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Sensual Massage Experience

Sensual Erotic Body Massage

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What is a Sensual Erotic Body Massage and what are the benefits for women?

a healthy lifestyle for both a woman’s body and her mind

Taking a Sensual Erotic Body Massage should not be viewed as just a pleasure for women. It should also be regarded as an important part of a healthy lifestyle for both a woman’s body and her mind. It provides her with time to be a receiver, it gives her the opportunity to experience different sensual and sexual dynamics, it provides her with a non-judgemental, not expective environment and it normalises sexual arousal as a natural function.

Lack of arousal can cause poor well-being

But when a woman finds herself in a situation where her natural sexual feelings are denied, (non-sexual relationship)  suppressed (religious or cultural dogma) or simply switched off and ignored (trauma and rape) then nature can be pragmatic and soon her health and well-being can be negatively affected. Disconnection, frustration, rejection, depression and poor health can be a consequence of a lack of sexual intimacy and erotic arousal.

tantric massage for ladies

tantric massage for ladies

Listen to your body

If a woman is feeling sexually needy then it is a clear indication that her body is speaking to her. Masturbation is one solution and although very pleasurable it does not recreate the intimacy of foreplay and primal energy of penetrative sex.  Taking a sensual massage provides an opportunity to satisfy this desire, safely and discreetly.

My skill as a professional Sensual Erotic Body Massage masseur is to be able to create with my hands and imagination the same erotic effect that a woman would experience with prolonged varied sexual arousal. Combine this with the intimacy and arousing touch of a relaxing professional massage and she will immediately feel the benefits. Female clients have reported back very soon after a massage that they feel emotionally elated, more grounded, calmer, less anxious, more confident and feel physically relaxed and healthier. If taken regularly then even more profound effect can be experienced such as an improved immune system, better skin, natural loss of weight.

Some might think good girls don’t do this. I say ‘ Clever girls do this’!

I have been working as a professional relationship therapist masseur and mentor for sexual development for women and couples for many many years and in this time I have  given many many hours of Sensual Erotic Body Massage.  My female clients range from single women, married women, women with partners, women of all ages from 18 to 80 years, all with varying body types from petite to voluptuous and of many different ethnicities and cultures.

What reasons do women give for wanting a sensual massage?

Some women give the reason for wanting the Sensual Erotic Body Massage as simply a desire for personal exploration and pleasure others it can be a need to satisfy sexual frustration. Some come for advice and treatment for a sexual performance problem such as an inability to orgasm or fear of intimacy. Others come along for just “me time”. Whoever the person or whatever reason they give my goal is to give them an experience that is not only professional, caring and safe but also one that is profoundly satisfying and fulfilling, some say life-changing.

25 reasons given by female clients for taking a sensual massage

  1. I am tense and need an unconditional orgasmic release.
  2. Difficulty reaching orgasm when with another person.
  3. Curiosity and satisfying a fantasy.
  4. Lack of sexual stimulation in my relationship.
  5. Recently my libido has increased considerably.
  6. Frustration/lack of stimulation by my partner.
  7. Guilt/Morality/Shame around sex.
  8. Letting go of control and trusting others with control.
  9. Recoverer of sexual aggression/abuse.
  10. Complacency in a relationship = no longer stimulated by my partner.
  11. I love my partner but I find I now feel sexually lacking with him.
  12. Lack of skill/knowledge by myself and partner.
  13. I am on holiday/business so free to explore my erotic needs.
  14. Postmenopausal and still very sexual.
  15. Postmenopausal and still very sexual and my partner is not.
  16. Convenience and self-care (busy professionals who don’t want a relationship).
  17. I have cultural or religious restrictions and I need a safe place to explore my sexuality.
  18. Exploration of sexual practices as yet untried or unwanted by my partner.
  19. Poor body image and lack of sexual self-esteem.
  20. I want my partner to watch me have a sensual massage.
  21. I want my partner to give me four hands with the masseur.
  22. I want to explore my sexuality with my partner and another man.
  23. I want to explore Female Orgasm Denial
  24. I want to feel desired and dominated
  25. I have always had a fantasy of being erotically massaged by a masseur.

I am nervous but want to try this out

The most frequent comment I hear after a female client has taken a Sensual Erotic Body Massage is why did she not do it sooner. With this in mind, I have created an introductory massage of 2 hours that I give at your home or at your hotel. For women who want to experience the full sensation I offer 3 hours or 4 hours of Sensual or Absolute Massage (dependent on the intensity of arousal)


Do you want a Sensual Erotic Body Massage and experience of total pleasure with a professional who will transport you in the magic of a timeless world in discretion and security. Express all your desires and immerse yourself in the pleasure of a unique experience in a mutual respect with protection.

Hope to give you pleasure. But first of all let’s get to know about a drink without commitment and I’ll tell you everything you burn to know. Contact me: or +33 (0)755186013

Sensual Erotic Body Massage – N°1 in Paris. Enjoy the best experience of pleasure with a professional for demanding ladies or couples.

Why Tantra Massage in Paris includes intimate massage?

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paris amour

Top Romantic In Paris: Best Things to Do Together

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Paris is reputed as the city for lovers par excellence, and for good reason. There seems to be built-in romance everywhere you turn, from poetic parks and gardens to breathtaking panoramas and world-class restaurants. All these elements can combine to make for a truly romantic experience. No wonder so many ladies choose the capital for a romantic destination.

Coming to Paris to meet James, gentleman for demanding ladies can be truly idyllic, but no matter when you come for a jaunt in the city of love, making a special time of it is easy. With so many romantic Paris attractions to choose from, your only problem will be deciding where to start. Ask James, he knows so well the city and how to enjoy your time together

Take a Romantic Stroll Together

It’s free, easy, and très romantique: a twilight or evening stroll in some of Paris’ most romantic places to walk with James is guaranteed to be a memorable experience. No wonder so many squeaky-clean romantic comedies show lovers wandering Paris.

