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Escorting Services


Unlock a coveted couple fantasy with a captivating threesome experience featuring a devoted male escort in the romantic backdrop of Paris. This alluring journey invites you to step into the realm of your desires, as a straight companion shower your wife with adoration.

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The location of our meeting depends entirely on your preferences. On site, in a hotel, at your home, in a wellness center.

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Indeed, many women, overwhelmed by an intense professional life, or suddenly finding themselves alone, enjoy being able to share a few hours with me.

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It is important to talk to your male escort about the type of meeting you have in mind and your expectations and desires. This allows him to dress appropriately and prepare appropriate punishments for you.

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An erotic role-playing game can take you deep in the shoes of a character and free you from the constraints of everyday life. Ask me to be the partner of your most secret fantasy.

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Visit a swinger club

Do you want to try a swingers club with a gentleman who will guide you to the best clubs in the capital. You will discover their rules and how to have fun there in complete safety. Service for single women or straight couples.

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A sex friend allows you to have intimate relationships without being in a real romantic relationship. It allows you to be sexually satisfied and have fun, without having to engage in a relationship.

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Libertine Event

Participate in libertine or tailor-made events. I accompany the ladies who are looking for the pleasures of lust in cozy evenings where everything is allowed in complete safety. My experience allows me to guide you safely in extravagant fantasies.

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Duo - Trio - Quatuor

Do you want 1,2 or more male companions or female companions for an evening richer in pleasure. Gangbang or bukkake possible.

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Intimacy with a male escort is an essential part of human sexuality, and it involves not just the act of having sex, but also the many ways we express our desires and connect with our partners. From touching and kissing to foreplay and stimulation, intimacy is about exploring the pleasurable sensations that arise from our sexual desires with a male escort in Paris.

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The human body is an incredibly complex and fascinating thing, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the realm of sexuality. Our genitals are not just for reproduction, but are also a source of pleasure and intimacy. Sexual arousal with a male escort can come from a variety of stimuli, from touch to visual and auditory cues, and can lead to a wide range of sensations.

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Sex life

Genital health is an essential aspect of overall well-being, and it's no secret that sexual activity with a male escort and the quality of our sex life can significantly impact our physical and mental health. Whether you're in a long-term relationship or enjoying the single life, maintaining a healthy sex life with a male escort can lead to a plethora of benefits.

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Sexual pleasure

When it comes to sexual pleasure with a male escort, there are many different factors at play. From the sensations of touching and stroking to the build-up of sexual tension and desire, the human body is capable of experiencing a wide range of arousing sensations with a male escort. For some, using a vibrator or other sex toy boy can be an integral part of exploring these sensations and achieving orgasm.

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When it comes to sexual pleasure, it is important to remember that everyone experiences it differently. Some people may find that stimulation of the penis or clitoris is most pleasurable, while others may enjoy anal or prostate stimulation. It is important to communicate with your male escort in Paris about what feels good, and to be open to exploring new sensations and techniques.

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Sex Therapist

Erectile dysfunction can be a challenging issue for men and can impact their sex life significantly. However, seeking the help of a male escort sex therapist or exploring sexual medicine options can lead to better sexual function and a more fulfilling sex life. Vibrators can also be an excellent tool for men and women alike to stimulate their genitals and achieve orgasm.

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My specialties

New erotic stories

Offer James a gentleman escort boy in Paris

Why not treat yourself to something special for your birthday?

  Why not treat yourself to something special for your birthday? The evening and night of your life with a gentleman, a professional male escort to be entirely yours and who will take care of you like no man has ever done it before. How to resist to such an interesting temptation ? I am

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enjoy a dinner with a romantic boyfriend

The Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile hotel

  The lady and James exited the restaurant and entered the Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile hotel, her gentlemant leading her by the hand. Despite the fact that she wanted this, she was still nervous, and as they approached the elevator her heartbeat sped faster and faster until pure adrenaline raced through her veins. She had

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elle était à deux doigts de vivre un orgasme cataclysmique copie

Guiding women to orgasm

  My goal is to guide you in order to get the best orgasm of your life. The truth is every healthy woman is capable of multiple full body orgasms Sadly most women will never reach their full orgasmic potential -Around 29% of women have never had an orgasm at all -Around 70% report never

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bondage james

Bondage: Sensory Deprivation: Blindfolds, Hoods, and Earplugs

When I take away your sense of sight or sound, your other senses become heightened. When you’re blindfolded by a professional male escort, noises sound louder, smells are more intense, and even the lightest touch can send chills down the spine. When you can’t hear anything or you can hear only one particular sound, you

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Im a massage therapist

Massages: how to know where to go and which massage to choose?

To be massaged by somebody allows to release completely body and spirit while allowing yourself to the manipulations of your masseur. Californian, shiatsu, swedish, thai … Massages are democratizing but the practice is still an art! So what are the differences between these massages? What are their effects on the body and mind? Where can

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A great guy

It was the most incredible sensation she’d ever experienced.

The gentleman for demanding women shucked his clothes quickly and as he laid out on the floor, he whispered to her to take off her clothes. The gigolo wanted to see every inch of her exposed. The lady knew there should be a voice in the back of her head, screaming that this was a

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