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Female Erotic Massage

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One day a husband was waiting at the lunch table for his hot wife, thinking about an erotic birthday present like a “female erotic massage”..
“I think I want to offer you something special” her husband said.
“What do you have in mind?” she asked.
“I think I should pay to get her a professional female erotic massage while I watch.”
“That sounds like something special,” she said.
“Well, that too,” her husband said.

The husband called around to different tantric massage service for women asking if they had a man who was particularly adept at female erotic massage.

He found only one, a French man in Paris named James through his web site https://escortboy.org , who said he offered that kind of Exquisite feminine massage. He told his hot wife that he had a special present for her. He took her to a small lingerie shop early one afternoon. He wanted her to start wearing sexy lingerie, and her upcoming Sensual bodywork for women was the perfect opportunity to get her some inventory. She happily modeled different bras, panties, nightgowns, and other sexy underthings.

He was standing in the doorway of the small changing cubicle, watching and helping her to decide which ones to select. They both had their favorites, so they left the store with several bags. Back at home, she did a strip tease modeling each of the outfits as they waited for James to show up.

The hot wife had just stripped down to a sheer lime green bra and panty set when they heard a knock on the door. “Your surprise is here,” her husband said.

James walked in. He was a tall, dark man about fifty years old, slim and muscular.
“This is your masseuse for Female Erotic Massage service” the husband said. “He is here to teach us how to give you a professional Intimate massage experience so we won’t be doing it like amateurs anymore.”

“Well, it’s about time,” she said, hopping up on the table on her stomach.

Sensual rendezvous for ladies

Sensual rendezvous for ladies

James set down his bag and went into the bathroom to wash his hands. He came back and stood at the head of the table. The three of us sat on the bed ready for instruction.
James pulled her hair to one side and began to rub the back of her head, then reached over and unhooked her bra. Taking a thermos from his bag that had some warm Masculine sensual touch ointment in it, he began to oil her shoulders and back. He proceeded with light caresses, massaging her back and shoulders deeply.

He pulled her arms straight to her sides and rubbed each one from her neck to her fingertips, taking his time on each of her hands and fingers. He continued down to her lower back but stopped at the hemline of her panties. When he had completed her back, he asked her to sit up facing us.

He set her bra to the side and stood behind her. Her gorgeous tits were right in front of us. She sat with her legs dangling over the side, her eyes closed with a peaceful, relaxed smile on her face. He pulled her shoulders back and pressed on her lower back, causing her breasts to stick out towards us.

He rubbed her shoulders and worked his way around her neck muscles to the front. He used a downward motion, pressing her chest muscles with his fingertips down to the tops of her tits. His fingertips circled the outside of her breasts. He rubbed the sides and the fullness under each one. His fingers caressed the muscular flatness of her stomach with each pass during this Female Erotic Massage.

James worked in tighter and tighter circles on the tops of her tits. He used the tips of his fingernails to encircle the slightly raised halos surrounding her nipples. He pinched them between his forefinger and thumb, pulling the tips of her breasts out from her chest and moving them in wide hypnotic circles. She glanced at her husband; he was transfixed. He cupped the bottoms of each breast and lifted them up while he grazed his thumbs across her hardened nipples.

He softly squeezed each one of her tits in a milking fashion. She let out a soft moan. He moved his hands back to her neck and, with one motion, traced the muscles supporting her breasts from her neck to her tits. He circled around to her back, each time ending by squeezing and milking her tits, then pulling and stretching her areolas and nipples outward. The tips of her breasts were becoming more and more enlarged and engorged, so that her little nipples stood hard at full attention.

The hot wife moaned in appreciation, spreading her legs slightly, giving us a better look at the wet spot forming in the cleft of her panties beneath the sheer green lacy fabric.
James focused on her nipples. Her legs parted a little more, the tiny wet spot spreading along the crack of her pussy.

He grabbed one breast in each of his large dark hands and rolled her nipples between his thumb and index finger, twisting them harder with each pass. Her husband had never seen her breasts being manipulated in such an extreme fashion. It looked like it must surely hurt but she seemed to enjoy this Female Erotic Massage.

Exhaling deeply from the mixture of pain and pleasure, she moaned each time. When her shoulders tightened from the intensity, he momentarily stopped and caressed the fullness of her swelling breasts. Her slit, barely covered by the sheer material, was slightly open and slick with her juice. The wet spot covered the lower part of her labia completely.

James folded a pillow in half and patted the table for her to return to her former position. The pillow nestled between her breasts as she lay back down. He pulled each breast outward, allowing her chest to be supported.

He massaged her head, neck, and back, going even deeper into her muscles. She groaned as he probed deep into the tissue, especially on her upper back and shoulders. He lightened his pressure on her lower back, then moved his hands across her cheeks on top of her panties.

erotic delight massage

erotic delight massage

James moved to the side of the table and, with one motion, glided his hands all the way down the backs of her legs and off of her toes. He lifted and separated her legs as he continued on the inside of her calves and up her thighs. His hot wife opened her legs wider. James dropped his hands between her legs and slid up to the bottom of her ass. His big hands brushed her pussy each time he reached the tops of her thighs.