Have a Gourmet Tete a Tete at a Romantic Restaurant

Paris is filled with top-rate romantic restaurants. Assuming that you reserve ahead and avoid overly-noisy or crowded restaurants, dinner for two is definitely in order. Whatever your budget and tastes, there are plenty of options, from Michelin-starred tables to quiet, unassuming bistros serving authentic French cuisine. You can even dine in the dark, getting to know each other in a whole new way!

Enjoy a Breathtaking Panoramic View of the City Together


Imagine overlooking the entire city of light with someone you love. Paris affords several great spots for romantic panoramic views. Some of them are even free. Climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower for breathtaking views. You can also have a romantic dinner at one of the tower’s restaurants.

Wonderful views can be had from the Sacre-Coeur viewpoint area in Montmartre. Take the funicular up for a unique experience.

The Centre Georges Pompidou has a rooftop terrace and restaurant, Chez Georges, that affords gorgeous views of Paris’ main landmarks. Access is free with a museum ticket.

See a Show Together

Renowned for its excellent performing arts scene, Paris is an ideal destination for a romantic night of music or theater. If you’re both learning French, what could be more stimulating than seeing a play in French and then decrypting it together afterward? For non-French speakers, not to worry– many shows require only a love for the arts and James will translate everything you don’t know.

Take a Boat Tour or Cruise

What could be more idyllic than floating down the Seine in a lazy cruise boat, hand in hand with someone special? Paris boat tours are a fantastic way to see the city in a relaxed, picturesque light, and a great pretext for cozying up. For something more unusual, try taking a tour of Paris canals and underground waterways.

For an especially romantic evening out that includes sparkling lights on the water, fine dining and unforgettable views of some of the city’s most iconic places, we definitely recommend booking a dinner cruise.

See an Old Movie at a Classic Parisian Cinema

For couples who share a passion for great movies, Paris is a great place to spend an evening at an old movie. The city of light is a cinephile’s dream and has lots of fantastic places for celluloid, so try one of Paris’ best movie theaters before or after dinner. Something about these charming theaters evokes a kind of old-school romance that’s hard to come by these days.

In the summer, open-air screenings of classic and contemporary films at the Parc de la Villette can be a great excuse for cuddling up on a blanket under the stars.

Stroll or Picnic in a Beautiful City Garden


Paris is packed with elegant parks and gardens, where lazy ambling and cuddling is always romantic. Picnics are also a must in spring and summer: try champagne and strawberries for a special, festive touch. Match these fabulous green spots to your desired ambiance with your male escort: James

Cozy Up in a Traditional Paris Cafe or Brasserie


Traditional Parisian cafes offer plenty of heady romantic ambiance. Lean in over a cafe creme for an intimate conversation at one of these traditional cafe-brasseries. You can even pretend you’re De Beauvoir and Sartre (or some other famed couple of intellectuels sharing passion for ideas and for each other)…

☎ +33755186013   @    🌐

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Looking for the perfect escort boyfriend experience with no strings attached copie

Looking for the perfect escort boyfriend experience with no strings attached?

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The woman took a bottle containing an amber liquid. She had just invited a stranger at her place, whom she had invited by email! The idea that this gentleman for demanding ladies had understood her expectations excited her to the highest point.

With this idea in mind, The lady opened the bottle and poured into each glass something to warm their spirits. She crouched in front of the gentleman who liked to give pleasure to women on the other side of the coffee table and handed him a glass.

Seeing him sitting on her sofa, his ankle resting on his knee in an eminently masculine posture, made her feel incredible. From where she was, she had an insolent view of his crotch and the male escort looked rather well endowed.

James was the most virile male specimen she had ever met. Again the lady felt herself blushing and took a sip of whiskey to give herself a countenance.

Her male escort leaned forward to get his drink. Their eyes met, giving rise to burning thrills in her, which spread throughout her body.

The gentleman looked at the lady’s pretty face bending over his cock, her lips slightly trembling and her shoulders were far too rigid for the casual attitude she was trying to give.

James knew from experience that he was a well-hung man. The subject often generated some astonishing reactions from his female partners.

The lady gently licked the stretched stem, trembling with desire. The sweet caress was much more exciting than if she had taken it in her mouth directly. However, when she arrived at the height of his massive glans, he perceived a brief hesitation. She opened her mouth, placed herself above the erect rod, and wrapped it slowly in her warm damp mouth.

James congratulated her for her technique in a soft voice while stroking her hair. Thus encouraged, the lady pursued the audacious experience. Taking his cock a little farther in her mouth, she boldly embraced it by playing with her tongue and began to go up and down.

She did not dare to look at him, but knew that he was watching her, certainly enjoying seeing her sucking without any resistance as he gave her the rhythm by light thrusts on her head.

Her male escort gave her a small impulse on the cheek, to tell her that she could straighten up, and released a lock of her hair that he passed behind her ear.

The lady suspected that she was offering a striking spectacle. Her cheeks were on fire, her heart rate was much faster than it should and she dared not imagine what this potential male had to be able to read in her eyes.

Her male escort looked at her in silence with tenderness, then he sketched a small smile and leaned his head aside.

She hoisted herself above him, not in the least reassured by this position too explicit to be innocent. However, as the gentleman was not yet trying to undress her, she relaxed slightly. Installed astride the thighs of her male escort.

Her lover took her by the waist and, without taking his eyes off her, unfastened the button of her jean and opened the zipper. When the gentleman slid her wide hands over her buttocks, the woman’s breathing became shorter and when he insinuated his long fingers under the elastic of her panties to reach the hot moisture of her clit, she stopped breathing. James moved his finger between the wet lips of her clit, going slowly and slowly to her secret garden.

