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Hot wife likes hacing a threesome with a sensual gigolo

What About Having A Threesome

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What About Having A Threesome. You’re a lucky lady if you have a man who not only is open to bringing another man home or in your hotel room, but brings up the subject himself. That man of yours is a rare breed of self-confident man, not just confident that you won’t prefer the other man, but confident in his own sexuality.

Having a drink with two men

Having a drink with two men

A lot of men say they don’t want to have a three-way with another guy involved because they think there’s something gay about it or they wouldn’t feel comfortable even being naked around another man. Actually, those men just don’t feel confident enough in their own appearance or sexual prowess.

Or maybe they don’t want to admit, the way women readily do, that they may feel jealous or threatened by seeing their girlfriend or wife enjoying sex with another man, or worse, they don’t want to see her prefer sex with another man. Maybe she’ll do things with the other guy more enthusiastically or maybe she’ll do things with him that she has refused to do with you.

And yes, what if there is a sword crossing, what if the lady begins to wonder whether he’s gay after that? Well, it’s good to know that men and women worry about the same things, save the gay panic. But let me tell you this: Any man who enjoys porn, even if only from time to time, would enjoy the experience of watching his lady get it from another man.

What About Having A Threesome. In a way, it’s the same feeling a man would have enjoying the view of his girl kissing and fondling another girl, but much more primal and blood-pumping. It’s like your woman has become the sexy, slutty, porn vixen of your greatest jerk-off fantasies. She’s a woman who can’t get enough and who aims to please. It’s exciting to see your steady partner in that role from time to time, because sometimes you guys forget just how hot she really is to other people.

Bringing another man home is the next step to that same satisfying feeling that you get when you notice other men checking out your girl. You like the fact that other men want her; it makes you proud and it turns you on, of course. This is seeing how much other men really want your woman and what an amazing, sexual, and exquisite woman she is.

It will amaze you how much you’ll be turned on to see her ability to give a man a raging hard-on by just taking off her clothes in front of him. You know what a good lover she is, but have you ever really seen her in action? Seeing your girlfriend give another man head will give you a whole different perspective on how hard she works and how much she loves it. And she’ll love you watching her do this. The more you watch her and encourage her, the harder she’ll work to take all of that cock in. But always remember, there should be no fear. Your turn will be next.

Threesome with a male escort

Threesome with a male escort

What About Having A Threesome. If you want to experiment such pleasure to share a threesome moment, you need a straight gentleman to escort your couple to this world of new pleasure with total respect and confidence. Contact me at and I will respond to all your question in an open manner and we will meet before to ensure we have the right feeling an expectation about our rendez-vous.


Now Dear couples, would you like to live your fantasy of a threesome in total discretion and safety. What About Having A Threesome. Express all your desires and immerse yourself in the pleasure of a sensual experience with me in mutual respect with protection. To consume without moderation…

Looking to giving you pleasure with a sensual massage or more, everything is possible. Let’s get to know each other around a drink in a nice lounge bar in Paris without commitment and I’ll tell you everything you burn to know.

Contact me: or +33 (0) 755186013 Text/Call/whatsapp

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undress your male escort boy

Male Escort Master of Sex for Demanding Ladies

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Male Escort Master of Sex for Demanding Ladies.  Pioneer of the science of women sexuality. Exhibiting the finest of adult entertainers that Paris has to offer, The Luxe Lounge is a dedicated, luxurious and premium environment, where the elite come to play.

The lady was all smiles when she opened the door of her bedroom and saw this attractive gentleman facing her. She was wearing only a transparent shirt and was naked from the waist down.

My male escort’s eyes looked down at her bare feet. Her face remained expressionless as she began to unbutton her shorts, and with one pull of her hands, she bent down to remove her shorts and her panties at the same time. She was completely bare from the waist down, and my eyes marveled at her legs and her shaven crotch.

She laid down on the bed and she spread her legs apart. I bent down and immediately became rock hard at the sight of her engorged clitoris, just above her light brown labia which were glistening from her fluids.

