FAQ Escort Boy Hetero Paris

Why call on someone like me?

– You want the benefits of a lover but not the complications
– You do not have the time or the desire for a relationship
– You wish to revalue your sex life
– You want to learn new things / surprise your companion
– You want to realize one or more fantasies in all discretion

Can you count on my discretion?

– This is one of the basics of the male escort … I never reveal the identity of a client, in any way whatsoever
– Our contact will be made only on the basis of the coordinates that you will transmit to me. Any restaurant or hotel reservations are always in my name to guarantee total discretion. Respecting your privacy is important to me; just as much as your respect for the

What conditions do you have to meet as a client?

– As for your age, your appearance or your body, know that this is not where I see the charm or seduction in a woman …
– Personal hygiene is a sine qua non for me and, I hope, for you too
– As long as you treat me with respect, I expect nothing more from you

You are not comfortable with your age or appearance

– Your age (in one way or the other) does not matter to me, my goal is to make you enjoy the moment to the fullest!
NB: you must have just reached the legal age of majority in the country from which you access this site or in the country where our meeting takes place

Is it possible to consider a trio?

– This is a perfectly acceptable event, provided that the respect is present
– Either with the man or the woman of your choice, or with one of my colleagues on request (ask me)
– The man can be active or passive, but in all cases the attention is directed towards you only (I am heterosexual)

What happens if you have to cancel our appointment?

– When we agree to an appointment, I reserve this time for you; however, if you have an unavoidable impediment, I will not ask you anything because I am a gentleman and I know that a woman can have a last minute problem. I invite you to notify me as soon as possible and reprogram our meeting.

What guarantees can I offer you?

– I respect your privacy and your identity in all circumstances and in time
– I’m always dressed in an elegant and distinguished way, in dress or more relaxed
– I also guarantee you my total attention for you during our whole time together

My sexual orientation?

– I am heterosexual

Am I available internationally?

– Yes. Whether in countries bordering Belgium (France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany), other European countries or in the rest of the world (United States, United Arab Emirates, …)
– All you have to do is make your reservation on time
– If you do not want to go alone on a trip (business or pleasure), I will be happy to accompany you

How is the payment?

– Payment is in cash because I do not have a credit card payment terminal.
– Either the settlement is done at the beginning, which will not cause any embarrassing situation thereafter and will allow us both to take full advantage of our moment together
– Or, in the event that the period has not been fixed in advance (or if it extends beyond the forecasts), we can consider a payment at the end


No, but you smoke does not bother me

What is my place of residence?

In France. In Paris, but I move wherever you want me.

Why do you do what you do?

I choose to provide this service because I enjoy catering to women and I appreciate spending quality time with them. 

How much notice do you need?

I require a minimum of 24 hours notice but you can always try to contact me at the last minute in case I am free, I will be happy to serve you. For travel engagements a minimum of two weeks notice is necessary. 

What is the minimum booking time?

There is a minimum of 2 hours per booking in order for me to give you the best experience.  

Why do I need to give you information about myself?

Safety is very important to me and thats why I need to know the identity of the women I

chose to spend time with. All information you provide will be treated as highly confidential

and for my eyes only.

What methods of payment do you accept?

All payments should be made directly in cash as donation in an enveloppe with written on it gift.

Who covers the costs during the date?

The client pays for all costs during the date including food, drinks, tickets etc.

Do you expect tips?

Tips are never expected nor required during a date. But if you appreciate the service, the best reward is to see you again.

However, I always appreciate gifts and tips given out of kindness.

Can I meet you in person before hiring?

Absolutely, I am happy to offer a meet & greet for first time clients for a small fee.          

What will you be wearing on our date?

I can dress up for just about any occasion. Whether in a nice suit, casual style outfit or dressed

 down for a nice evening in, I will always appear in the appropriate clothing for the occasion.

Will you travel on a business trip or vacation with me?

Of course, I love traveling and exploring new destinations. For international travel I do have

a current passport on hand. I do however require a first date before traveling with someone

I have never met for safety reasons.

Why is your face hidden?

My face is hidden because I believe in complete privacy and safety. I have a life outside of

this and I want to protect my identity as much as I will protect yours. I promise you though

that you will not be disappointed. If we don’t have a mutual we can both cancel at no charges.

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