He put one arm under her waist and raised her up into a kneeling position. She had her head buried in the pillow, and her tits were swaying to the rhythm as he focused on her butt muscles. He isolated each of her glutes with the tips of his fingers and began digging deep into the tissue. She groaned again, not from pleasure, but from the intensity of the pressure. He reached down and spread her knees wider on the table.

He pulled her panties into the crack of her ass so that her cheeks were available for the task. He poured more oil on her ass and massaged each cheek separately with both of his hands.
When he reached the bottom of each cheek, his hand would disappear between her legs and into her crotch. He was separating her with each movement. Leaving her ass cheeks, he began to rub the lips of her cunt with both hands. Her husband got up and moved to the end of the table to get a better view of the Female Erotic Massage.

Putting the fingertips of each hand together, he slid them up and down her crack, pushing her panties deeper into her crevice and letting the lower half of her cheeks fill each hand. He waited for her to open up, only going deeper as she relaxed. She moaned softly into the pillow. The material covering her crotch was wet and slippery.

His fingers glided a little bit farther inside of her. He was pushing the crotch of her panties inside her slit with each pass of his hands. Her labia were protruding on either side of the fabric. My dick was making my jeans uncomfortable. He undid the buckle and let my pants drop to my ankles. He pushed my underwear down and stepped clear.

Her husband did the same. James looked at us stroking our cocks and smiled. He spread her pussy wider. The fabric prevented his fingers from going any deeper, so he stopped and reached up to pull her panties down. He left them halfway down her thighs and resumed his previous caressing.

The sight of her so open and vulnerable caused my dick to start throbbing. He gently pinched her labia between his thumb and fingers, then worked deeper and deeper into her pussy. He motioned for her husband to help him remove her panties.his hot wife then spread her knees to the edge of the table. James crossed his wrists and had all four of his fingers from each hand inside of her cunt. He slowly pulled her open.

She was moaning in short bursts each time she exhaled. He put his thumbs around her thighs right below her ass and began to shake her whole crotch with his juice-soaked hands half-buried inside of her. Her whole lower body was being shaken, from her ass to her knees. Both of his little fingers curled in his palm. He was jacking her clit off between the knuckles while the rest of his fingers remained inside her shuddering pussy.

The hot wife jerked wildly as he continued to shake her. Her tits were swinging back and forth. She began coming in waves. Her orgasm lasted for several minutes as he shook her furiously. She wailed in pleasure. He slowed the shaking down to match her descent into relaxation and then slowly removed his fingers from her cunt.

After his hot wife had resumed her normal deep breathing, James guided her down flat on the table. He put her legs back in the center, retrieved some more oil, and worked on them again. He moved from the bottom of her ass all the way to her toes, starting lightly at first but soon increasing the pressure. His fingers seemed to find the outline of her muscles, following each one, separating it where it intertwined with the others. He worked slowly, first her thighs, her knees, and then her beautiful smooth calves.

When he reached her ankles, he grabbed each foot and pulled her long legs straight downward, stretching her out full length on the table. His fingertips went around all the little bones in her ankles and the tops of her feet, searching for the tiny muscles holding them in place. He massaged the bottoms of her feet deeply with his thumbs to detect any tension she might have left.

Intimate connection through massage in Paris

Unlock your desires through massage in Paris

She moaned the whole time, sometimes holding her breath when he went for the deep tissue. He pulled each toe with one hand while stroking it with the other.

When his fingers had finally pulled on all of her toes, The husband thought he was finished. He pulled away from her, took off his pants, removed his underwear, and neatly folded them on top of his bag. His dick was long and as thick. It looked to be bigger and longer than her husband’s. The head was obviously wet with his desire. The husband thought he was going to try to fuck her. The husband doubt she would have resisted. Instead, he went back up to the head of the table and put his hands on her shoulders, indicating he wanted her to turn over.

His hot wife complied with her eyes shut. She lay on her back and let out a big relaxed sigh. James brushed her hair to the side again and began to Female Erotic Massage her forehead and cheeks. He lightly traced around her eyes, using his thumbs to lightly rub her face and chin. He slipped his hands under her neck and massaged all the muscles there. He stroked her chest again, only lightly grazing her swollen nipples.

He moved down to her pelvis and rubbed the front down to where her labia began. He palmed her pubis, rotating his hand in circles, stretching her skin across the top of her pelvic bone to expose the glans of her clitoris.

Lifting up one knee, he placed her leg over his shoulder. Her pussy was open again in front of us.his hot wife’s fluid was pooling at the bottom of her slit and running into her ass crack. He encircled her thigh with both hands and massaged them the same way he had done earlier. He began pressing deeper and deeper until she was groaning again from his pressure.

James worked his way to her ankle, and then he moved to the other side of the table to do her other leg. His cock was standing straight up and swung freely each time he moved. When he had finished both legs, he placed them in a butterfly fashion, her pussy open wide in front of them.

He massaged back up each thigh, using the same intensity, stopping when he reached her cunt, then starting again. When he finished, he motioned for her to turn over.