Her clit was throbbing right now. And she was really wet. I’ve never seen anything like this before. I put my gigolo’s hand on the mound of her vagina and the tip of my finger on her clit.

Master hand on her clit

Master hand on her clit

The lady let out an incredibly loud moan as my fingers started rubbing her clit. Her eyes widened and so did her mouth. It suddenly dawned on me that I had complete sexual power over my lady while she was in this state of hypersexual-activity. My fingers, which were becoming wet with her fluids, didn’t let up as I continued to furiously rub her clitoris and labia.

Her face twisted with pleasure. And when two of my fingers went inside her tight little vaginal hole, she squirmed and fought her body just to stay in place. It was like she was a woman possessed under the power of her male escort.

She was cumming. Her back violently arched and her toes tightly curled. A sudden stream of fluids squirted out of her vagina and sprayed between my fingers. She squeezed the sheets she was laying on tightly as a I continued fingering her clit. And I continued rubbing until she became completely relaxed and her orgasm was completed.

When it was over, she just laid there, eyes closed, as she struggled to catch her breath after the powerful orgasm she just had with her gigolo. Her attention turned back towards my erection and her continued hand job. Her eyes became wider and it almost looked as if she wanted to lick her lips.

Male Escort Master of Sex for Demanding Ladies. I gave her a wonderful orgasm when she really needed it most. She wanted now to suck her gigolo to please him in return. She leaned forward and sucked the head of my male escort’s cock. She leaned forward just a little bit more and took my hard shaft inside her mouth.

Her head slowly bobbed back and forth and her other hand continued stroking me, giving me an erotic feeling which was unlike anything I had ever felt before. Her sucking and licking of my hard cock became even more sensational and I was on the verge of an orgasm.

She stopped sucking and paused to think for a moment. My heart pounded and I gleefully positioned myself between her legs. She was welcoming about our first time together as she opened her lady’s legs, and then wrapped them around me once I was in position. We looked each other straight in the eyes and she used her hands to cover my cock with a condom.

She moaned as the head of my gigolo’s erection entered her. It’s been a while since she have made love. I pushed my cock all the way in her small secret garden opening. Her warmth, and wetness, were all very inviting, and so was her small opening. She felt as tight as a woman could possibly feel.

Once her body became accustomed to having a huge erect cock inside her, I slowly made my way in and out. Slowly. It didn’t take long for her pussy walls to loosen its tight grip and we were on our way to actual fucking, the kind of fucking that’s hot, nasty.

Act like a gentleman master escort boy but fuck you like a sex animal

Act like a gentleman master escort boy but fuck you like a sex animal

She ask me louder to fuck her. To fuck her harder. Hearing my well-mannered and highly-educated lady scream those filthy obscenities was music to my gentleman’s ears. And the sight of her with her face clenched tightly from us fucking was even more erotic. Her eyes looked like they were on the verge or rolling back as I continued to thrust harder and faster. Her moans and panting became louder as well.

I was about to cum. Her body became tense and her muscles contracted. Her eyes squeezed shut and I once again felt a steady stream of her squirting, this time it was through my cock as I fucked her mercilessly in a professional escort boy manner.

Her long time fantasy of having sex with a gigolo was finally fulfilled and I came inside her body in my condom. When it was over, I collapsed on top of her and laid there for a long moment. We felt each other’s chests heaving up and down from our rapid heart rates.

what was amazing is that she just had the best sexual experience of her life with an unknown gentleman for demanding ladies or couples.

Do you want to live a pure sensual experience in the company of James, the best gentleman gigolo male escort in Paris, France who will do whatever you want with discretion and security. Express all your desires and immerse yourself in the pleasure of whatever is your fantasy in a mutual respect. To be enjoyed without moderation….

