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French Male Escort

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James the French Male Escort leaned over to kiss her. Water was still dripping down their faces as he took her lips full.

His hands slid to her breasts he felt with relish. She was really delicious. James played with the tip of one, pinching it between his fingers, while his mouth tasted the other. He played like this, until he heard her moan and sigh.

Her buttocks in his hands, James felt them bluntly, and pressed her against him, rubbing his erection on her stomach, moaning. He wanted her more and more but knew how to take the time to satisfy her a little, before fucking her. He picked her up, forcing her to wrap her legs around his waist.

How to let go with an escort in France?

His manhood rubbed his open sex. She gasped, he replaced her rod with his fingers, stroking her clitoris before plunging into her warm, soft intimacy. He jerked her off for a moment, until she couldn’t take it anymore and he had no more resistance. He then suggested that he go to the bed in the next room, handing him a bath towel while he looked for a condom.

When he entered the room, she was lying on her side, offered, her head resting on his forearm. She admired him, greedy, as he came towards her.
James had taken the time to dry off a little and put on some protection. He was already very excited and in a hurry to sink into her, but seeing her like this, offered, he rushed more impatient than ever.

James rocked on top of her, weighing down with all his weight, almost crushing her. He grabbed her knees, pushing them up as he moved between her thighs. The attendant slipped into her, in a jerk nervous, growling with pleasure.

The young woman arched her back and tilted her head back, under the intense wave. French Male Escort came and went, slowly at first, looking on her face for signs that he was making her happy.

enjoy midnight 2022 with a male escort in paris

enjoy midnight 2022 with a male escort in paris

She quickly showed fondness and demanded quick and powerful blows from him, she used a vocabulary that he would never have imagined hearing in her mouth. Quickly, he began to smash her literally, while she insulted him with raw words. She moaned, cried, alternated between hysteria and long moments of apnea.

Out of breath, French Male Escort, slows down to recover and not take his pleasure too quickly. She was terribly exciting and the frenzied pace she imposed on him, forced him to contain himself. But she seemed insatiable and pushed him back without gentleness, to put him on his back, and came quickly to impale himself on him, impatient. French Male Escort let it go. James was going to be able to admire and caress her with more ease, and grabbed her breasts as she leaned over, stirring gently.

She then sat up, to let him sink into her as much as possible and smiled at him seductively and mischievously.

She moved slowly at first, seeking the support that suited her, then gradually accelerated, her eyes closed, soon panting.

Do you want to go beyond your limits with a French gentleman?

James couldn’t take it anymore, she took him with her, pushing him to the limit of his resistance. She had turned into a hurricane, her buttocks shaking at full speed, on him. In addition to the hellish pace she imposed on him, the raw words had also gained momentum. She was ecstatic, complimenting him in terms to which he was unaccustomed, and which stimulated him, he would not resist this madness for long.

Transported by pleasure, she arched her back one last time, screaming for a long time before collapsing on her chest.

French Male Escort grabbed her waist, and continued their comings and goings for a few seconds before joining her in orgasm, releasing the tension he had been holding for a while.


French Male Escort is a service for modern women wanting to discover all the secrets of pleasure with an experienced gentleman. Many women want to learn how to make love with a gentleman without the complications.

Breathe in the journey of timeless pleasure and the era of erotic play during an orgasmic private party with a French Escort Boy. Enter my world and feel the humidity invade your crotch thanks to the fantasy of a pleasure experience without consequences with a respectful and delicate escort boy. Taste the pleasure with French Male Escort for the pleasure of the sensual woman who is in you.

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