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Best Paris Male Companion

Paris Male Companion

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Madam had requested the best Paris Male Companion. She was alone and wanted to be entertained in the arms of a professional gentleman who would know how to cuddle her and make her body vibrate.

Paris Male Companion

Paris Male Companion

After the dinner, it was time to go to bed in her beautiful suite near eiffel tower.

As soon as she arrived in the room, the Paris Male Companion grabbed Madam’s wrist and pulled her against him.

– Its good ! he whispered against her mouth. I see the plan! Now let me touch you a little. She didn’t get a chance to respond, as he slid his tongue into her mouth, only letting go when he felt her melt against him.

Madam let him lead the rest, because every cell in her body had been asking for him for too long.

The gentleman she had known all evening gave way to a rougher, less gallant man. His hands moved over her body, eager and curious.
She was not left out and had opened her shirt, intertwined her fingers in the fine fleece of his chest, while she explored his neck with her mouth.

He was slowly pulling up her dress as he explored. She pulled away a little quickly.

– What is happening to you ? He said, surprised.
– I save time! Passing her hands under her dress to bring down her lace panties. She stepped over it, before placing it on the corner of the old table, leaning against the wall.
She came back to sink against him, licked her lips, before adding.

– You should do the same, grabbing his belt.
– Hey, you know what you want darling! Joining her hands to his to undo his pants, pleased with his eagerness.

He undid his belt and unzipped his fly, leaving it to his partner to complete the stripping. He was dying to venture further. Without hesitation, he lifted her dress to her hips.

– You are amazing ! … Delicious, and hot!

Very hot, even! The Paris Male Companion who had just touched the soft flesh of Madam, pushed his finger further into the narrow passage he had already explored the day before. She flinched before arching her back, spreading her thighs. She began to undulate her hips unrestrained, while the fingers accelerated their crazy dance.

Paris Male Companion - Girls just wanna have fun

Paris Male Companion – Girls just wanna have fun

Madam was aware of her own body as never before. Everywhere he touched her, she felt every cell ablaze.

– Aaah, I love it! But if you don’t stop now, I’m gonna come, gasping.
“And that’s not what you want?”
– Yes, but not like that! Do you have a condom?
– Yes ! I don’t walk around without that sort of thing in my pockets, going through his pants.

He pulled out a shiny wrapper, then pulled his boxers down to free his erect penis. He didn’t waste a second, guiding her to the back of the chair and encouraging her to lean on it.

– That’s not how I saw the thing, when he came to stand behind her. I thought you would sit…
– Another time, ma chérie, by being more directive. I too want to take advantage of the view of your buttocks, going up the dress, to leave the passage free.

He guided his cock wrapped in a condom and thrust into it, moaning.

– My god, I couldn’t take it anymore!
– Oh yes ! As he moved his hips. Keep on going !
– Nothing can stop me, believe me! by accelerating the pace.

Their moans and cries filled the small space. They quickly reached a rare intensity.

Madam was living the fantasy that had excited her all day: to feel a gentleman roll up her elegant dress and tumble her like a savage. He wasn’t trying to curb his desire, he would probably have had some scruples if she hadn’t enjoyed the furious pace he was imposing on her, but he knew she liked it as much as he did.

She tensed and her cries, more and more hoarse, led him to believe that she was close to orgasm. He hoped, in any case, because it wouldn’t take very long to come.

The sound, almost a growl, that Madam pushed while arching under him, increased his last strength tenfold. He circled her waist to support her and hold her against him, while he gave her a few last thrusts, without sparing her. He was swept away by enjoyment, and had to lean on the back of the chair, so as not to collapse. He lost himself for a minute or two, swept away from everything he knew. His heart was pounding and his body was still vibrating, shaken by the intensity he had just experienced.

He quickly got rid of the condom to pull up his pants, which had fallen to his ankles. He wanted to sit down on the chair as quickly as possible, to take her on his knees and hug her, without wasting a second. She looked groggy.

– How are you, ma chérie?
– Very well ! Let me float a little longer, she said, nestling in his neck.

He chuckled, before tenderly kissing her hair. She was outrageously happy.