Hope to give you pleasure. But first of all, let’s get to know each other around a drink without commitment and I’ll tell you everything you burn to know and I will discover what really turns you on. Contact me at or +33(0)755186013 (call or text me)


Male Escort Master of Sex for Demanding Ladies: All women deserve to receive it. As a gentleman for demanding women, I offer you the security of my professionalism and my experience that will allow you to be sure that my Sex Therapy will please you and that your eyes will be shining at our next meeting.

The Sex Therapy can teach you how to let go like an education of your senses that will provide you with a unique entertainment for adults in mutual respect with protection. Let me travel to you to please you.

Contact me to arrange the details of your own Sex Therapy and you will get it on the date you want.

looking forward to meeting you. James

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How To Celebrate Your Birthday with a Male Companion James Escortboy

How To Celebrate Your Birthday with a Male Companion – James –

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For her birthday, Lady S. did ask her husband to realize one of her fantasy: she wanted to be in a threesome with him and another gentleman. After some research on internet, her husband found James, an educated gentleman available for such experience.

As requested, James arrived at the bar near the opera of Paris to meet the couple around seven o’clock. They welcomed him around a drink to meet and know each other and see if they had a mutual feeling before moving to some more intimate place. James immediately see in the eyes of this beautiful lady that she did appreciate his style of gentleman for demanding ladies.

After talking for sometimes, they decided to move to their hotel for a nice four hands massage.

The hands stretched up her back from her legs, to her waist up to her shoulders. Sliding around with a coat of oil, they skimmed over her ribs and back up to her neck. Up and down. Up and down. Some strokes skimmed under the edge of her panty, stopping at the small of her back. Others dipped along her sides, skimming the swells of her breasts. The lady was feeling a wet heat between her legs.

James’s hands moved onto her thighs. Again, strokes swiped from knee to ass, firm strong strokes. As she anticipated the ass massage, she didn’t completely notice the hand that got closer and closer to her pussy until fingers were teasing her lips. Moving her knees apart while he massaged her calves. Getting close enough to feel her pussy.

She turned and looked over her shoulder. Standing there were her husband together with James. Hands lightly oiled, with a large grin on his face.

Amused and aroused, she lowered back on to the bed. She wanted to enjoy every minute of her husband’s sexy birthday surprise.

James worked her thighs and ass. His hands massaged her earnestly now, kneading and spreading with his fingers. She wriggled her thighs farther apart. They both knew that James wouldn’t resist the chance to finger her pussy.

James ran his hands over her ass and thighs, each time sliding his thumbs over her lips. Her clit throbbed against the bed; her nipples were hard too.

James slid his fingers between her pussy lips for the first time. her lips wrapped around them. His fingers were warm and thick wriggling against her. She moaned. He fingered her more and she purred more. James and her husband were making her wet and horny. She wanted more.

While James fingered her pussy, Her husband kissed up her spine to her neck. James asked her to turn over. He wanted to massage her on the other side. She pushed up on her elbows while she tightened her pussy around his fingers, keeping them on her for as long as possible.

Lady S. turned toward James and rested on her right hip. His cock jutted toward her and she reached to stroke it. While she pumped his big hard shaft, he leaned over and kissed her. Full on French kiss. His tongue teased her mouth while her hand lingered on his great cock.

James pressed her shoulder back so she was face-up on the bed. Of course, that also means tits up and pussy up on the bed. He cupped them in his hands, watching them pour over his fingers. He jiggled them. He thumbed her nipples. His hungry mouth nibbled and sucked and licked each one again and again. When he touched her nipple, her clit tingled.

While he enjoyed mouthing her tits, his hand worked back to her pussy. Over her soft belly, circling around her navel, slipping over her naked mound. Soon his fingers were home again between her pussy lips. She arched her back to get more of her tits in his mouth and pressed his hand with hers against her pussy. Together they ground against her clit and rubbed her wet lips. They could hear the juicy wetness his surprise had stirred up.

Then she took her husband’s cock in her mouth, pumped and pulled, bobbing and drawing. His precum dribbled on her tongue. She lapped and mouthed his stiff cock noisily: moaning, popping, sucking. Watching and listening while his cock is in her mouth gets her husband even hornier.

