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Three-way with male escort


Madame begins to prepare for her Three-way with male escort in Paris: it is already five o’clock. She goes into the bathroom and takes off her clothes. The young woman then rushes into the boiling shower. Her husband made an appointment with James, a Parisian Male Escort for Couple who is an expert in evenings for threesome couples.

As she imagines this evening of threesomes with this unknown escort and her husband, a warmth that she thought she had lost begins to flood her lower abdomen. Her hand goes down to her pubis, and she gently caresses herself, inserting the shower head into her vagina. Her fingers are getting faster and faster, and she leans against the shower wall to keep her balance. The pressure of the water inside her makes her shiver.
She starts to moan, louder and louder, she can no longer control herself. When she can’t take it anymore, when her clitoris swollen with excitement gives her the final orgasm, she lets out James’s name.

She turns off the water, puts on black stockings and suspender belts, as well as a little passion red thong. She doesn’t wear a bra, and puts on a very tight, black dress. She observes herself in the mirror, in profile. Her buttocks are magnificently rounded, and we can see the mark of the suspender belts through the material.

She is dressed very sexy. She combs her hair, ties her hair into a very tight ponytail which highlights her face and gives her a mischievous and provocative look. Last touch, the burgundy lipstick on her full lips. It’s five to seven, we have to go.
It is her husband who opens the door to James. Her husband is a little older than James, he is a very virile dark-haired gentleman with nice big hands. When he smiles, dimples appear in his cheeks. He is very attractive. James came with a backpack. Why then, she said to herself.

What About Having A Threesome?

-Come, settle down James. Want a glass of wine?
-My pleasure. »
The evening is going wonderfully well. This is the first time in a long time that Madame smiles, and feels completely confident. The lasagna she prepared is delicious, and the wine is very strong: the young woman gradually frees herself and gains confidence, she decides to explain her project to the two men.
-I have something to tell you about this Couples Threesome.
-Tell us everything, James replies.
-I have long wanted to offer myself to two men.

James gets up and approaches the young woman, and presses his crotch against her, Madame is then troubled: something is wrong. She feels a bump against her, it’s James’s cock, she feels it grow as he gently rubs against her.

The contact of this stranger’s swollen penis makes her hot, she doesn’t know what to do. James pulls her by the arm so that she gets up too and he hugs her.

He whispers in her ear, pressing himself against her, “We’ll give you what you want, my pretty.” You made yourself pretty for us earlier, huh, little slut. We’ll give you what you deserve. »

Madame, her eyes closed, gasps. She is very excited. She can’t make a move, James holds her firmly. Heat rises to her face, and she responds, in a barely audible voice: “Take me… Take me both, I want to feel you deep inside me.”

Her husband takes off her dress to give it to James. Then he holds her arms behind her back, he forces her to kneel. “Suck it,” her husband told her, presenting James’s enormous erection in front of her mouth, who had now pulled out his enormous erect member. He is very well hung, and Madame greedily licks his balls.

She tickles the tip of his penis with the tip of her tongue, while her husband, with his free hand, touches her. He exerts gentle pressure on her clitoris with his thumb, while inserting his index finger into her vagina. Madame squirms with pleasure. Suddenly, James grabs her head by the hair and pushes his cock into her mouth up to the hilt, several times in a row, with violence. He pulls her ponytail and moves back and forth in the mouth of the libertine apprentice, who almost chokes on this enormous penis.

Meanwhile, her husband penetrates her. Approaching his penis from Madame’s vagina, he enters cautiously, then with more force. His loins adopt a regular movement and Madame moans, she has never been taken this way, by two men. Her husband prevents her from screaming, she can barely breathe, she is so overjoyed.

That’s how this couple started to safely experience a threesome for couples.

To be continued…tomorrow…the story or in real life with you two.

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