Paris Male Companion for women can make your erotic dreams come true. This is what I offer you. Many women want to have fun with a gentleman without the complications. You have the right to enjoy the company of a man who will take care of you and will not judge you to want a naughty moment with no tomorrow.

Breathe the journey of timeless pleasure and the era of endless erotic play. Enter my world and open your thighs and feel the humidity invade your crotch thanks to Paris Male Companion for women without consequences with a respectful but manly man.

Enjoy a fun trip like no other. Drown your senses in seduction, even for a short time; be in the moment for as long as you want, hoping it doesn’t end . With Paris Male Companion, you can fulfill your fantasies with Sexual fulfillment and well-being for women massage session while you leave your stress outside.

Paris Male Companion - Boyfriend Experience

Paris Male Companion – Boyfriend Experience

Whatever your age, your origin, your skin color, your physical aspect, I am here for all women, Secret lover for single women to transport you in the magic of an evening out of time in all discretion and safely. You will forget all your worries and be able to let go during a unique entertainment experience with Male Escort Companion Europe .

A gentleman can make your erotic dreams come true will satisfy your furious desire for male company in order to fill your solitude in libertine moments in complete safety. Just for the pleasure of having fun.

2 hours – 3 hours – 4 hours or until the end of the night. Whatever the duration, I make it a point of honor to give you pleasure thanks to my skills of Paris Male Companion for women and thanks to my extraordinary performance. Please inquire by simply contacting me by call or message.

I am there for you ladies when you need someone good to do you good, restore your self-confidence and give you passionate experiences to satisfy your desires of Paris Male Companion for women can make your erotic dreams come true. .

Looking forward to meeting you.

☎ +33755186013
@ man.jean@yahoo.fr

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Losing your virginity with a male escort boy

Losing your virginity with a sex coach

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Mademoiselle is thinking of Losing your virginity with a sex coach. She appeared in the doorway of the hotel room, her long blond hair flowing over her shoulders ending in a sensual fall on her loins. They gave off a sweet smell when she moved. I wanted to give him all the pleasure possible for this first time.

I had prepared the tray with appetizers and spirits on the coffee table. Everything was perfect. From the decoration to the arrangement of the different foods. I had added a touch of harmony by adding a few candles in strategic corners to create an intimate atmosphere.

I would love for her to feel so comfortable with an escort boy and take her clothes off. I handed her a glass of wine which she accepted with a smile.

Her innocence excited me. I approached her and took her in my arms. She literally threw herself at me. I took her to me and kissed her more passionately.

Mademoiselle wanted to lose her virginity with a sex coach

escort boy seduction

escort boy seduction

Desire possessed her and I let things be. My hands sought her breasts, her sex. I went up her dress and clapped a hand in her panties, my hand wanted her lips, her clitoris. She was wet and my manhood was erect, ready for action.

His hands grabbed my hair and my tongue became more indiscreet. I kissed her neck, her breasts through the fabric. I bit her nipples. My mouth was trying to excite the young virgin. I felt her so helpless, almost shy. Not knowing where and how to put his hands on me.

My greedy hands lifted her dress which she finally took off while I unhooked her bra to grab her delicate breasts.

My tongue passed around her breasts. His skin was white. So soft, so fragile. I licked her nipples languidly. They hardened. Me too. His hands ran through my hair. On my shoulders. I rose slightly as they ventured down my spine.

I grabbed his hands and clapped them above his head as I continued my work. I was very hot. Her too. My hand slowly slipped into her panties and stroked her fine hair. I ran a finger over her wet lips and felt a slight recoil.

I slowed down so that she got used to this first contact with her intimacy then stroked her clitoris. She moaned, her eyes closed, and let herself go completely. Then my finger slipped into her sex and started a slight back and forth. My gestures were gently controlled despite the need to make her mine quickly.

I continued slowly because she was a virgin. An electric current ran through my muscles. I needed more. I kissed his neck and sank my teeth lightly into it, sucking his skin. My feverish mouth descended towards her breasts, her stomach. I took off her panties. The subtle taste of her skin inflamed my senses, but I slowed down again so she could get used to my caresses. My sweet offered herself entirely. Which encouraged me to continue.

