It was the most incredible sensation she’d ever experienced.

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It was the most incredible sensation she’d ever experienced.

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The gentleman for demanding women shucked his clothes quickly and as he laid out on the floor, he whispered to her to take off her clothes. The gigolo wanted to see every inch of her exposed.

The lady knew there should be a voice in the back of her head, screaming that this was a bad idea, but if it was there, she couldn’t hear it over the desire coursing through her. And so, without hesitation, she unhooked her bra, freeing her tits as it fell to the ground. Hooking her thumbs in the waist of her thong, she slid it off easily, leaving her completely naked.

She climbed on top of James and put her pussy in his face. She moved to stand over top of him, spreading her legs and then lowering herself down slowly until her wet slit was poised just an inch or two from his face.

She leaned forward then, her mouth watering in response to the hard cock in front of her. She teased his tip with her tongue as she felt James’s fingers spread her open once again. Her male escort spread her so wide that she could feel the tension from him pulling her lips, and in this position, she knew that he could see absolutely every part of her most intimate place. And to be so exposed sent a thrill through her unlike anything else she’d ever experienced.

Her mouth descended on his cock, taking in every inch of him she could. The tension on her lips remained and she knew without a doubt that James’s eyes remained fixated on her pussy.

But just a few seconds later, she felt his warm breath as he moved in closer. And then his tongue was on her, licking along her wet slit slowly, stopping to tease her clit, flicking his tongue back and forth.

She moaned around his cock as she bobbed up and down, and her moans nearly changed to screams as he sucked her clit into his mouth hard, stimulating every bit of her sensitive nub of flesh.

The lady couldn’t believe it, but she could feel her body was almost there already, teetering on the edge as he continued to hold her open while focusing his attention on her clit.

She felt hands on her a moment later. Her male escort started off slowly, running his hands along her hips, the small of her back, stopping to squeeze her firm cheeks.

Her male escort swatted her ass suddenly and she nearly bucked forward, finding the combination of pleasure and mild pain mind-blowing once again. And then his hands slid lower, his fingers sliding down the crack between her cheeks.

He passed lightly over her asshole and the lady experienced a brief moment of worry. She’d never allowed any lover in the past to venture there. But as he continued down to her open pussy, she breathed a sigh of relief and focused her attention back on his cock, sucking harder and faster than ever before.

James slid two fingers inside her, plunging in and out at a rapid pace. She was so close. And then he removed his fingers and her body writhed of its own volition, trying to find the digits that had penetrated her just seconds before.

His fingers weren’t gone long, but when they returned, it wasn’t her pussy he was pressing against. She could feel his finger rubbing around her asshole, lubing her up with her own wetness. She started to move her body forward, away from his finger, but his free hand grasped her hip firmly, holding her still.

And then his finger stopped rubbing and pressed against her asshole instead. It only took a moment and then the tip of his finger was inside her, sliding in slowly, giving her body a chance to adjust to the foreign sensation.

She continued to resist at first, pulling against his grasp on her, but as his finger slid in to the hilt, she stilled. The sensation was suddenly naughty, erotic, and it enhanced the sensations of James’s mouth on her clit tenfold.

She toppled over the edge fast, cumming hard with a finger in her ass and her pussy spread wide open. All the while, she never stopped sucking James’s cock, and as the aftershocks of her orgasm coursed through her body, he started to cum, shooting his load down her throat.

Her male escort released her clit then and James slid out of her ass slowly. He laid her down on the floor and climbed on top. Her pussy throbbed in anticipation but just as his cock brushed against her clit, he slid forward.

The head of his cock trailed along her body, sliding over her stomach and then higher. Her male escort stopped as he hovered over her chest, his cock resting in the valley between her tits.

His hands moved to squeeze her tits together around him and he thrust forward, squeezing her tits together hard to tightly sheath his cock as he moved.

She felt her gigolo spread her legs and lift them upward, lifting her hips off the ground. She couldn’t believe it, but a moment later she felt his already hard cock pressed against her pussy, and he shoved forward hard, filling her up instantly.

She moaned loudly as he slid out, only to plunge back in to the hilt, over and over again. Her male escort moved slowly at first but increased his speed, James plunged in and out of her pussy faster. She imagined what the scene must look like and the erotic thought sent pleasure coursing through every fiber of her body.

She reached down to grab her thighs, lifting her higher and leaving James’s hands free. Her male escort took advantage of it, moving to rub her clit hard and fast.

She moaned loudly, watching James’s hard cock, and her eyes widened as she felt another orgasm begin to take hold. James withdrew just as the first spasms rocked through her, rubbing her clit while he watched her pussy as she came.

The moment she was finished, she was poised with the head of his cock pressing against her sopping wet pussy, and with his hands still grasping her hips, he pulled her down slowly. She watched as his massive cock disappeared inside her pussy and nearly screamed as he reached the hilt. She had never before felt so full; it was the most incredible sensation she’d ever experienced.

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