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Sexual fulfillment and well-being for women

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Madame got out of the bath and returned to her room. She had planned to change and have dinner while she waited for her gentleman to arrive, but when she saw the bed, her body suddenly felt too heavy and her only desire was to rest. She plopped down on the silk sheets, comfortable, light, safe.

When she opened her eyes, it was dark. The room was lit only by the fire, its flames dancing on the walls in front of her. She sat up in bed and saw her male escort by the fireplace. He turned to her, naked, muscles glowing in the firelight, his chest, his shoulders, his thighs. She admired every part of his body, from his twinkling eyes to his swollen penis.

He was sipping a glass of champagne.
“You’re awake,” he said softly before draining his glass, which he put on the table before approaching the bed.
He sat down next to her and took her face in his hands to kiss her. Then he pulled back, stroked her mouth with his thumb.
– How was your day ?
She bit her lower lip before answering.
– Hard.
The male escort frowned.
– And yours ?
“Ditto,” he admitted, removing his hand from his face. Lie down with me.
“You don’t have to ask me,” she whispered.

The gigolo opened his robe wider, revealing a breast, which he devoured with his eyes. The silky fabric slipped over her shoulders and arms, falling to her waist. The male escort lowered his head and took a nipple in his mouth to tickle it with his tongue.

Orgasm with a male escort companion in Paris

Orgasm with a male escort companion in Paris

Madame dug her fingers into his hair, holding his head in place, savoring the feel of his mouth on her body. He took his time and she became more and more aroused, soon guiding the hand of the male escort between her thighs, on his hot cock that she so wanted to feel fulfilled.

The male escort obeyed, parting his lips, and when he plunged his fingers inside her, she sighed and moaned, a sound the male escort captured with a kiss. For a long time, Madame held the escort boy’s wrist while he penetrated her, hooking his fingers to reach all parts of her sex. Then she let go of him to grab his cock and when her fingers touched his silky skin, the male escort groaned, breaking the kiss and pulling his fingers away from her sex.

Madame grumbled and tried to take his hand again.
“You don’t think I can give you pleasure?” he asked.
– Yes, after a while.
– Oh darling. It sounds like a challenge.

Jean laid Madame on her side, with her back to him, slipping an arm under her neck; with his other hand, he grabbed her breasts before walking her on her stomach and then between her legs. He spread her thighs and swung one leg over her hip to open her up more. He tickled her clitoris before plunging back between her lips.

Madame inhaled sharply and arched against him, feeling his erection against her buttocks. She rested her head in the crook of his shoulder, opening her thighs wider to invite him to penetrate her more deeply, and the male escort took hold of her mouth in a wild and possessive kiss.

Madame’s breath quickened and she wanted to plant her heels in the mattress, but they slipped on the silk sheets – she felt euphoric and alive, but she wanted more, yet her first orgasm was flowing inside her.

– Is it fun? asked the male escort

She didn’t have time to answer. That said, even if he had given her time, she didn’t think she was capable of speaking between two hoarse breaths, with the male escort’s glans brushing against her sex. She held her breath as he entered her and arched her back, pressing her shoulder blades against his chest. When he was fully inside her, he kissed her on the shoulder before biting her while continuing to tickle her clitoris. She moaned with her mouth open, a sound that seemed to come from her insides.

united colors of escort boy

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– Is it fun? he asked again.

He began his back and forth with a slow rhythm that allowed him to feel the slightest relief of his penis which was sinking deeply into her. Each stroke of the pelvis took her breath away.

– Is it fun? he repeated.

She turned her head towards him and grabbed his neck.

– It’s ecstasy.

Their mouths melted on each other in a fierce kiss and they stopped talking. All that was heard was their moans, their hoarse breaths and their bodies thumping against each other. They became hot and Madame felt their perspiration mix.

The male escort sped up, holding Madame’s leg over his with one hand while the other gripped her throat, tenderly holding her jaw between his fingers, and he kept it that way until they came. both.

The male escort then let his head fall into the crook of his neck, where he placed small kisses.

– You’re okay ? he asked.
“Yeah,” she whispered.

She was better than good. The sex with the male escort was always beyond her expectations, and every time she thought they had reached their maximum potential and told herself that it couldn’t get any better, he proved her wrong. It had been the same this time, and she found herself wondering how experienced the God of the Dead was at it and why he was still holding back.

The male escort withdrew and Madame turned to face him. She studied his sweaty face, he looked tired and happy like her after this pleasurable experience.


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