My escort boy hands ended up grabbing her hips, soft, slender hips. I was no longer myself. My mouth clung to her vagina. I liked to lick the sex of women, this sweet smell, this liquid excited me to the highest degree. I licked her lips, I kissed the orifice of her femininity. She got up. I could have penetrated her now but I continued to lick her clitoris. Slowly, with the tip of the tongue.

My escort boy hands ended up grabbing her hips

Her trembling body encouraged me to go even further and my tongue decided to enter the orifice. Hot, tight and uncharted. The idea that his cock would forever carry the memory of that first time with me filled me with joy. My hands parted her lips and drove her to the edge of ecstasy. I felt it vibrate. She could have come easily. But I wanted the pleasure to last a little longer.

I got up to remove the rest of my clothes and had to make an effort not to tear them off. She sighed shyly, her eyes closed. Her legs had closed out of modesty.

I stood up and took his hand to place it on my erect manhood. She seemed fascinated. It was normal. A first time. Her mouth engulfs my cock. The back-and-forth movement accelerated. His novice mouth explored the dimensions of my desire.

Educated gentleman to teach ladies with no experience

Educated gentleman to teach ladies with no experience

Still wanting to drink in her intimate taste. I grabbed her buttocks and pressed my escort boy’s mouth against her clitoris, which I began to lick delicately. Her legs were shaking and my tongue was going faster and faster as my sweet wet more and more.

my escort boy mouth against her clitoris

I could feel her legs shaking with excitement. But I continued to slide my tongue over the wet flesh, then I inserted a finger into her vagina and gently moved it back and forth. His hands clung to my hair.

She was close to release.

I felt the sudden surge through her belly which exploded in uncontrolled tremors. She threw her head back, leaning back on the couch while I took the opportunity to put on a condom, not being able to wait any longer.

I lay down on top of her and penetrated her. Very delicately. Mademoiselle jumped slightly. The movement was slow at first because her vagina was ultra tight. I gave him time to offer himself before accelerating.

The animal was going to come out and I had to control it. An explosion was going to occur in my lower abdomen but I had to hold on. Maybe she would have another orgasm? But I was not counting on it too much for a first time.

Her hands squeezed my buttocks as I continued to penetrate her faster, deeper. Her explosion was incredible as she lost her virginity, an animal cry came from the depths of her throat.

My heavy body ends up falling on her. She was now relieved, fulfilled to have overcome this stage of her life as a woman. She was breathing heavily as her heart raced. I took her in my arms to cuddle her tenderly.


Losing your virginity with a sex coach is a service for modern women looking for a moment of sweetness with a gentleman. Many women want to have fun with a gentleman without the complications.

You all have the right to lose your virginity in the company of a man who will take care of you and not judge you for wanting to learn pleasure without commitment. Ask me anything you want or let me take you into pleasures you don’t know yet.

Breathe in the journey of timeless pleasure and the era of endless erotic play. Enter my world and feel the humidity invade your crotch thanks to the fantasy of a pleasure experience without consequences with a respectful and delicate escort boy.

an experience of pleasure without consequences with a respectful and delicate escort boy.

Enjoy your pleasure trip like no other. Drown your senses in seduction, An exceptional experience with a gentleman. You will never forget that day. You will finally be able to enjoy pleasure with a gentleman.

Pleasure of deeling the desire of a gentleman

Pleasure of deeling the desire of a gentleman

Whatever your age, your origin, your skin color, your physique, I am here to satisfy your desire for discovery. Secret lover for novice women to transport you into the magic of a timeless evening in complete discretion and in complete safety. Letting go to lose your virginity with a sex coach in mutual respect with protection.

2 hours – 3 hours – 4 hours and until the end of the night. Whatever the duration, I make it a point of honor to teach you how to have fun thanks to my experience with women. Please inquire by simply contacting me by call or message.

Looking forward to meeting you during this appointment for Losing your virginity with a sex coach.



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An exquisite moment in a shower with a male escort boy

Looking for a Male escorting in the shower

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Madame was looking for a Male escorting in the shower. Madame went to the bathroom, where she began to undress. The weather was stormy this late afternoon, and the air was sticky. She needed a good shower to freshen up and clear her mind. Once naked, Madame glanced in the mirror above the sink.

She was a petite blonde with a thin, pale body. Her breasts were surprisingly large compared to the rest of her body, and her buttocks pleasantly plump.