He pulled her up from the waist one more time, so her head was back in the pillow, and her ass was back in the air. He began the same process again of separating her ass cheeks, only this time he pulled them wide apart. His thumbs found her asshole, and he worked to spread it open. He pulled, then waited, watching it tighten, then release. Each time she released, we could see it open a little more. He widened her legs again and continued opening her hole. He applied some drops of oil to her asshole and slowly inserted the tips of his thumbs so they were barely inside her sphincter.

With his palms across her cheeks, he spread her open even more. He wasn’t going in deep, just to the end of the little rim muscle that kept her closed. He would hold still each time her body reflexes tried to close, waiting for the muscle to relax and let go, and then he would spread her a little more. He moved his thumbs around inside of her, not just spreading it sideways but in all directions. He was letting her muscle tell him when to proceed, and then he would tug her open a little more. She groaned from deep in her throat, a sound between a sigh and a gasp each time he pulled.

After a couple of minutes, she was able to keep her asshole open a few centimeters without it shutting. He worked his thumbs in a little deeper and kept stretching her. he thought he was going to finger-fuck her ass, but he didn’t.

After he could see that she kept it open, he moved one hand between her legs and ran his finger up and down her pussy. When her asshole closed, he would stop rubbing her pussy and move to open her up again.

After he was satisfied that her asshole was going to remain open, he pulled her to the end of the table so that her knees were on the edge with her feet dangling. With one hand, he raised her chest up until she was in a doggy position. He motioned to her husband to move to each side of her and to start rubbing her tits. He had me bring the desk chair over to him, and he sat down facing her ass. Her asshole closed tight again when her husband touched her breasts.

massage with happy end

massage with happy end

Using the same technique as before, he worked her back open. Then he placed one thumb outside on the rim of her hole and began to move it in circles so that it remained relaxed and dilated. He didn’t go inside but was rather just massaging the outside of her little muscle. With his other hand, he began to work up and down her pussy again. He would pinch her labia, pulling her pussy open. He slid two of his fingers into her cunt, working them from side to side.his hot wife moved her ass, moaning in pleasure.

James slowly finger-fucked her. The pads of his fingertips were obviously pressing against her G-spot on her inner frontal wall. Her juice ran down the inside of her thighs. He wiped it back up to her pussy every once in a while to keep her wet and slippery. As he slowly increased the tempo, she found the rhythm and began moving her ass in unison with his thrusts. His thumb slipped in past her sphincter, and he steadied her with his palm flat across her cheeks.

James moved faster and faster and harder and harder. Soon he was ramming into her with all of his strength. She spread her legs wider and grunted. James had some endurance because he kept it up for several minutes, finger-fucking her with a ferocity he have never seen. He could tell she was going to come again, but this time she gripped the sides of the table and kept her ass still. Her wail became a scream. Her husband was trying to match James’s force by pulling and twisting her nipples harder than he’d ever seen her take.
the hot wife was crying. “Oh, oh, yes, yes! Don’t stop.”

The husband watched in amazement as she began to squirt out. James pushed on her asshole to open her cunt above his thrusting fingers. Her juice squirted all over the front of his shirt and kept coming. It sprayed out of her, making it look almost as if she was peeing. James had a big smile on his face. Her husband looked stunned. He jacked himself until he came so hard his semen shot out and splashed across his hot wife’s legs. what an amazing Intimate ecstasy massage.

When it was over, she collapsed on the table gasping for air. She was muttering something unintelligible. Maybe she’s speaking in French, he thought. James took his fingers out of her and began to lick them. he leaned over and wiped her crotch with my fingers. He wanted some too. When her husband saw what he did, they came over and did the same. She tasted wonderfully different this time.

James reached for his clothes. The front of his shirt was splotched with her juice. His hot wife heard him putting on his pants and turned to him, slowly opening her glazed eyes.
“What are you doing?” she asked.
“Well, my job here is done,” he said.
“Hold on. Don’t you want something in return?”
“Oh, I have already been paid.”
“Come over here.”

He put his pants down and went over. She reached out and grabbed his cock and pulled her head over to meet it. As she was slipping it between her lips, he looked at her husband and, when he saw no objection, he placed his hand on her head and began to fuck her mouth. He must have been super horny because he came almost immediately. She sucked him dry like she did with her husband, massaging his ball sac and not letting it out of her mouth until it grew soft. She kissed it one more time.

“Well, here’s your tip, then.” She smiled up at him.
He thanked her and then dressed. “Please call me any time,” he said, handing the husband his business card. “I will always make myself available.”

The husband followed him to the door “Can you always make a woman squirt like that?” I asked.

“No, not always,” he said. “She was an exceptional subject. Most women cannot let go so easily.”

The husband assured him that they would be in touch and thanked him for the female erotic massage lesson.

He was amazed. With all the fucking he had done with his hot wife, I had never seen her squirt like that. He asked her about it later as she lay in his arms. Her husband, already fucked, had departed.

“I don’t even know what that was,” she said. “I didn’t feel like I was peeing.”
“It wasn’t pee.” he said. “That’s for sure.”
“It wasn’t gross, was it?”
“It was fucking beautiful. Now we have one more trick in our bag of treats.”
She gave her husband a big smile and seemed relieved that it had turned him on so much.

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