Her gigolo continued to caress the woman gently. She was no longer able to decry his behavior. She just wanted to enjoy the sensations and get carried away by this latent audacity.

The lady tilted forward, pressing her face against her partner’s shoulder, unable to control her tremors or the rise of pleasure that assailed her completely.

James asked her to look at him when he would make her cum. As hypnotized, she raised her head and looked at him with a misguided look. She had rosy cheeks of excitement and shining eyes. Her mouth, half open, let out her gasping breath. The vein of her neck was beating fast and the slight movement of her hips told the gentleman that she was close to climax.

The slow caresses he inflicted were a real torture for the woman who squirmed to accentuate the contact where she really needed it. She groans between pleasure and frustration. This slowness was infernal. Finally, with a furtive and unexpected caress of the tongue against her mouth, the gentleman made her swing towards ecstasy.

The lady’s body convulsed and she bent her back to increase the touch of the gentleman’s fingers on her. She sounded a sound close to a complaint as her eyes revolted with pleasure, her nails planted in the shoulders of her gigolo. James cuddled her tenderly, her face nestled in the hollow of his neck, as she picked up her breath and her intimate muscles were unfolding.

Her gigolo was waving his hand in the lady’s back, cuddling the woman. She still could not get over it. Certainly she had provoked him as she had rarely provoked a man, but she was astonished that he had complied with his desires and accepted what she asked of him.

He suspected, in the way she blushed and her uncertain approach, that she should not have had many sexual partners up to the level.

In fact, he began to realize that the fantasies she wrote in her email were those that remain secret and asleep in her mind.

She had probably never done anything out of the ordinary, and from her tone of indignation when he put her on her lap, she was not Those who sneak in the air with the first comer.

She sighed and let her head go back, offering herself to the kisses of the gentleman. A warm hand with a slightly calloused palm went under his pullover and wrapped a breast.

Under the lace, the small bud of flesh rose. His gigolo gently pinched the nipple between his thumb and forefinger, which snatched a soft moan from the lady, moaning that was immediately stifled by the mouth of her male escort.

The lady was on the point of losing all her means. Her gigolo caressed her breasts through her bra by kissing her without eagerness, but this approach made her completely crazy. She was usually a romantic person, a sweet dreamer … but now she only aspired to one thing: that he fuck her savagely!

With a nervous hand she followed the relief of the powerful erection imprisoned in the jean of her gigolo who grunted with satisfaction. Her gigolo left the lady’s lips for a moment, put her sweater over her head and then took the time to admire the panorama she offered him. The small breasts sheathed in red and black lace, tightly clasped together in the balconnet that married their shapes to perfection, were a pleasure for his eyes.

With a supple finger he pushed a sling and released one of the milky globes whose pale pink aureola appeared, surmounted by the little nipple hardly darker. A thrust of desire ignited the gentleman’s loins, which completely degraded the bra to better appreciate the treasure he discovered.

She had amazing breasts, he took them in the palm of his hands. They fit exactly into it. Her gigolo took the breasts in a cup and then leaned forward to kiss the tits one after the other. They instantly hardened under his tongue, he gently turned around the nipples, triggering a series of chills in the lady’s body. James licked, sucked, bite the little buds that swelled with desire.

The lady could not reply, but groaned in approval when the gentleman took the whole aureola of her breast in his mouth as he voluptuously pinched her nipples. When he finally left them, it was to force the woman to lie down on the sofa. James then tugged at her jean and slowly slid down her legs until he released it. The underwear she wore was matching to her bra. Small piece of red and black lace well indented beneath which was concealed the object of his covetousness.

The gentleman’s knees imprisoned the lady’s thighs, preventing any movement on her part. James straightened up a bit and pulled out his own sweater then unbuttoned his shirt.

When he was bare-chested, the gentleman resumed his amazing caresses while inserting one of his knees between the lady’s thighs, forcing her to pull them aside. The lady gasped as she felt the gentleman’s fingers stroking her through the thin lace as he continued to torture her breasts became hypersensitive.

She was about to beg him to fuck her when he gave up his chest to go down. The gentleman’s hands traced the curve of the lady’s hips and the underpants followed the path taken by the woman’s jean a little earlier.

His lips were lost in the honey-colored fleece of her clit. With a firm grip, the gentleman grabbed her knees and widely opened her legs before plunging his tongue into her fragrant delights. She had never known a lover who acted with such slowness. The tongue passed and passed along the reliefs of her intimacy, visiting each hem, every fold and folding up … in a sulky concert of groans.

The lady shouted, feverishly rippling beneath her mouth, which had been savagely torturing her for several minutes. Deciding that the game could now take a different turn, the gentleman finally granted his favors to the little pink button all inflated which begged to be freed from its tensions.

The orgasm was instantaneous and violent, but the gentleman stopped drinking at her source only when the spasms of that dazzling orgasm had ceased. James slipped gently back to her stomach, scattering kisses scarcely sketched on her burning skin, then brushed her nipples to her lips, and finished his way to the hollow of her neck, where he delighted at the pulsations of his pulse. The lady, her eyes closed, languid, tried to catch her breath.

The weight of the gentleman’s body against her drew a sigh of contentment. When he kissed her, sliding his tongue against her, a new wave of heat took hold of her.

She opened her eyes to discover that the gentleman’s eyes were almost black, his pupils completely dilated by desire.

James smirked, then sat up and held out a hand to the lady. She seized it without understanding and he dragged her to the kitchen.

James grabbed the woman by the waist and lifted her from the floor to the work surface. James placed himself between her thighs and kissed her tenderly.

