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Escort Man Paris was in this hotel room with a couple when the lady watched her husband through the slit of her eyes. She couldn’t understand why her husband’s eyes were skittish, darting from her face to her male escort’s hands over her body. They never would have gotten here if it weren’t for him asking her to experiment. Now that they were, The lady wanted to see how far she could go.

Her Escort Man Paris’s mouth was hot and tender as he tasted the base of her throat and kissed the v of her cleavage. She suppressed a moan at first, her mind still lingering on her husband. . Her hands were in her male escort’s hair as his mouth burned a trail to one stiff nipple while he teased the other with his fingers. She liked the way his tongue swiped over her nipple, and the tremor of pain he caused when he nipped her gently with his teeth. She didn’t want to moan quietly anymore.

Her male escort started to suck her nipple until The lady squirmed beneath the weight of his body. She was hot all over, and dug her nails into his scalp as her male escort intensified his sucking. It was a combination of pleasure and pain. His mouth, hot and wet, trapped her nipple and teased relentlessly. The lady’s skin puckered in goose bumps. Her breath shallowed, and her eyes darted back and forward behind her eyelids as she tried to concentrate on any one sensation. Her pussy soaked her panties as her male escort’s skillful mouth and hands drifted over her sensitive breasts.

The lady squirmed beneath her Escort Man Paris’s straddling of her body when he switched breasts and started to repeat his pleasurable touches. She didn’t attempt to slow her runaway heart, or dare to look in her husband’s direction. She didn’t want him to change her mind. her male escort’s sucking made her pussy wetter, and her reservations silenced when he stared up at her with fire in his eyes. To know that she had put it there, was something she couldn’t have imagined possible only hours ago. her male escort’s expression said not only was he turned on, but she had done this. She made him want her, and The lady wanted him, too.

Paris Male Companion

Paris Male Companion

He lifted from her body briefly and stayed raised on his knees as he unbuttoned his shirt. The lady pushed up on her elbows, and then all the way up as her fingers grew itchy to touch his exposed chest. her male escort pulled the shirt off as The lady’s hands traced over the defined muscles of his chest and abs. While he pulled his arms free, she massaged one nipple while her tongue traced circles around the other.

She heard him groan, and The lady trembled. She moaned too. She nipped at his nipple the way he’d done her. The lady held his hips as she started to suck. Her eyes were closed and her head filled with the masculine scent of his cologne and the restrained power he held in his body. her male escort unbuckled his pants, and The lady shivered with anticipation. Only seconds were between them as he stepped from the bed and pushed his pants and boxer briefs down over his narrow hips.

The lady leaned back on her elbows. Her breath slipped from her mouth in short bursts as her male escort unveiled himself. As The lady suspected, her male escort did not disappoint her. His cock was already stiff and dripped with precum, at least eight inches, longer than her husband and thicker, too. The lady licked her lips. Her legs parted of their own volition when he leaned forward to kiss her knees tenderly. His hands were on her hips, on the waistband of her panties. The lady lifted her buttocks from the bed, and her male escort slowly pulled them off.

They were standing in the heat of an inferno. When her male escort’s knuckles brushed against the bare skin of her hips, The lady felt her adrenaline soar. She wanted him, gripped the comforter of the bed to keep her hands from shaking, and she wasn’t alone.

Her male escort tossed her panties away, but they hadn’t hit the floor before his face was positioned between her knees and planting kisses along her sensitive inner thighs.

The lady moaned. She eased back on to the bed and closed her eyes. Her senses took over as his warm mouth roamed up her thighs and met her shaven mound for the first time. At first, his warm and wet breath blew over her engorged clit. Then, he was a tentative lick with the tip of his tongue. The lady arched, she held back a plea for him to stop toying with her. Who was this new woman who lived in the pleasure of the moment before her? It was a question she would have to answer for herself later.

