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Elite male escort companion

Elite Male Escort Male Companion

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Madame dreamed of meeting an Elite Male Escort Male Companion in a hotel. It had bothered her since her husband hadn’t touched her for several weeks. It was nice to masturbate … but nothing replaces a cock that plows your vagina! That’s what she thought when she decided to google a solution.

She quickly found the contact details of a male escort boy on the site The man arrived at the agreed time.

Madame wore a fairly short skirt; Nervously, she crossed and uncrossed her legs outside the table. Then she stretched out her arm, put her hand on the thigh of her interlocutor, raised her fingers. He said nothing more; he had spoken little since the beginning.

She came up to the zipper; a simple pressure of the fingers allowed him to see that he was hard. He lowered his head. She slid the closure, pulled out the sex, squeezed it between her fingers, began to masturbate this man. She caressed him, but not too much; he said nothing. She stood up.

– Look … she said.

She slipped her hands under her skirt, waddled, and without showing anything of her body, except the legs, took off her panties. She lowered it to her calves, lifted her feet one after the other.

She handed him her panties, he took them and breathed in the scent of this woman in heat.


Elite Male Escort Male Companion

Elite Male Escort Male Companion


– Take it, I’ll give it to you!

She undressed. She was going slowly. Naked, she knelt on the floor between the guest’s thighs. Since she had slid the fly of the pants, he had the cock outside. She opened her mouth, plunged her face, swallowed the cock down her throat. She sucked it, but not too much, got up, came astride her thighs.

She put her lips on his, her tongue entered his mouth not without difficulty; she was looking for the man’s tongue. She took his hand, placed it on her breasts, took his other hand, slipped it between her thighs.

She reached out for his cock, took it, squeezed it.

– Go ahead, she said, caress my breasts, my slit too! Go ahead, I tell you! I’m a whore and I want you to fuck me like a real slut.

The male hand seizes the entire sex, already drenched in pleasure, sliding back and forth, from the button hardened by subtle tensions, then along the intimate lips swollen with sweet emotions, to the small lid quivering with mad sensations, going and coming back with sensuality to lead its prey to the most intense pleasures….

The male escort boy played this intimate and humid game for a long time, perceiving with as much pleasure as Madame experienced, her jerks and shivers, her complaints and moans of pleasure. He alternated passages between the little hidden nooks where the most exquisite sketches were nestled, or climbed the Mount of Venus for subtle ascents, or sometimes ventured into the forbidden but so enjoyable taboo depths…

He avoided touching the sensitive bud, reserving it for the end, for dessert, like a culmination of the crescendo of tremolos… Madame was lost in orgasms, small or large, long or sharp, made of vague waves or deep waves; she reveled, she died then was reborn…

Then finally, fulfilled and enchanted, she arched her back again to seek the last orgasm, the ultimate greatest, the one that would leave her panting with lightning in her eyes and in her brain…

The male escort boy understood his mute invitation, and finally approached the stiffened bud, hardened with contained expectations, with his fingertips, to fill it with small precise caresses.

Driven by a dazzling orgasm, Madame finally exploded in a long, high-pitched cry that crossed the walls and ceilings of the whole house, letting him express himself without any restraint, since she knew she was alone with her lover, enjoying the freedom to be able to exteriorize his pleasure without restraint.

The male escort boy hadn’t stopped his merry-go-round, and was continuing his caresses… Madame had let go of the reins and all restraint, while clinging to the projection of the wall so as not to fall, crossed by flashes of pleasure which traveled for the second time his

Passionate elite male escort

Passionate elite male escort

He removed his hands from Madame’s body. His gaze fixed on Madame’s crotch. The slit gleamed with wetness; there was already juice on the outer lips.

She tells him :

– Come, undress!

Immediately, he began to undress. Naked, he came and wedged himself upright between her thighs; she had pulled away, her slit gaping. She caressed herself while he took off his clothes. He approached. She continued to tickle her clitoris.

She grabbed his cock to put a condom on him. She jerked him off, then she guided him. He entered her vagina. She was sitting on the table, her legs apart hanging out; he was standing, buried in her wet pussy.

He was fucking her. He was going hard in her pussy, she was afraid he was ejaculating too quickly: he was so excited. He knew in spite of everything modulate his pleasure, she was grateful to him.

As she was well … standing, a stiff cock bathing in her wet pussy! She jerked off the whole time he penetrated her; his lower abdomen quivered.

The male escort boy kissed her, for a long time, bringing her back to him, to take her even further, even harder. He was breathing deeply, to keep control.

He breathed again, letting his gaze roam the moving figure before him.

Above there was under the dress the fullness of the rounded and tanned shoulders, under the light hair whose escaped locks brushed the skin so soft. He also loved caressing those shoulders, grabbing them, then hooking that mane to pull his prey’s head back, and make it his own even more deeply, to be the leader, the master of their sensual antics.

Madame enjoyed while screaming: “I am a slut and I like you to fuck me, go harder, continue”

James grabbed her hair, and approached her head to make her swallow his cock to the hilt, to go back and forth in her mouth to the throat in a conquering back and forth.

He wanted to see if she was capable of playing this game, and even willing to enjoy it, which she did. She held back her moans, excited by this somewhat rough but so intense treatment, which awakened her instincts as a female taken by her male, in a game of submission to her man who transcended her after the previous caresses.

Enjoy a male escort boy striptease

Enjoy a male escort boy striptease

She played with her tongue and mouth, accepting his prick deep in her throat with each pass, eyes closed, senses heightened, as he took her pleasure and fucked her, fiery and fiery, close to the point of no comeback.

She felt her arousal build to a crescendo, intensifying her licks and naughtily adventurous finger strokes around the base of that hard cock.

The male escort boy still held back the beast that vibrated in him, then groaned dully, growled like a wild animal, then exploded in turn into loud cries of pleasure, crossed by electric jolts that set his body on fire from top to bottom, igniting his brain with dazzling flashes.

James ended with long groans punctuated with jolts, while his sperm spurted out on Madame’s breasts, which he still held firmly, his two hands to her head, smearing her mouth with bitter drops which she excitedly licked around her breasts. his lips.

Excited by this spectacle and by the ultimate emotions, James still had great spasms which made him start and shout more dully, without containing anything.

The couple remained like this for a long time, face to face in a maelstrom of sexual and magnetic vibrations, smells of sex and pleasure, panting, stunned by so many sensations.

They kissed lovingly, stars in their eyes, and left through the door that had separated them from the ordinary world, disheveled, disheveled, happy… James had loosely closed his pants, Madame had lowered her dress, they were smiling blissfully.


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kissing your male escort boy

kissing your male escort boy

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