Once again, she obeyed the instructions of the gentleman who slowly moved her to the edge of the counter. With one hand, he grabbed his rigid cock and rubbed it against the woman’s soaked pussy.

Her clit was still sensitive, and the lady could not stop a muffled groan. Her gigolo rummaged in the back pocket of his pants and pulled out a small metallic square. James tore the packaging and unrolled the condom on his cock.

The male escort of professional pleasure always had condoms with him. James encircled the woman’s waist and lifted her up from the counter.

James took a few steps into the kitchen and wedged her back against a wall. He then made her descend on him and impaled her very slowly on his big cock as hard as an iron bar. Centimeter by centimeter, he penetrated into the depths of his intimacy. She expired dully, feeling with acute acuity the slow and measured progression of the rigid limb in her.

Her gigolo supported her under the buttocks as he saw her sliding against the wall. He withdrew a little and plunged a little further. Slowly, he repeated these movements until he was totally in her. James kissed her again and the movements of his tongue in the lady’s mouth punctuated those of his cock, which came and went in a deliciously burning slide. She moaned with pleasure at the pace that he gave to his kicks. Ample and vigorous.

After a few minutes of this amazing treatment, and without withdrawing from it, the gentleman returned to the table where he stretched her and began to pound her while kneading her breasts.

Her gentleman told her that she was so hot around his cock. These simple words were sufficient to electrify the woman who groans more and more. The rubbing of their pubis excited her congested clit. James used her more and more quickly and more and more strongly, waving diabolically against her by supporting a cadence that snatched cries from her.

Her male escort accelerated the pace. James felt her contracting around him when orgasm was unleashed in her. She shouted his name, shaking her head from right to left like a hysterical fury as she bent like a possessed woman. Nothing more was needed to make him cum.

In a long groan close to a beast’s rumble, the gentleman reached the peaks of pleasure that shook him violently. Several minutes later he carefully withdrew from her and helped her to sit down. Framing his face between his hands, he contemplated the delicate face of the woman. His eyes shone.

Never, but never, even in her wildest fantasies, she would have thought she could live such a thing. Her male escort had given her so much pleasure that she had feared to faint with ecstasy. Orgasm, the real one, the one that made the body vibrate in its entirety, she had at last come to experience it.


Do you want to live a pure sensual experience in the company of James, the gentleman gigolo male escort in Paris, France who will do whatever you want with discretion and security. Express all your desires and immerse yourself in the pleasure of a fantasy in mutual respect. To be enjoyed without moderation….

Hope to give you pleasure. But first of all, let’s get to know each other around a drink without commitment and I’ll tell you everything you burn to know. Contact me at or +33 (0) 755186013 (call me or text me)

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Offer James a gentleman escort boy in Paris

Why not treat yourself to something special for your birthday?

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Why not treat yourself to something special for your birthday? The evening and night of your life with a gentleman, a professional male escort to be entirely yours and who will take care of you like no man has ever done it before.
How to resist to such an interesting temptation ?

I am attentive, respectful and protective. I pay particular attention to a woman as if she was the only one that mattered to me in the world, I am building a real emotional connection that makes an exceptional meeting like a real boyfriend but without the inconvenience (Boy Friend Experience).

It is nice to get a real attention and participate in activities, accompanied by an elegant and charming gentleman with whom you can be yourself, discover and learn new things, and especially enjoy your time together in a safe and discreet environment.

I will book for your birthday,  the best place according to  your desire, Let’s know each other around a delicious cocktail, and then let’s go for candlelight dinner, let’s go dancing afterwards to finally end up in a romantic alcove for a moment of ecstasy.

Contact me for a custom program, do not be shy, I’m sweet, nice, well-mannered and I will take the time you deserve to seduce you without rushing. You secretly want to enjoy your life, to please your body vibrate and burn under the caresses of a lover with the knowledge you need and that you have not yet experienced. Life is short and you only live once, so it’s time to call me for a unique passion and reach the peak of pleasure for your birthday.

☎ +33755186013

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enjoy a dinner with a romantic boyfriend

The Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile hotel

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The lady and James exited the restaurant and entered the Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile hotel, her gentlemant leading her by the hand. Despite the fact that she wanted this, she was still nervous, and as they approached the elevator her heartbeat sped faster and faster until pure adrenaline raced through her veins.

She had no idea what was going to happen, no idea if this would change her life. She hoped not. But this desire had been building and there was no way she could turn back now. Later. The lady would worry about consequences later. We only live once…

Then they were in the elevator, standing on a swirling red carpet, and James was pushing floor 38. The door was closing and soon they’d be alone. But a hand shot between the elevator doors, pushing them back open. Her toe tapped an impatient beat as a crowd of people pushed their way inside. James inched closer to her, surrounded her. She was shaking.

Hurry up! she wanted to scream. But the fucking elevator seemed to be stopping at every floor. The two of them stood at the back of the mirrored elevator car, listening to the music. Her pussy throbbed. The lace of her bra teased her sensitive nipples. When she felt James’s fingers on her skin, she jumped. Her male escort smiled down at her.

She nodded. His touch burned a circle around her wrist. Her gigolo drew her hand behind her back. Seconds later James held both of her wrists, pressing them against the brass rail lining the back of the elevator.

Restrained. James’s grip was as solid as a metal handcuff. She glanced at James, who was smiling at her like the handsome devil he was. And she couldn’t say anything because there were two gray-haired women in front of them talking about the value of the buffets.

They stopped at another floor and one of the old ladies exited. Then there was just three of them. The remaining woman turned and smiled. The lady tried to return the gesture, but it must not have worked because the woman looked downright alarmed. As soon as the elevator doors opened the elderly woman bolted as fast as she can.