The lady held her breath and waited for him to continue the way she wanted. her male Escort Man Paris tucked his arms beneath her thighs, and without a moment more of teasing, he covered her clit with his mouth. The lady gasped as his hot mouth seared her clit. Her eyes shot open, and she stared up at the ceiling in awe as his tongue circled her clit. He was taking his time, tantalizing her with slow and steady samplings of her lovebud. She moaned, rubbed her fingers through his hair, and her male escort continued.

Her male escort sucked her clit between her lips and teased her with his mouth. She moaned and shifted on the comforter. Her moans grew more and more urgent as her male escort licked her clit and sucked harder. the lady sucked in a breath, but wasn’t sure the air ever reached her lungs. She clung to the comforter as his tongue dipped into her entry, then licked upward back to her clit. He wasn’t teasing her, he was tasting her. It was evident with the way his moans blended with the lady’s that he was being indulged.

The lady felt weightless as her male escort magnified his attention to her clit. Deep, flickering thrusts of his tongue brought her closer to euphoria. She was breathless, her body had become a collection of overly-sensitive nerve endings, all at her male escort’s mercy. A shiver coursed through her over and over, and the lady’s thoughts scattered.

enjoy sensuality - male escort boy

enjoy sensuality – male escort boy

Her male escort lifted one hand up her body and massaged one stiff nipple forcefully. With the other hand, he pressed against her wet pussy, rubbing where his tongue has already branded. her male escort pushed one finger into her entry, and the lady arched her body into his touch. Another finger joined the tightness of her body, and the lady momentarily lifted from the bed. Her eyes landed on her husband, who had moved to a chair at the foot of the bed. the lady had no time to try and decipher what he felt. As her male escort stroked her with two curling fingers, her body took over.

It started as a hum, then grew to a roar. the lady’s orgasm twisted her body as she both raced toward it, and simultaneously scooted away from her male escort’s irresistible mouth. The hand on to her breasts moved away and held her firmly by her hips. She endured his tongue lashing with the blind pleasure of a woman sentenced to relentless desire. She was weak when her male escort finally pulled his mouth away. her husband had never licked her pussy so completely.

The lady’s eyes were closed when she felt the bed decompress around her. She opened them as her male escort positioned his hips between her legs. the lady spread wider to make room for him. She reached for him, and he lowered his mouth against hers. The taste of sweet wine and her own cum was a shock to the lady’s senses.

She kissed her male Escort Man Paris deeply. the lady sucked her male escort’s bottom lip into her mouth and moaned as she drank in her own taste on his lips. her male escort groaned at her eagerness while he was putting a condom. She tightened her hold around his neck and her male escort laid his body flush to hers. He guided his cock to brush up and down her pussy. her male escort didn’t hold back any longer.

The first push of his cock caused the lady to be still. her male escort’s thickness instantly started to stretch the lady’s tight pussy. She held her breath and closed her eyes as he opened her with the tip of his cock. His thrust was long and deep as the lady’s body acquainted itself with it. She didn’t move as he pushed in deeply and her body turned to melting butter. the lady was at a loss for words. She couldn’t formulate a complete thought; what started with uncertainty turned into an absolute yes.

Her male Escort Man Paris languidly stroked her. His eyes were fixed on hers as he ensured her pleasure. the lady didn’t hide from him. She let his penetration open her, tease her, and brought her to climax again.

The lady pushed her hips up to meet his in the way that she knew her husband liked. her male escort’s response was nearly identical to her husband’s, as he grunted and matched her stroke for stroke. The tenderness in his strokes became more and more urgent.

Her male escort rose to his knees. He positioned her legs in a V against his chest and deepened his thrust within her. the lady gasped for breath as his cock seemed to reach her lungs. She was lost in a spiral of lust when he sucked his thumb then rubbed it rapidly against her clit. The hum started again. This time, it began at her toes, and as a wave slowly consumed a shoreline, it traveled through the lady until it reached the source.

Her second climax was harder than the first. It rocked her like a rag doll against her male escort’s strong body, and she cried out his name. He took her hips. Grunted loudly and breathed out her name as he held on just long enough for her orgasm to start to subside. It was then that he pulled from her drenched pussy. He removed the condom of his hard cock before cuming on her byhot streams of his hot cum on her breasts.

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