She also wanted to get fucked by James’s cock. His stiff cock slid up her belly. Her tits mashed against his chest as they kissed a deep, intense, carnal kiss. Her husband massaged her incredible ass while she pressed against him, wanting a cock inside her.

After putting a condom, James’s cock filled and stretched her while she was sucking her husband. She heard his sexy low growl, which makes her pussy tingle. Turning to look over her shoulder, she stared at him.

Her pussy tightened and released around his cock. His ass clenched as he stroked stronger into her. Each pump got her closer to cumming. Each wet fucking sound pushed her closer. Each time James’s cockhead pressed deep inside her she almost came.

Her breath burst as her orgasm broke. She pressed back against James to fill her pussy with as much of his cock as possible. Her pussy milked his cock with each spasm.

Her pussy wrapped around his sensitive cock, not letting go. She felt his forehead drop against her back, his panting breath warming her skin. His hands reached under her to tweak her nipples. They were so hard. He cupped her tits and slowly pulled her up. she heard her pussy release his cock. Turning around, she reached her arms around her husband and kissed him. Full on.

Happy Birthday Lady S. !!!


Dear couples, would you like to live your fantasy of a threesome in total discretion and safety. Express all your desires and immerse yourself in the pleasure of a sensual experience with me in mutual respect with protection. To consume without moderation…

Looking to giving you pleasure with a sensual massage or more, everything is possible. Let’s get to know each other around a drink in a nice lounge bar in Paris without commitment and I’ll tell you everything you burn to know.

Contact me: or +33 (0) 755186013 Text/Call/whatsapp

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What Its Really Like To Have a Threesome with a Male Escort How to Plan a Three Way and Escort Boy In Paris France

What It’s Really Like To Have a Threesome with a Male Escort – How to Plan a Three Way and Escort Boy In Paris, France

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Her husband had the fantasy of sharing his wife with another gentleman. In order to organize this amazing experience, he asked James, a handsome french gentleman who offers his coaching services in Paris, to be their partner. They met for a cocktail at the rooftop bar of their luxury hotel in Paris.

This rendez-vous will help them see if they have a comfortable feeling with the gentleman and for James to seduce his wife and allow the couple to have this extraordinary experience of a sensual threesome.

It was the most exciting moment of their sexual life. After a nice conversation, they decided for a sensual massage in their room. Her husband was dreaming that this massage will help his wife to engage in intercourse with the gentleman. At this point nothing was sure and the lady worried of being touched by an unknown man, even though she was excited by such a situation.

The couple led the gentleman into their bedroom and James asked them to dim the lights, he lighted 4 candles and put on some sensual music.

James asked her to take off her clothes and lay down on the bed onto her stomach. Her husband was sitting on a chair to watch his wife in the hands of another man.

As he unleashed the tension and loosened the kinks with a professional quality massage, she moaned.

Suddenly, he was licking her legs up to her buttocks then up on her back to the shoulders. He kissed and licked every inch of her body. She was feeling the heat between her legs and her pussy was slowly getting wet.

From her hands, he segued to her buttocks. He kissed and licked them as she cried with ecstasy. He must have kissed her for five minutes before turning to her secret garden. She breathed so hard while enjoying this erotic moment.

His mouth and tongue worked their way to her shoulders. He kissed and licked each arm from shoulder to fingertips. Then he sucked each finger. He asked her to flip over in order to massage her other side.

James treated her to the most divine head she have ever experienced. His tongue lapped her labia, sucked her clit, tickled her inner thighs, penetrated her with his fingers and devoured her sweet pussy, kissed her thighs. His movements were so slow and skillful that she was slowing reaching a sort of heaven of pleasure.

Her husband was stroking his hard cock as he took in the sight of his wife riding another man’s face, she was stroking the top of his head as he ate her.