Turning toward her, James reached into the neckline of her dress, slid his fingers beneath her bra and brushed her nipple. She gasped as James’s grip on her wrists grew firmer. Her male escort pulled her arms tighter, straighter. Her gigolo leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her clavicle.

Biting her lip, she tried not to moan as James pulled her nipple between his fingers and pinched. The elevator continued to rise as James’s other hand moved over her lower body. She closed her eyes, trembling as his hand lightly skimmed her waist, her hips, her thigh. Her gigolo reached under her skirt to glide his fingertips over the elastic of her panties.

Finally his finger, his knuckle, so strong, so warm, was touching her, fingering her. She was so wet she was almost embarrassed. But that didn’t stop her from widening her stance a bit, urging him on. She bit harder on her lip before she begged him to finger-fuck her. Not yet. She wouldn’t beg yet.

The elevator stopped. James withdrew his hand from her panties, but did not release her wrists. With a firm hold Her gigolo directed her down the hallway, their footsteps silent on the thick carpet. Her male escort hadn’t straightened her panties; they were still twisted to the side. The discomfort rubbed at her hypersensitive flesh as they marched toward her room.

The hotel was huge, the hall seemed never ending. By the time they reached the door of the room she was in a daze, ready for anything. She wanted to come right there in the hallway. It would have been so easy for James to lift her up, push her against the wall and dry-fuck her. Even through his trousers, the feel of his cock against her sex would send her over the edge, she was sure of it.

But James was pulling a card out of his pocket and then they were inside. The minute the door shut, James released her, pushed her back against the heavy wood and slammed himself against her body. His mouth was on hers, his lips devouring her in a way that seemed primal, hungry. She responded by wrapping her hands around his neck and urging him deeper. Everything seemed to fade away under James’s touch.

His erection was rock hard and pushing at her thigh, just inches from where she wanted it. James pulled away and took a deep, ragged breath. James had her in his arms, was kissing her, directing her backward toward the bed. Her male escort followed her down onto the mattress, covering her body with his.

Her pulse beat a steady rhythm in her ears as her gigolo tugged the fabric up over her hips. James lifting her dress over her breasts, her shoulders, taking her nipple into his mouth through the lace of her bra. But as he pulled her dress over her head, she thought back to previous lovers and realized she’d never felt so at ease, so comfortable. So excited. She wanted him. She wanted to be filled by him.

Leaning over her, James kissed her rib cage, his soft lips tickling her skin. He went lower to her panties, pulled them down her thighs, her calves, over the black pumps. He threw the scrap of silk onto the floor. Shivering, she locked her gaze on James’s. James spread her legs wide, opening her.

She jumped when she felt his fingers on her damp flesh, exploring her pussy lips. Instinctively, she wanted to close her eyes, but James would not release her from his stare. She began to squirm as James stroked her secret garden, played with her until she was bucking against him, gasping. Then he was sliding his fingertips across her sex to the part of her body that was begging to be filled.

She wanted him to fuck her, to ram his fingers into her as James watched. But she bit her lip, quivering as she held back. She wanted to plead, but she wasn’t there; she couldn’t let go like that. Not yet.

But she was so close. She was losing herself to James’s touch and her skin burned under James’s gaze. Sensation overwhelmed her, possessed her. When James tapped her secret garden with a flick of his finger she writhed on the bed, kicked out her legs, silently begged him to put his mouth there.

James didn’t. He flicked her again, a prick of pain that she welcomed. She took her breasts in her hands, pinched her own nipples. James’s eyes went dark. Finally James put his warm mouth to her needy secret garden, licking and sucking until her head swam from pleasure. She had to tear her eyes off James as she moaned. She was cumming right there.

The lady grabbed her knees, spread her legs wide, as wide as she could. She came with a guttural scream, her entire body shattering nerve by nerve. James didn’t let her go until her breathing had slowed. When she opened her eyes she found him staring at her. If she thought they looked hungry earlier, it was nothing compared to now. Now her male escort wanted to devour her. She understood his need. Spasms still shook the very center of her, and this was just the beginning of a crazy night of sex with this amazing male companion in Paris.

Email me at for more information.

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elle était à deux doigts de vivre un orgasme cataclysmique copie

Guiding women to orgasm

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My goal is to guide you in order to get the best orgasm of your life.

The truth is every healthy woman is capable of multiple full body orgasms

Sadly most women will never reach their full orgasmic potential

-Around 29% of women have never had an orgasm at all

-Around 70% report never having an orgasm during sex

-Only 20% of women have experienced a vaginal orgasm (deeper orgasm than clitoral orgasm)

There are a number of reasons for this but the biggest is lack of knowledge and understanding of how it works

Very few people realize this but guiding a woman to orgasm requires leading both her mind and body

What I’m about to teach you is not just about having more techniques to use in the bedroom, it’s about understanding how a woman’s body and mind come together to give her an orgasm. Having this understanding will give you a lifetime of experimentation and incredible sexual experiences.

I want to teach you how to have an orgasm and also multiple orgasms.

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undress your male escort boy

Male Escort Master of Sex for Demanding Ladies

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Male Escort Master of Sex for Demanding Ladies.  Pioneer of the science of women sexuality. Exhibiting the finest of adult entertainers that Paris has to offer, The Luxe Lounge is a dedicated, luxurious and premium environment, where the elite come to play.

The lady was all smiles when she opened the door of her bedroom and saw this attractive gentleman facing her. She was wearing only a transparent shirt and was naked from the waist down.

My male escort’s eyes looked down at her bare feet. Her face remained expressionless as she began to unbutton her shorts, and with one pull of her hands, she bent down to remove her shorts and her panties at the same time. She was completely bare from the waist down, and my eyes marveled at her legs and her shaven crotch.

