Taking women’s breath away

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Taking women’s breath away

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Gentleman Taking women’s breath away away is an incredible service of pleasure in Paris with a man who knows how to fulfill women.

The gigolo for demanding ladies passed a lock of the lady’s hair behind her shoulder and then gently stroked her skin, down her arm to her hand. Their fingers intertwined.

Noticing the intense desire in the gentleman’s eyes, the lady felt her heart leap in her chest and stopped thinking. She had never felt so loved in her entire life.

James put his hand on the back of her neck and stroked her cheek with his thumb, putting himself on top of her.

He then captured her lips greedily, like a conqueror taking possession of a new continent. He explored her mouth with his tongue, kissing her with such force and depth that it took her breath away. She had always liked the way he kissed her, with determination, passion and greed.

But that night of Erotic Passion and Desire with a gigolo was even more delicious than usual.

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enjoy midnight 2022 with a male escort in paris

There was nothing frantic or rushed about his movements, yet his kiss was insistent and devouring. And thought, as if he had something to prove.

While his lips and tongue ignited his lady’s senses, his hands didn’t sit idle and helped stoke her incandescent desire, which threatened to consume her.

When he put his thumb under his negligee and rubbed her nipple, the lady let out a small cry, unable to control the sensations that passed through her.

“You like it? he provoked her before approaching his head to her chest while sliding the strap of her negligee over her shoulder to free her breast.

The lady let out a cry of pleasure as the gigolo’s tongue lick the outline of her nipple and his mouth wrap around her.

“Yeah, I love it,” she purred, arching her back so he took her breast deeper into his mouth.

The gigolo let out an animal and guttural growl.

Looking down, his lady admired the way he was taking care of her. She ran her fingers through his dark hair and lifted her pelvis towards him. She loved it so much when he sucked on her nipples.

“Again,” she moaned softly.

In response, he took off her negligee and threw it at the foot of the bed. She was now naked, like the gigolo. Naked before him.

When he looked up, she noticed a searing glow in his eyes, wild and greedy, but at the same time filled with affection.

His voice was different too. He spoke in a hoarse tone, in which pierced a violent desire. The lady loved hearing him speak like that, knowing it was a voice especially reserved for her when they were alone.

She kept her eyes on him as he continued to caress and kiss her breasts. She watched with pleasure the subtle changes that took place in his face when he touched her and made love to her. When she wanted to pull him back up to feel his body on hers, he stopped her, holding her by the wrists.

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Enjoy the holiday season with a male escort in paris

She licked her lips and nodded. She recognized the expression on his face, meaning that he wouldn’t tolerate any refusal. He was determined to handle her with pleasure that night. With a sigh, she let her head fall back on the pillow and surrendered to the hands of the gigolo.

He tortured her by slowly descending over her body, kissing, licking and nibbling every inch of her bare skin.

When he got to the level of the lady’s intimacy, he stopped and took a deep breath while staring at her. He took his time, he wanted to contemplate her, naked and excited, eager for her.

At the touch of his lips and his tongue on her wet flesh, she closed her eyes and buried her head in the pillow while unconsciously lifting her hips. The gigolo spread her thighs further apart and stroked her slit with his fingers while licking her clit, maddening her senses.

His partner’s heart was beating violently, her breathing was short and jerky, and she had to cling to the bed with her hands to hold herself back, clutching the silky sheets tightly.

– Oh yes ! she let out in a choked tone.

The gigolo knew how to satisfy a woman. He always managed to excite women and make her crazy with pleasure. With each stroke of his tongue, he brought her closer to climax.

Her desire and Her enjoyment rose more and more. Her skin was glistening and her heart was pounding in her chest. She squirmed under his mouth, but he held her thighs firmly to keep her from moving. She was at his mercy, vulnerable but safe.

“I’m almost there,” she whispered. I want to feel you inside me.

The gigolo suddenly raised his head, and a breath of fresh air blew on his lady’s burning pussy. She felt tingling all over her body.

As he ascended to place his huge hard cock in front of her intimacy, she lowered her hands to feel his rock-hard manhood wrapped in the condom.

She took a deep breath and held it as the gigolo entered her. A rush of warmth spread slowly and deliciously through her body, which stretched to welcome him. He fulfilled her so completely that she felt like they were one. Their bodies were in perfect harmony and their hearts were beating in unison.

“I need you, James. I need your cock. I need your Training to female pleasure.

Erotic and sensual moment for new year 2023

Erotic and sensual moment for new year 2023

The gigolo slowly withdrew then pushed in all the way, this time harder and deeper.

His lady wrapped her legs around his waist, clinging to him as if she never wanted to let him go. Their bodies moved in perfect sync, like those of a couple dancing together for decades, joining and separating before joining again. It was a symphony of pleasure, desire and passion.

When the gigolo pressed his lips to hers and took her mouth in a searing kiss, his lady felt like he was being lifted into the air and floating on cloud nine. Everything around her became distant and blurry. Only the two of them existed at that time.

The lady arched under him, lifting the pelvis to meet his incessant thrusts. She wanted more, she needed more.

His comings and goings became more powerful, faster and more frantic. He was losing control, and she loved every second of that moment because she was the source of it. She was the reason his face was contorted in pleasure, the reason he couldn’t stop moving inside her, and the reason his breaths were short and jerky.

She felt his big cock twitch inside her and tensed her muscles around him. Tightening her legs around her buttocks, she let herself go, welcoming the waves of pleasure that washed over her.

“James” she moaned as her orgasm washed over her. Oh, my God, James…, she said, finishing her words with a sigh as she surrendered completely to him.

The gigolo squeezed her shoulders hard as he buried himself inside her one last time, so deeply that a cry escaped him.

Moments later, he collapsed on top of her, leaning on his elbows and nuzzling his face into her neck. His warm breath tickled her pleasantly. Breathing heavily, his lady held him firmly against her, unable to bring himself to let go.

– Are you OK ? he whispered.
– Oh yeah ! (She smiles.) Wow, you were even better tonight.
He lifted his head and looked into her eyes.
— it’s always better the second time because we know each other better
She looked at him intently for a moment.
– Yes you are right and I intend to investigate further.
“That’s a great idea,” he replied.
James leaned towards her and kissed her tenderly.




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