He could appreciate the beauty of his wife taking pleasure naked in the arms of James, the stunning sight of his wife having sex like a slutty whore, witnessing it from a perspective he’d never get to do when they were the two of them alone making love. He got to see how much pleasure she gave this stranger, how much pleasure she herself received from him, how much pleasure she gave to her husband in performing for him.

He got the sense of her wickedness, her naughty desire to misbehave with another man, outside their couple. Her energy, her wickedness, her grace, her beauty, it was all sensational.

Their first kiss, their first touch of the genitals, the first time she took him in her mouth, when he first applied his mouth to her womanhood. But now his wife licked another man’s erect cock slowly from the base to the tip, then with her hand gripping his shaft, she sucked its end into her mouth. Bobbing her head eagerly down on him, enjoying the feel of so much manhood stretching her lips, filling her cheeks, reaching to her throat.

Then her husband decided to enter in the game and he kissed her, they sucked on each other’s tongues, and it was passionate. In the meantime, the gentleman was licking her without mercy using his fingers exploring all the inside of her pussy.

And now, as she crouched over his hips, and he held aloft his huge erection covered by a condom, the first time that his wife actually took another man’s cock inside her pussy since they had started dating some years ago.

Then his wife eased herself down onto James’s great shaft, and bounced on him such that her husband could see that huge veined length sinking into her each time, her hungry pussy slurping it up, spitting it out, coating it in her copious juices.

It was exhausting and exhilarating, and went late into the evening. The two of them making out like animals, fucking like dogs.

He got to see his pretty wife coming more than she had in the past year in one evening, and that egotistical part of him, which he might actually have been relying on to get him through the whole experience, told him firmly that it wasn’t merely some other man giving her this pleasure, it was him, because he had agreed to this.

Then she turned, curled a hand around James’s head, and gently but firmly pulled his mouth to hers so she could suck on his lips. They kissed, right in front of him, slowly, passionately.

Her husband kissed her between the thighs, wedging her head against her hot flesh, pressing his face up against his hot wife’s pussy, breathing in that dark, dangerous scent of her arousal.

She moaned, and her moan intensified as he sucked, as he tasted her wicked pussy. Her husband watched James touching her between the legs, stroking her. Watched her lift her hips to ease his access.

He wanted the gentleman that fucked his wife to play with her. This was an experience for them, an experience beyond what they already had.

Then James whispered in the wife’s ear if she would agree for him to fuck her ass and she said yes. He started to lube up the wife’s ass with his fingers, she’s loved it.

Something she would never have done with him. James was getting more into it, probing her ass with his fingers. James put a new condom.

Then James did press deftly against her tight sphincter, easing the huge knob of his cock against her asshole as he leaned forward. His wife was gasping and moaning, in total ecstasy right next to her husband as he did this.

It was obvious from the look on her face that she loved this.

James was fucking her tight ass with deep, even and plowing strokes, burying himself all the way on every stroke. His balls came to rest on her dripping pussy lips and she cried out in orgasmic little mewling sounds.

She shrieked, and her eyes actually rolled back in her head as her climax teared through her.

Then James did offer them to do a double take, His wife went on top of her husband and her pussy swallowed his entire cock, she bent over and wiggled her ass. James put another condom and lubed himself up again and he worked his way up her anus. The double penetration dilated her eyes.

His wife held out for several minutes before cumming with 2 cocks filling her two intimate holes. James was banging her harder and harder and her husband was filling her deeper and deeper everytime James was pushing forward.

Suddenly, her husband could not resist and came together with James into his hot slutty wife still shaking in her own orgasm.


Now Dear couples, would you like to live your fantasy of a threesome in total discretion and safety. Express all your desires and immerse yourself in the pleasure of a sensual experience with me in mutual respect with protection. To consume without moderation…

Looking to giving you pleasure with a sensual massage or more, everything is possible. Let’s get to know each other around a drink in a nice lounge bar in Paris without commitment and I’ll tell you everything you burn to know.

Contact me: or +33 (0) 755186013 Text/Call/whatsapp

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