She laid down on the bed and she spread her legs apart. I bent down and immediately became rock hard at the sight of her engorged clitoris, just above her light brown labia which were glistening from her fluids.

Her clit was throbbing right now. And she was really wet. I’ve never seen anything like this before. I put my gigolo’s hand on the mound of her vagina and the tip of my finger on her clit.

Master hand on her clit

Master hand on her clit

The lady let out an incredibly loud moan as my fingers started rubbing her clit. Her eyes widened and so did her mouth. It suddenly dawned on me that I had complete sexual power over my lady while she was in this state of hypersexual-activity. My fingers, which were becoming wet with her fluids, didn’t let up as I continued to furiously rub her clitoris and labia.

Her face twisted with pleasure. And when two of my fingers went inside her tight little vaginal hole, she squirmed and fought her body just to stay in place. It was like she was a woman possessed under the power of her male escort.

She was cumming. Her back violently arched and her toes tightly curled. A sudden stream of fluids squirted out of her vagina and sprayed between my fingers. She squeezed the sheets she was laying on tightly as a I continued fingering her clit. And I continued rubbing until she became completely relaxed and her orgasm was completed.

When it was over, she just laid there, eyes closed, as she struggled to catch her breath after the powerful orgasm she just had with her gigolo. Her attention turned back towards my erection and her continued hand job. Her eyes became wider and it almost looked as if she wanted to lick her lips.

Male Escort Master of Sex for Demanding Ladies. I gave her a wonderful orgasm when she really needed it most. She wanted now to suck her gigolo to please him in return. She leaned forward and sucked the head of my male escort’s cock. She leaned forward just a little bit more and took my hard shaft inside her mouth.

Her head slowly bobbed back and forth and her other hand continued stroking me, giving me an erotic feeling which was unlike anything I had ever felt before. Her sucking and licking of my hard cock became even more sensational and I was on the verge of an orgasm.

She stopped sucking and paused to think for a moment. My heart pounded and I gleefully positioned myself between her legs. She was welcoming about our first time together as she opened her lady’s legs, and then wrapped them around me once I was in position. We looked each other straight in the eyes and she used her hands to cover my cock with a condom.

She moaned as the head of my gigolo’s erection entered her. It’s been a while since she have made love. I pushed my cock all the way in her small secret garden opening. Her warmth, and wetness, were all very inviting, and so was her small opening. She felt as tight as a woman could possibly feel.

Once her body became accustomed to having a huge erect cock inside her, I slowly made my way in and out. Slowly. It didn’t take long for her pussy walls to loosen its tight grip and we were on our way to actual fucking, the kind of fucking that’s hot, nasty.

Act like a gentleman master escort boy but fuck you like a sex animal

Act like a gentleman master escort boy but fuck you like a sex animal

She ask me louder to fuck her. To fuck her harder. Hearing my well-mannered and highly-educated lady scream those filthy obscenities was music to my gentleman’s ears. And the sight of her with her face clenched tightly from us fucking was even more erotic. Her eyes looked like they were on the verge or rolling back as I continued to thrust harder and faster. Her moans and panting became louder as well.

I was about to cum. Her body became tense and her muscles contracted. Her eyes squeezed shut and I once again felt a steady stream of her squirting, this time it was through my cock as I fucked her mercilessly in a professional escort boy manner.

Her long time fantasy of having sex with a gigolo was finally fulfilled and I came inside her body in my condom. When it was over, I collapsed on top of her and laid there for a long moment. We felt each other’s chests heaving up and down from our rapid heart rates.

what was amazing is that she just had the best sexual experience of her life with an unknown gentleman for demanding ladies or couples.

Do you want to live a pure sensual experience in the company of James, the best gentleman gigolo male escort in Paris, France who will do whatever you want with discretion and security. Express all your desires and immerse yourself in the pleasure of whatever is your fantasy in a mutual respect. To be enjoyed without moderation….

Hope to give you pleasure. But first of all, let’s get to know each other around a drink without commitment and I’ll tell you everything you burn to know and I will discover what really turns you on. Contact me at or +33(0)755186013 (call or text me)


Male Escort Master of Sex for Demanding Ladies: All women deserve to receive it. As a gentleman for demanding women, I offer you the security of my professionalism and my experience that will allow you to be sure that my Sex Therapy will please you and that your eyes will be shining at our next meeting.

The Sex Therapy can teach you how to let go like an education of your senses that will provide you with a unique entertainment for adults in mutual respect with protection. Let me travel to you to please you.

Contact me to arrange the details of your own Sex Therapy and you will get it on the date you want.

looking forward to meeting you. James

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sensual massage for women

Full Body Erotic Massage

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A Touch Of Class – The Sensual Massage for women Regarded
As The Highest Rated Friendly Service…

Paris’s – Timeless journey of pleasure…

Breathe the journey of timeless pleasure with your male escort boy and the era of endless erotic play. Enter the world and open your door to the exotic, sensual pleasure and fantasy of your sensual massage playtime.

Enjoy your journey of pleasure like no other. Drown your senses in seduction, even for a short while; be in the moment for as long as you want, wishing it didn’t end. You can play out your fantasies with the Sensual Erotic Massage session while you leave your stresses outside.

As a famous saying goes “come up and see me sometime…”

Pleasure For All Of Your Senses

Fantasy with a male escort

Fantasy with a male escort

Imagine closing out the world and entering a private hotel and place where nothing has been spared to create a seductive atmosphere, just for you.

The room will be filled with opulence, with sensual music playing in the background, candles lit for sensual erotic ambiance a massage table with nice sheet as you kick off your shoes and handed a class of wine as your therapist will treat you with a sensual foot massage to arouse you with sense of touch and truly intimate pleasure of touch, a touch of indulgence, complete privacy and an elegant sensual erotic massage by a male experienced massage therapist…. and, of course, a very unforgettable evening of pleasure… all designed to please all of your senses.