She did not like her curves, which gave her a very sexy silhouette. Like many women, she felt complexed…

Cunnilingus avec un escort boy sous la douche

Cunnilingus avec un escort boy sous la douche

She climbed into the tub, and she wondered if she should take a bath or a shower. Suddenly she felt very tired.

Her eyes slowly closed, but she forced herself to turn the shower knob to wake up. When the hot water gushed over her body, she let out a long sigh of relief. She loved the way the shower spray massaged her skin.

She had run in the Luxembourg park adjacent to her building, and her muscles ached. The warm water caressed her sensually, much like a very caring lover.

Madame thought again of James, the male escort boy she had ordered for this evening, and she felt excited. She wished he had hugged her now.

Madame ran the jet of hot water over her fully shaved sex, and she moaned discreetly. And then suddenly, she heard a suspicious noise at the door.
She gently pushed the shower curtain open, and she saw that someone was turning the handle.

-Who is here ? she asked in an uncertain voice.

The door then opened, and a tall figure slipped inside before closing it.
It was indeed her male escort boy.

– James ? you are already there ?

said the lady, mechanically placing her hands on her perfectly rounded breasts.

The man looked at her attentively, without giving her an answer and without showing the slightest embarrassment. Madame guessed an ardent desire in his eyes.

Shower with a male escort

Shower with a male escort

“I really wanted to see you naked,” he finally answered. I hope it does not bother you ? you told me you would leave your key under your doormat.
Madame looked at him without saying anything.

She felt a lump in her throat, and butterflies were fluttering in her stomach.

James advanced towards her while removing his white shirt. Then he did the same with his pants and his boxer shorts… He was completely naked now, and Madame could admire his gentleman’s body at leisure. His manhood was swollen with desire, and huge.

-Can I take a shower with you, honey?

“I…I…” she stammered.

Alright James…

Madam was very excited. She felt like she was living a daydream.

He joins her in the shower and walks closer to her. He was so tall next to her, and so attractive.

Madame was shaking in all her limbs as she was excited. The hot water fell on their naked bodies, wetting their hair and covering their skin with fine glistening drops of water. She then lowered her eyes, and she looked again at the erect member of the gentleman. He was like crazy for her…

-Do you see the effect you have on me?

he asked, putting his hand on Madame’s cheek.

-Yes… Me too, I’m excited…

He leaned towards her and grabbed her pretty plump buttocks. He then placed a burning kiss on the quivering lips of the beautiful lady. She closed her eyes to better appreciate the sensual wave of his mouth caressing hers.

Around them, the steam from the shower transformed the bathroom into an erotic sauna…
He then gently pulled away from her, but Madame grabbed his muscular arm.

“Again,” she asked.

He pressed his warm body against hers. His pecs crashed against her voluptuous mature breasts, and she felt his massive cock caress her hot, wet slit.

The hot water still fell like a waterfall on their bodies overwhelmed with desire. He darted his tongue into the lady’s mouth and wrapped it around hers in a long erotic dance. Madame trembled in all her limbs. What they were doing was totally forbidden, and terribly exciting.

He caressed her big breasts swollen with desire.

Dreaming of a sexy erotic shower

Dreaming of a sexy erotic shower

-Would you mind…soaping my breasts? she asked with a fake innocent look.

“With pleasure,” he replied with his charming smile.

He placed a dab of soap in the palm of his hand, then he began to massage the creamy foam on Madame’s supple and soft chest. She closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of the male escort boy’s warm, firm hands on her excited breasts. He feasted on her soft flesh, enjoying her woman’s body as he saw fit…

“Your breasts are beautiful,” he whispered in her ear.

“I love what you do,” she replied.

She also put down a hazelnut of hevon in the palm of her hand, then she grabbed James’s erect penis to cover it with foam.

“Let me soap you, too,” she said, smiling mischievously at him.

Her own temerity astonished the woman… It was as if she was going through a kind of sexual trance.

She moved her hand back and forth over his penis, jerking it off while massaging the soap into his cock. She saw James shudder and moan… He was so hard… She loved giving pleasure to this forty-three-year-old man. She felt like a real little slut, and she liked it.

