Massage Services (relaxing, body-body, Nirvana)

Practiced in a relaxing atmosphere, relaxing massage is a particularly effective way to empty the stress women. it allows also to permanently rejuvenate the body and mind, which paves the way for women to manage some annoyances with an amazing effect! The scope of a massage for a woman is really accentuated if done by a real professional masseur. This type of massage is recommended at the end of the day when fatigue is greatest. Sensual massage for women is somewhat different out look. Very sensual, it brings a touch of eroticism while bringing the qualities of traditional massage. For this type of massage, it is recommended to be completely naked and to let you go completely. The intimate sensual massage for women includes all parts of the body, including the erogenous zones such as the buttocks, thighs, chest or the pubis. It is designed for women seeking ultimate relaxation while awakening the senses.


Female Companion Services in professional or cultural events

In fact many women, overwhelmed by intense professional life, or suddenly finding themselves alone, like to share a few hours with a man to whom they can be confident with, but also exchange ideas, an experience, and laugh heartily, without having to justify, or to engage in an ongoing relationship. I have the ability to adapt to all situations, and to play a role in the eyes of the partners of women that I coach. (Companion, friend, collaborator, lover, lad model, gent of the night, toy man, sporting man, gigolo, …) My general knowledge, my career and my many travels, allow me to address all the issues, and share with the woman who wants it, a moment of escape in total discretion. I speak English and Italian, which allows me to accompany the person who wants to a professional seminar or evening.


Personal Woman Services – Candlelight dinner and entertainment

The place of our meeting depends entirely on your preferences. On site in a hotel, at home, in the center of well-being. Maybe you have a particular framework in your mind for our outstanding meeting. Because you stay in a hotel somewhere on this planet for professional reasons, cultural and tourist … Because your home aspire to the discreet presence of a male companion to fill your house sounds of a quiet conversation, scents of massage oil on your bare skin. Because you love the atmosphere in the centers of wellness, sauna, jacuzzi, swimming pool and the presence of a courteous man, full of attention and endorsement that teases you and makes you happy by all possible means … to awaken all your senses … Or surprise me! Choose any other place that inspires you to the style of delicate pleasure you have in mind! If you prefer to leave me the initiative of choice, I look for a nice and quiet place … just let me know your preferences for the region, part (hotel, restaurant, museum or other …), style and price range.


Woman Dating Services – Male Escort Service – Adult Entertainment

A woman is always beautiful in the candlelight, so I suggest we dine by candlelight in a quiet and intimate place for excellence in a subdued atmosphere. The cuisine is refined and delicate. We talk about everything and anything, you, me, laughing heartily while enjoying a wine specially selected by me according to your expectations. We are all looking for that one person that will bring us what we lack in our lives, then for an evening, let yourself be carried away in a whirlwind of happiness with someone who will fill the little touches which will make you forget your worries. Romantique getaway on an evening alone together where you can enjoy a magical and unforgettable moment.



Why would woman need a sex coach Services?

Because no one is taught what they really need to know – how to know yourself and what you want, how to communicate easily and authentically, how to cut loose and play, how to be both selfish and generous in the best ways. I define sex in the broadest sense – a full range of affectionate and sensual play and erotic expression. It’s way more than genital contact, and may not include genital contact at all. Most of what makes the difference between ho-hum sex and astounding sex is learned before ever getting your clothes off. You already know what body part goes where. Coaching enables you to find the rich, creative, playful, heartful, passionate and cosmic possibilities. Or – if you are struggling with sex and affection, coaching helps you find the key that brings you ease so you can relax and enjoy yourself however you like.


Romantic Travel Services Visit Paris with your straight male escort guide

James will make you discover cultural, romantic and fun in Paris. Be guided in Paris with an escort gentleman! Enjoy romantic Paris with your male escort for unique moments. James will walk with you hand in hand through Montmartre. Combining culture and pleasure, visit a museum in the afternoon and look at the ceiling of a romantic bedroom in the night. The romantic evening of escorting will start in “Le café de l’Homme” at the Trocadéro to admire the Eiffel tower. The evening will continue according to your desires dances, theatre, walk. Your romantic escort man will have planned everything for you.

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