Why Tantra Massage in Paris includes intimate massage?

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Tantra massage

Why Tantra Massage in Paris includes intimate massage?


The art of massage is an ancestral practice. The demanding massage for women with Jean, your servant, is above all a meeting of two people through touch. The touch is not neutral. It carries primary emotional needs, sensuality and eroticism. Our bodies seek to be touch.

Nearby winter season and its new energies, I propose you to explore with me the art of massage. The word massage, which appeared late in the dictionary in the middle of the 19th century, derives its etymology from the Greek word massein, from the Hebrew mashesh and from the Arabic mass, meaning “palpate, knead, squeeze lightly”.

His practice is ancestral. We find traces of it nearly 3,000 BC. in almost all cultures! The Greek and Roman physicians prescribed massages because of their restorative power and, more generally, for the maintenance of mental and physical health.

In India and Asia, it is part of everyday life and represents a healthy lifestyle, a privileged moment of relaxation. Nowadays, it is indispensable to any sporting activity. It is a know-how with multiple effects: evacuating stress, invigorating the skin, toning and relaxing the muscles, harmonizing the body and unifying it in mind.

The language of the body, its way of being loved, is to be touched. A body touched as it wants, as it needs, will be a fundamentally happy body. It exults. It has happiness. It deserves it.

Your gentleman is in contact with your skin. But from your skin, your servant comes in contact with someone’s depth. The skin, let us recall, is an extremely sensitive organ because it is very innervated. The skin and the brain speak the same language.

Massaging someone is an emotional act. It is an act of love. That is, a recognition of the other as it is in his body. Massage is a service, above all. And that’s what makes it beautiful. So once your eyes are closed, there is no other choice but to let go, to abandon yourself by wave to an immense pleasure, all the more astounding as it is unknown and without limit.

In a beautiful warm room, lit by candles, in the center of which was a large bed. The atmosphere is cozy and aesthetic. Your whole body is gradually coated with oil. Then your masseur masses first the back, buttocks, legs, and feet, this by proceeding by touching, caressing and pressing with his hands, no area of the body is taboo.

There is an interaction between hormonal processes, massage and emotional. Who says “affective” says trust. Trust based on mutual respect. Where does it come from, and how can it be established? In a massage, the relationship to the body leads to questions about nudity, pleasure, sexuality as well. The massage is not necessarily sexual, but it can be with protection and you will move from massage to pleasure without any discontinuity.

If a pianist plays a piece of piano, he knows perfectly the solfege, the score and the technique that will allow him to interpret the piece that he will play. He can play it perfectly, without any fault, but nevertheless do not interpret it as an artist.

A masseur like James interprets while a technician performs. Jean not only applies a technique but interprets it according to the person massaged … This is how one can define massage as an art. The art of touch by Jean, gentleman musician of the female body, masseur for demanding ladies!

Do you want to thrive in the pleasure massage and the company of a gentleman who will transport you in the magic of a timeless world in discretion and in complete safety. Dare, express yourself in your desires and let go during a unique experience in mutual respect with protection and total discretion. Let me organize everything at the most favorable time for your release.

To consume without moderation…

Hope to give you pleasure. But first of all let’s get to know around a drink without commitment and I’ll tell you everything you burn to know. Contact me: man.jean@yahoo.fr or +33(0)755186013

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