“You’re doing very well,” he said, placing another kiss on his partner’s lips.

He put a little more soap in the palm of his hand, and then he put it on the lady’s sex.

-I too, I must wash your secret garden, he said.

He began to massage her pussy, making sensual circles on the lips of her vulva which were swollen with excitement.

Never before had a man touched Madame like this, and she had never felt such an intense and wondrous sensation in her entire life. They were masturbating each other in the shower, and it was delicious…

-It’s too good, James… she said under her breath.

He continued to massage her hot pussy, thus soaping her lips, her labia minora, her mons pubis and her clitoris… When he reached her tender bud, electric shocks of pleasure invaded her whole body.

-Oh yes… go on, Jean… I really like what you are doing…
He then plunged his index finger into Madame’s vagina and gently fingered her while massaging the soap on her clitoris with his thumb. She leaned against him and bit his muscular shoulder to keep from screaming.

“I’m going to come…” she moaned.
– Go ahead, Madam, let yourself go.

Madame had passed the point of no return. She needed to cum…

She then exploded on Jean’s fingers, and her vagina contracted on her index finger as waves of cosmic pleasure invaded her whole body. She winced as she
letting go of this indescribable pleasure… Jean was offering her the most intense pleasure she had ever known in her entire life.

It’s your turn to take the plunge and contact me to live an unforgettable experience of pleasure in the shower or elsewhere, you decide how and where I will give you pleasure. I am here to satisfy your desires with respect, protection and discretion.

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Looking for a Male escorting in the shower is a service for modern women who want to discover all the secrets of pleasure with an experienced gentleman. Many women want to learn how to make love with a gentleman without the complications.

Breathe in the journey of timeless pleasure and the era of erotic play during an orgasmic private party with a gentleman. Enter my world and feel the humidity invade your crotch thanks to the fantasy of a pleasure experience without consequences with a respectful and delicate escort boy. looking for a Male escorting in the shower with a real gentleman escort boy for the pleasure of the sensual woman who is in you.

shower together save water with a male escort

shower together save water with a male escort

Enjoy endless foreplay with your escort boy. Drown your senses in seduction, looking for a Male escorting in the shower is an exceptional experience with a gentleman. You will never forget that day. You will finally be able to take pleasure and abandon yourself to your female impulses that I would make exult under my virile male caresses.

Whatever your age, your origin, your skin color, your physique, I am here to satisfy your desire for discovery. Looking for a Male escorting in the shower with or without experience will transport you to the joyful magic of a timeless evening in complete discretion and in complete safety. Professional lover of adult women’s entertainment to shiver with a kiss on the neck in the arms of a manly and tender gentleman.

2 hours – 3 hours – 4 hours and until the end of the night. Whatever the duration, I make it a point of honor to give you pleasure thanks to my experience of women. Please inquire by simply contacting me by call or message.

Nice to meet you. Looking for a Male escorting in the shower for adult women. A charming virile and tender gentleman boyfriend who will make you come in the shower and elsewhere.

☎ +33755186013

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StraightGigoloParis France

Straight Gigolo Paris – France

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Her Straight Gigolo Paris – France, lowered his head again and gave her left breast the same sort of attention, lavishing kisses on it, sucking the nipple, rolling his tongue around it as she lifted her hips again and again against him, unable to stop herself.

Her arousal was potent, sharp in its intensity. She felt everything he did to her all over her body. It was nervousness, of course, and the adrenaline rush that came with a brand-new partner after being with only one man in two years.

Her male escort rose up off her body, knelt over her hips and unzipped his pants. He lowered them and his black boxer briefs to his thighs. With one hand he stroked himself over her.

When he started to raise his pants up again—more teasing—she reached out and grabbed his wrists. James took her naked breasts in both of his hands and held them, squeezing them lightly and massaging them.

She couldn’t quite believe it. This was James from Paris, France ? The James, gigolo for demanding ladies of the city of love. He asked her to take her clothes off. Her male escort wanted to see her body. She was being to be the happiest woman on earth tonight. It was the sexiest thing she’d ever seen a man do in her life—pull down his pants to show her his hard french cock.

