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Best Paris Male Companion

Paris Male Companion

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Madam had requested the best Paris Male Companion. She was alone and wanted to be entertained in the arms of a professional gentleman who would know how to cuddle her and make her body vibrate.

Paris Male Companion

Paris Male Companion

After the dinner, it was time to go to bed in her beautiful suite near eiffel tower.

As soon as she arrived in the room, the Paris Male Companion grabbed Madam’s wrist and pulled her against him.

– Its good ! he whispered against her mouth. I see the plan! Now let me touch you a little. She didn’t get a chance to respond, as he slid his tongue into her mouth, only letting go when he felt her melt against him.

Madam let him lead the rest, because every cell in her body had been asking for him for too long.

The gentleman she had known all evening gave way to a rougher, less gallant man. His hands moved over her body, eager and curious.
She was not left out and had opened her shirt, intertwined her fingers in the fine fleece of his chest, while she explored his neck with her mouth.

He was slowly pulling up her dress as he explored. She pulled away a little quickly.

– What is happening to you ? He said, surprised.
– I save time! Passing her hands under her dress to bring down her lace panties. She stepped over it, before placing it on the corner of the old table, leaning against the wall.
She came back to sink against him, licked her lips, before adding.

– You should do the same, grabbing his belt.
– Hey, you know what you want darling! Joining her hands to his to undo his pants, pleased with his eagerness.

He undid his belt and unzipped his fly, leaving it to his partner to complete the stripping. He was dying to venture further. Without hesitation, he lifted her dress to her hips.

– You are amazing ! … Delicious, and hot!

Very hot, even! The Paris Male Companion who had just touched the soft flesh of Madam, pushed his finger further into the narrow passage he had already explored the day before. She flinched before arching her back, spreading her thighs. She began to undulate her hips unrestrained, while the fingers accelerated their crazy dance.

Paris Male Companion - Girls just wanna have fun

Paris Male Companion – Girls just wanna have fun

Madam was aware of her own body as never before. Everywhere he touched her, she felt every cell ablaze.

– Aaah, I love it! But if you don’t stop now, I’m gonna come, gasping.
“And that’s not what you want?”
– Yes, but not like that! Do you have a condom?
– Yes ! I don’t walk around without that sort of thing in my pockets, going through his pants.

He pulled out a shiny wrapper, then pulled his boxers down to free his erect penis. He didn’t waste a second, guiding her to the back of the chair and encouraging her to lean on it.

– That’s not how I saw the thing, when he came to stand behind her. I thought you would sit…
– Another time, ma chérie, by being more directive. I too want to take advantage of the view of your buttocks, going up the dress, to leave the passage free.

He guided his cock wrapped in a condom and thrust into it, moaning.

– My god, I couldn’t take it anymore!
– Oh yes ! As he moved his hips. Keep on going !
– Nothing can stop me, believe me! by accelerating the pace.

Their moans and cries filled the small space. They quickly reached a rare intensity.

Madam was living the fantasy that had excited her all day: to feel a gentleman roll up her elegant dress and tumble her like a savage. He wasn’t trying to curb his desire, he would probably have had some scruples if she hadn’t enjoyed the furious pace he was imposing on her, but he knew she liked it as much as he did.

She tensed and her cries, more and more hoarse, led him to believe that she was close to orgasm. He hoped, in any case, because it wouldn’t take very long to come.

The sound, almost a growl, that Madam pushed while arching under him, increased his last strength tenfold. He circled her waist to support her and hold her against him, while he gave her a few last thrusts, without sparing her. He was swept away by enjoyment, and had to lean on the back of the chair, so as not to collapse. He lost himself for a minute or two, swept away from everything he knew. His heart was pounding and his body was still vibrating, shaken by the intensity he had just experienced.

He quickly got rid of the condom to pull up his pants, which had fallen to his ankles. He wanted to sit down on the chair as quickly as possible, to take her on his knees and hug her, without wasting a second. She looked groggy.

– How are you, ma chérie?
– Very well ! Let me float a little longer, she said, nestling in his neck.

He chuckled, before tenderly kissing her hair. She was outrageously happy.


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Paris Male Companion - Boyfriend Experience

Paris Male Companion – Boyfriend Experience

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