Don’t you deserve to feel this good?

The Sensual Massage For Women will meet your needs, on your terms and will make your pleasurable journey unforgettable – a visual, sensual experience for you to enjoy that has so often been missing, and more often, missed in our industry and life.

90 minutes – 2 hours – 3 hours – 4 hours and up to overnight

Please inquire : Inquire Now


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male escort boy shower

Sex therapy

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Sex Therapy

When we got back to his male escort’s hotel suite, he carried me inside and laid me on his fluffy bed. It smelled really fresh and clean. I watched him as he made his way around the room, closing blinds and pulling curtains shut. After each one he would look back at me as if he was waiting for me to change my mind or something. No chance, this was my moment, I wanted to do this as a Sex Therapy, I had to do this for personal reasons. When he finished, he came to me and picked me up again. James carried me to the bathroom and turned on the shower, never saying a word.

My mind was racing, along with my hormones and nerves. He slowly pulled off my jacket and let it fall to the floor, watching my eyes, still waiting for a sign to stop. He wasn’t getting any. He unbuckled my belt and slowly pulled it all the way out. When it slid across my skin, it gave me a shiver and I took a deep breath. He let it fall to the floor. He knelt down in front of me, never looking away from my eyes and slowly pulled my boots and socks off. As I was looking down at him, I felt naughty.

I liked that feeling, a lot. Carefully, he reached up to my waist and undid each button, one at a time, on my jeans. As each button popped open I could feel it in my chest like the drums in my favorite rock song. I felt nervous that I was going to be naked soon, but the excitement of the way he was undressing me slowly diminished that feeling. He pulled my pants down and I stepped out of them. His eyes were still locked to mine.

Pleasure to be with a dominant man

Pleasure to be with a dominant man

The Sex Therapy gentleman for demanding women stood and took the bottom of my shirt and slowly pulled it over my head and let it drop to the floor. Then he reached around and undid my bra in one easy motion. When his arms touched my bare skin, I could feel my nipples harden and became aware of the wanting and the wetness between my legs. Here I was in nothing but my panties in front of someone I’d just met. The nervousness was gone now and I was more than okay with it. My breasts were heaving and I was almost panting at this point.

He knelt in front of me again and very slowly pulled my panties down. I stepped out of them. He moved them aside and stood. I felt free, not embarrassed or stripped, because the way my male escort looked at me made me feel sexier than I’d ever felt. He pulled his shirt off. I wanted to look so badly but he hadn’t left my eyes and I couldn’t pull out. He kicked off his shoes and brought his feet up and took off his socks. I noticed how agile he was and wondered what moves he’d show me next.

The gigolo put his hands on his pants button and hesitated, he was giving me every opportunity to stop, but this was what I wanted, what I needed. My eyes were asking him to keep going. He unbuttoned and unzipped, and down they went. He kicked them away. Our eyes were still locked. I could tell he was naked. I didn’t know if his underwear went with his pants or if he wasn’t wearing any, and I could also tell he had a beautiful iron bar. I was so fucking turned on. I wanted to look at him, I wanted to touch him, why did he have to be so sensual?

He reached back and opened the shower door. I walked toward it. I had to leave his eyes, finally, to step in, and he followed. I turned to him, put my arms around him and started kissing him. He tasted delicious. My hands were exploring every inch of his upper body.

Our eyes locked again. He slowly squeezed shampoo into his hands, rubbed them together, and lathered up my hair, massaging my head. It felt so good I had to close my eyes for a moment. He took my hand and squeezed some shampoo into it. I reached up and massaged his head, his hair felt thick and healthy. I pressed my fingers hard against his scalp. He ever so lightly pushed me back so my hair was under the shower head. I closed my eyes and let it wash over me as he ran his hands through, rinsing the suds. Every time his hand touched the back of my neck, I got a tingling sensation between my legs. We kissed again, slowly, I pulled him to me so his head was under the water, too. I ran my fingers through his hair until it felt like the suds were gone.

male escort boy shower

male escort boy shower

I pushed him back until he was against the wall and kissed him more urgently, I could feel his hardness against my stomach and I wanted it inside me. I sucked on his tongue and bit his lip. Then I pulled back and I looked at him, all of him.

I took him by the hand and led the way to his bed. Both of us were soaking wet. I pushed him down on the bed and opened his night stand drawer, assuming that if he had condoms, this was where they’d be. I pulled out a condom and opened it. I wanted to put it on him, but I had no experience doing that, so I handed it to him. I watched him slowly set it on the head and roll it down the shaft.

Fuck Sex Therapy! That was sexy. She climbed on top of him and started kissing him, hard. She was rocking her secret garden against his cock and She was on the verge of taking him in when he turned quickly and was on top of her.

“Fuck me now,” She said, pleading. Her male escort looked into my eyes. He slowly put his cock right against her opening and very slowly moved his hips back and forth, putting pressure against her, but not entering her.

“Please, James.” I tried to thrust my hips forward enough to feel him inside me. I arched my back and he leaned down and put his mouth over my hard nipple, sucking on it briefly before moving to the other side. I moaned. He pulled his cock away from me and kissed my stomach, then back up to my nipples, and he was against me again. He was driving me crazy.

“James, I want you to fuck me for my Sex Therapy.” I was looking right into his eyes. He pressed harder against me. “Yes,” I whispered, our eyes were locked. He was beginning to enter me.

The man pulled back, opened his night stand drawer, and grabbed some lubricant. He put it on his finger and put it against me. He rubbed my love button and then slid his finger inside me, watching my eyes with every move. He put another finger inside me and I was losing my mind. He pulled his fingers out and rubbed some lubricant on himself, and then he was pushing against me again.