Her male escort was big enough to impress her, and he’d known it. She stretched out on her back again. James stood up off the bed but only long enough to finishing undressing. Pants off. Boxer briefs off. Wearing nothing but the slightest smile, he crawled back over her, took her wrists in his hands and pushed them over her head onto the bed.

She lay there, panting, aroused, scared in all the best ways to be scared, the ways people courted danger by skydiving and having sex with near-strangers. But this felt safe, too, safe as a roller coaster. Controlled fear.

James wasn’t a real stranger even if he seemed like it when he acted like this. She’d known him since she found his web site and read all the story of this male escort in Paris.

Her male escort cupped the back of her neck to lift her so he could unhook her bra and remove it completely. It ended up with his clothes on the floor. James unbuttoned the top button of her dress and he paused for a split second as if waiting for her to object.

She had no objections. None. Instead of raising an objection, she raised her hips, allowing him to slide her dress down her legs and off her.

When he started to peel her underwear off, she knew it was going to happen and she was happy about it. She wanted this. No fear, no nervousness, no guilt. Only pleasure. As it should be.

James pressed a kiss onto her stomach. She dug her hands in his hair—such soft hair—and sighed as his lips left a burning trail from hip to hip and then down and down a little more.

The gigolo for ladies kissed her upper thighs. He pushed her legs open. In one impressively smooth movement, James turned around, straddled her shoulders and dropped his head between her legs.

She lifted her head and took his cock into her mouth as he ran his tongue lightly up and down the seam of her vulva. Moaning, she opened her legs even wider for him and took more of him into her mouth.

She gripped the back of his thighs and found them hard as steel in her hands. And he was hard as steel between her lips. The only thing soft was the kiss he placed on her clit. A gentle kiss followed by a lick and another lick.

Her male escort spread her wider with his fingertips and licked her deeper inside. It felt so good she moaned, and since James’s cock was deep in her mouth he moaned, too. More of a groan than a moan. Whatever it was, James was pretty sure she’d never heard a man make a sound that sexy and sensual.

As she sucked him, she ran her hands up and down the backs of his legs, grabbing his ass a few times to playfully distract him and to drag him down closer to her. Her male escort got the hint and started pushing his hips in and out, fucking her mouth.

Her gigolo didn’t go too hard or too fast, didn’t choke her with his cock, which she appreciated. He was careful even as he went down on her, taking his time, teasing her with kisses and making her work for more by spreading wider for him and pulling her knees up to her chest.

He caressed her wet open body with his fingertips. She could feel it as he massaged her inner labia, opening them up, and circling her secret garden over and over again.

Her gigolo pushed one finger into her and her hips came off the bed in embarrassing eagerness for more. He pushed in a second finger and licked her clitoris again.

James climbed off her and stretched out along the side of her body. He fondled her breasts, shaking his head the whole time. He slid between her legs again and opened her up for him.

Once more he pushed two fingers inside of her, easing them in and out and around the warm, wet interior of her body as he licked her and sucked her and kissed her and finger-fucked her. She was awash in pleasure, in that sort of soft liquid pleasure that suffuses the stomach and back and hips all at once and makes the thighs tense and quiver and fingers clutch at the sheets. That sort of pleasure.

She was going to come and soon and hard and on his mouth. James’s head fell back and her shoulders came off the bed again. Sweat beaded on her forehead, and she dug her heels into the mattress as James brought her to the pinnacle of pleasure and left her there as he slowed down, eased up the pressure to draw it out a little longer…a little longer…

Her gigolo stopped licking her and just used his fingers inside her. She’d been close to coming and now the urge faded, but only slightly. He hadn’t been kidding about wanting to drag the sex out as long as possible. He brought her almost to coming again and she could have screamed and would have if it didn’t feel so good getting there and back again.

He wrapped his lips around her clitoris and sucked it and licked it as once more he brought her to the edge of climaxing. She lifted her head off the bed and watched him as he kissed her. His eyes were closed and he looked intent on his work and yet…sublime. This was not a man who went down on her begrudgingly or only to get a blow job out of her. This was a man who loved doing what he was doing and it showed.

With both hands, James spread her wet folds open and with the flat of his tongue lapped at her clitoris in long slow licks that turned into short fast licks until she was frozen on the bed, paralyzed but with the sharpest, most intense sensation of pleasure she could remember feeling in all her life.

