and he provided me a massage that I’m not ready to forget. Then he gave me his card and that’s when I understood.

The next day, I decided to call him to take advantage of its services. He is sweet and caring and wake up the sleeping woman in me.

Paul and Flo in July 2013

I wanted to offer a surprise to my wife Flo. My wife is a beautiful woman, class, bourgeoise, but after many years of marriage, we have decided to revive our relationship with a little libertinism. However after many visits to swingers club, we do not find pleasure because clubs are places where single men go to meet their needs and not really to share plaisure. Couples are often old and not always appetizing. So I had the idea to contact an Escort that I would choose and I would meet him to make sure Flo likes him. I have met several and finally I found James who by his natural class, kindness, and intelligence was able to convince me to hire him. My wife did not know that day that the man sitting next to our table and who was smiling to her was the gift that I reserved for her. We went in a club and James flirted with her in fron of my amused eyes. And we ended up in a hotel where my wife was able to enjoy me and her gift.

G. in July 2013

Thank you very much, and yes you met my expectations, it was very good. Now I hope to regain confidence in me. Have sage trip back and good night.

Julia and Clément in June 2013

We were in the jacuzzi when you arrived, Julia was already excited, you took your clothes off and you joined us, Heat and hot tub are really proprice pleasure. I loved watching Julia sticking to you trying to make me jealous. She kissed you and gave you her breasts while I took her by her hips. We left the jacuzzi for the bedroom and Julia took us both in a never ending rotation.

ELiane in May 2013

I think I’ve become dependent on you, you make me feel good and I found the pleasure I had lost since my divorce. Your hands, your body, your mouth makes me vibrate and I love that you want me. A Thursday.

Paul and Virginie in April 2013

I’m still wet thinking about this appointment in Hotel Amour in Paris, a place that you suggested for our meeting. Paul had blindfolded me because I was afraid to see you, he also tied my hands because I was afraid to touch you. I was naked on the bed when you came and Paul opened the door for you leaving me with a stranger. You gave me first an oil massage with infinite gentleness, taking care to never touch my pussy or the nipple of my breasts. I did ask you to come in my mouth because I wanted to feel you but I never knew if it was you or Paul who took me, but what I know is I enjoyed myself like never before.

Rita in March 2013

I spent a wonderful evening with James, We met around a glass of Chablis in a Parisian hotel, as he made ​​me laugh and he was rather attractive, I told him to take me in a discreet place more fun. It has led me to a very discreet nearby hotel or I forgot all my worries and made me discover new sensations. I highly recommend him because he is sweet and manly while having a conversation that does not spoil anything. I’ll probably see him again very soon.

Priscilla on February 2013

James is a french lover and one of the best escorts I’ve ever met, in every regard. He’s handsome, masculine and educated. He knows how to please a woman. We spend an evening together with a romantic diner and after I had an amazing good time with him in my bedroom. He’s friendly and just a cool guy all the way around. I will definitely be calling him again and again. I highly recommend him to women looking for a good time with the right man.

Christine and Thomas in January 2013

Thank you James, you were able to restore the strength in our marriage. Christine and I love your presence, your charm, your manners. Christine speaks to you like a second me, she wants both of us in her. She loves me and I love her even more since we made our fantasies with you. I can still see us all three on the couch, you standing in her mouth and me between her wet thighs. And then the two of us in her until she screamed her pleasure or joy. See you soon.

Nathalie on December 2012

Strawberries and champagne were exquisite combination that quite fit my mood and James knew it in this hot Thursday afternoon. I knew he will seduce me. I was the happiest woman in the world. I was surprised when he showed me the bottle chosen for our afternoon meeting.

Amandine in November 2012

I still remember the first touch of his wet lips on mine and his tongue entering my mouth. James did gently caress my breasts before licking my nipples with his tongue. We then moved into the bedroom to make love in many ways. I’m still excited when I think about it.

Madam C. in July 2012

I contacted James for a working dinner with U.S. customers, I was afraid to be alone all night with these men. James was able to support me in faking to be my husband. He speaks English very well and knows the business. He knew how to entertain us with some funny stories. He charmed my clients and the next day, I signed my contract. I think I should hire him but he does not want. He then escorted me home. I did not dare ask him to stay because I do not want to mix business and sex that night. I’ll probably hold another appointment just for me and him.

Ariane and Paola in June 2012

We are very good girl friends and we are used to share everything including men, so when Paola told me, let’s go to Paris to celebrate and have a male escort, I said okay. We found James with Google and we contacted him. A great evening with a nice guy and a gentleman in a festive city.

We will probably come again very soon.

Michelle on May 2011

After the departure of my gigolo Friday noon, I saw the candle wax on the floor after I had chosen him to spend the night. What would think the maid? A sadomasochistic game? She certainly will not associate this memory with a gigolo who accidentally left a trace of pink wax on the floor. He left burning only three candle for more privacy. The other were completely melted, while our attention was devoted exclusively to this meeting, the hottest of all. But if I remember correctly, I say the same thing to each of our meetings. I hesitate to use more superlatives, because I do not even know when they apply. And I can only imagine the progress of our next meeting …