“Just fuck me now,” I whispered loudly. He pushed forward, he was partially inside me when he stopped, watching my reaction. It hurt, a lot, but I didn’t want him to stop. I had to do this.

James pulled her down and pushed inside her, his thick head stretching her pussy. It was so damn good, she gasped. He pushed her down, using his hands on her waist to screw her further onto his love muscle. He fucked her in and out hard and fast. When he finally hit bottom, filling her in a way she’d never forget, he pulled her back against his chest and kissed her neck, whispering.

She had never had an orgasm like that, not even with her vibrator. James was really the best Sex Therapy she ever had.


Sex Therapy for women: All women deserve to receive it. As a gentleman for demanding women, I offer you the security of my professionalism and my experience that will allow you to be sure that my Sex Therapy will please you and that your eyes will be shining at our next meeting.

The Sex Therapy can teach you how to let go like an education of your senses that will provide you with a unique entertainment for adults in mutual respect with protection.

Contact me to arrange the details of your own Sex Therapy and you will get it on the date you want.

looking forward to meeting you. James

☎ +33755186013

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romantic dinner with a gentleman gigolo male escort boy


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It took a few minutes on the search engine to get her to where she wanted to be. She typed in the name “Gents4Ladies” and there it was.

It looked like some kind of a male escort site, with a gentleman promising an evening of conversation, companionship or dancing. The website explicitly stated that no sexual favors would be granted in exchange for money. The gentleman was simply offering his companionship and nothing more unless mutual feelings between consenting adult.

Well, she thought, companionship for a few hours is exactly what she is looking for…

Only last week, her close friend and colleague,  had recommended the website as both girls had hung out at their favorite bar and discussed her dilemma. “You’ve always threatened to go the ‘gigolo’ route if you ever ran out of options,” she teased, her blue eyes twinkling beneath her thick blonde fringe.

She had looked doubtfully into her tequila. “I was only joking! Do you really think I could pay someone to go with me?”

She nodded firmly. “Just check out that website and look for “James”. He comes highly recommended from a friend of mine. She needed an escort for a trade show function. From what I hear, he’s an amazing french gentleman.” An impish grin crossed the petite blonde’s face, and she added, “If you ever make up your mind to go for it, James sounds like your best bet.”

She hadn’t taken her friend seriously, not then. But now, a week later, curiosity and a sense of adventure suddenly struck her. Truth was, she needed this; a bit of excitement, something out of her comfort zone to make her feel like she had red blood in her veins still and wasn’t turning into a burned out prune at barely twenty-seven.

Drinking wine with my gentleman in a hotel bar

Drinking wine with my gentleman in a hotel bar

Suddenly, her fingers were flying over the keys as she found her way to the website her friend had suggested. Soon she was going through the stories, keeping in mind the name ‘James’ as she decided she would stick with her friend’s commendation in that regard as well. All this was new to her and she definitely wasn’t taking chances.

In no time, she was conviced by the description of nice experiences with James, and couldn’t hold back a gasp.

Her friend had been right. He was a seducing gentleman; His name was simply James, with a single cryptic line: Gentleman for demanding ladies.

Hmm, She mused, now curious enough to read his profile. His “page” was more descriptive and full of details. James. I know how to please… Whether it’s for a classy night out with dinner and drinks or a serious business function, I’m your romantic gentleman. I promise to give you top value and we can meet before for a drink without commitment.

Flirting with my gentleman

Flirting with my gentleman

Now that really struck her as funny. What escort boy offer to have a drink without commitment? She chuckled to herself; obviously he was a joker. And yet he’d made enough of an impression to make her want to pick up the phone and call the number provided on the screen ‘+33(0)755186013’.

She didn’t even want to search out the profiles of any other guys on google; she was afraid she’d lose her nerve and change her mind about the whole thing if she did. After all, this was way beyond anything she’d ever tried in the past. At least this guy came with a referral from a friend.

So she was picking James as her first and only choice. And if there was anything she felt uneasy with after the phone call, then she’d forget about the whole idea. She called him right away.

“Hello James”

“Ah…yes, I am, how can I help you?”

“Look, James, I’ve never done this before, and it’s kind of nerve-racking for me. So I’d appreciate it if you just let me know what I need to do here. Once again, are you James, gentleman for demanding ladies?”

“I got your name on this website called And it has your number on it. Are you a male escort or not?”

“Yes I am. I call myself more a gentleman.when and where do you want to meet me for a simple drink”

“Of course, so dear gentleman, I would like to book your time tomorrow for some companionship for a diner and more if we have some feeling. May be a massage?”

Mutual feelings with my gentleman

Mutual feelings with my gentleman

“Sure I am available tomorrow from 7:30pm, where do you want to meet up?”

“I live in a rented apartment near by the Eiffel Tower, we could meet for a drink in the bar at Café de l’Homme on Trocadero place. I will book a table under the name of Nathalie”

“Sure sounds good, see you there tomorrow, looking forward to meeting you Dear Nathalie.”

Of course Nathalie was not her real name, she wanted to protect her privacy.

“Thank you James, see you tomorrow”.


All women deserve some good companionship. As a gentleman for demanding women, I offer you the security of my professionalism and my experience that will allow you to be sure that my service will please you and your eyes will be shining at the right moment.

I can teach you how to let go like an education of your senses that will provide you with a unique entertainment for adults in mutual respect with protection.

Contact me to arrange the details of the service you want and set a date, There is no reason that could prevent you to enjoy yourself if you want it. I will make sure you will never forget our meeting. Everything is possible including the impossible.

Nice to please you. James

☎ +33755186013

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