And it went on and on, waves of it hitting her like ocean waves. Not gently, but hard, knocking her under, slamming the breath out of her. Her hips bucked and her vagina contracted on James’s fingers. She did scream his name when an amazing orgasm blow her mind totally as she reached cloud nine.


Now Dear Ladies, would you like to live your fantasy in total discretion and safety. Express all your desires and immerse yourself in the pleasure of a sensual experience with me in mutual respect with protection. To consume without moderation…

Looking to giving you pleasure with a sensual massage or more, everything is possible. Let’s get to know each other around a drink in a nice lounge bar in Paris without commitment and I’ll tell you everything you burn to know.
Contact me: man.jean@yahoo.fr or +33 (0) 755186013


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I called a male companion

I called a male companion to come to my room

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I called a male companion to come to my room after a dinner in Paris, I was a bundle of nerves. I stared at him, his height and breadth filling my doorway as he leaned with one shoulder against the frame. I wanted a male escort experience to feel like a woman taken by a real man.

I watched him obsessively, unable to keep my gaze from wandering him. My male escort was everything masculine, powerful and help me, I was dreaming hot. My heart started to thump from a potent mixture of fear and lust. My male escort looked me up and down.

My gigolo guided me onto a chair, arranging me so that I was straddling him with my knees on either side of his thighs, holding me in place with one hand at my waist.

My male escort slipped his other hand between my parted legs to test my wetness. I sat frozen as he brushed his fingertips through my soaking curls and slipped them between the slick lips of my pussy, seeking out my engorged clit.

My gigolo gazed into my eyes as he worked two fingers up and down either side of the sensitive flesh, and my eyelids drifted closed from the wonderful sensation.

Then he lightly pinched the tip, where every movement of his exploring digits was intensified, amplified, and I cried out, my head falling back. My male escort soothed me again with gentle stroking, the slow rhythm promising so much more to come.

My gigolo continued his evocative massage of my intimate flesh. I leaned forward with my hands on his shoulders and pressed my lips eagerly to his. It was a sweet moment then his mouth moved against mine and I opened, inviting him inside. James was gentle but firm, confident, his velvet tongue sweeping in to brush against mine and explore me. The combined potency of his taste and the assertive way he filled my mouth sent my senses into a whirling hurricane of erotic pleasure.

I tried to capture his sleek tongue, wanting to suck on it and draw out more of his essence. My gigolo let me have my way for a moment then set out to sample the tastes and textures of my palate, the soft skin of my inner cheeks and the sensitive, almost ticklish surfaces just inside my mouth. My gigolo sucked, probed and stroked, first deeply then less so, withdrawing to lick and nibble provocatively while I gasped and breathed in his breath, drowning in the flavors of him.

Then he shifted his head, sealing our lips together at a different angle, and plunged into my mouth again, leaving no part untouched, unclaimed. All the while he kept up the leisurely manipulation of my clit, his clever fingers never faltering.
It was overwhelming, the sheer intimacy of his mouth devouring mine so passionately and his fingers exploring me so elementally.
My gigolo drew back, panting, and waited for me to drag my heavy eyelids open and meet his burning stare. Then, ever so slowly, he sank a long finger into my cunt.

I nodded helplessly. My male escort had both hands between my legs now, spreading my labia wide with one so that my clit protruded defenselessly, utterly exposed to his exploration. My gigolo dipped his fingers in and out of my channel, spreading my juices all over me, until I was a slick mass of sensitive skin under his touch.

I hold up my breasts and offer him my nipples. I cup the heavy flesh and lean toward him, shuffling my knees farther onto the chair to get closer to his mouth. His lips closed over the sensitive tip and a burst of pleasure traveled through my body to my pussy.

My gigolo drew my responsive nipple deep into his mouth where he rubbed it with the flat of his tongue before flicking it rapidly then rubbing it again. I arched my back, pushing my boob to his lips, wordlessly begging for more, and was rewarded by his greedy sucking. Then he let the nipple pop out the corner of his mouth.

My male escort engulfed the other nipple in his mouth, leaving me to play with the one that was already wet and exquisitely sensitive from his ministrations. I rolled it and pulled it, and he watched while he gripped the other nerve-laden nub between his teeth and tormented it with his tongue.

My body was shaking with huge tremors, racked by impending orgasm, when I felt him enter my channel with two fingers, one from his left hand and one from his right. My gigolo slid them deep, hooked them against my slippery internal walls and stretched me open. I cried out and bucked against his fingers but his grip stayed firm.

My male escort slipped my breast from his lips. James added another finger from each hand, stretching me beyond anything I’d ever experienced before. I whimpered and clutched at his chest, feeling the unforgiving hardness of his body, wanting it.

My gigolo withdrew his fingers, shifted me back a little, and rubbed my glistening juices onto his cock. Then he held it upright, away from his body. James saw me measuring it with my eyes.

My male escort really was huge. I tamped down a sudden flash of nerves and lifted up one leg, putting my foot on the seat of the chair next to his thigh so I could position myself over his dick. James helped me fit the bulbous head against my opening and I paused for a moment, gathering my courage, feeling him pulsing against me.

My gigolo made no move, leaving it to me to lower myself onto his fearsome length. His eyes were fixed on the point of our juncture and his face was flushed with passion along his prominent cheekbones.

I removed my foot and put my knee back down so I was straddling him again, and that small change pushed the blunt tip of his cock through the tight, clenching muscles that guarded my entrance.

My gigolo was in—just barely, but definitely within my body. I gasped at the way he stretched me and froze for a moment, trying to adjust to the feeling of him. He’d prepared me well and I felt my walls ease around him.

I lowered myself in increments, acutely aware of his ingress parting my channel, forging deep into the tender tissues beyond the reach of any fingers. It was a spectacular moment of intimacy, of taking and being taken, of voluptuous pleasure-pain.

I think we both wanted it to last forever, so intense was the gratification, but at last he was seated in me to the hilt and I was overwhelmed with an almost unbearable feeling of fullness and tightness.

I could hardly will myself to move but he took over, lifting me, his brawny arms bulging, until he could move his hips beneath me and slide in and out, each stroke leaving me breathless.

My gigolo set up a slow rhythm, much too slow, clearly determined to enjoy my body to the utmost, smiling while I begged and whimpered for release. I was half out of my mind with the need to come and I ran my hands over my own body, squeezing my breasts, then tried to rub my clit.

I glared at him and he swiveled his hips, probing new and sensitive places deep within my body. James slid lower in the chair and parted his legs more, driving my thighs farther apart. My gigolo was looking past me on the right again and I knew he was watching our reflections in the mirror. I glanced back and shivered. I could see where we were joined, his thick cock plunging in and out of me, and, higher, my ass cheeks were spread and my tightly puckered hole was clearly visible.

As I watched he transferred his hands from my waist to my ass, pulling my cheeks even farther apart and probing at my dark side with his middle finger. The sight of his big, tanned hands on my white butt and his long finger rubbing over my back hole was extremely erotic and I watched in mesmerized fascination as he spread juices from my pussy over the ruched opening.

My reasoning mind was so overwhelmed with sensation and arousal that by the time I realized what he was going to do, it was too late. The tip of the little vibrator was already burrowing into my ass. It was going where no man had gone before.

I leaned forward and buried my face in his neck as he worked it in slowly, pausing often to smear my juices on it. My male escort stopped thrusting into my cunt, leaving his cock wedged deep inside me as he inexorably manipulated the uncompromising plastic length of the vibrator into my ass.

I sank my teeth into his neck as the pain intensified from a twinge to a burn but he kept going until only the base was visible. Then he pumped his hips under me again. I bit him a second time, overwhelmed by the intense sensation of the double penetration.

My gigolo thrust frantically and brought his left hand around to rub my clit with his thumb. James worked my nub intently. And I came, the orgasm bursting out of me, great spasms of clenching and releasing, waves of unprecedented intensity.

At some point during the cataclysm he withdrew the vibrator from my dark hole, which triggered a second, more acute climax. I took him with me over the edge and felt him coming me in the condom as his body jerked and strained beneath mine.

When it was finally over I collapsed on top of him, utterly limp and exhausted, aftershocks still rocking me deep inside. We lay like that for a long time, his softened cock still within my body. Thank James for such magical male experience.

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