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Enjoy a male escort boy striptease

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex, but Were Afraid to Ask. That evening, The lady simply wanted a tender and virile man in her bed. The male escort didn’t really have a definite plan when he arrived to meet this woman who had contacted him at the last minute, but his goal was to give her pleasure so that she could forget all her problems and let go.

The touch of his soft body pressing against hers and the sweet smell of his perfume was driving her crazy. Any thought, other than to undress completely, quickly faded and the urge to give herself to a stranger gentleman took over.

With his teeth, he was now biting her lower lip, thus inflaming her desire for him. She was unable to resist him and the animal part in her quickly came to the surface.

why hire a sex coach

why hire a sex coach

She moaned against his lips, and he slid his tongue between her parted lips, searching for her tongue. He took her ass in his hands and pulled her close to him, against the edge of his manhood. She squirmed on his cock, driving him mad with desire for her.
His dominant male instincts were telling him to rip her pretty little dress off her body, but he held it. James is a gentleman.

As their tongues continued to dance, his fingers undid the buttons that ran down the front of her dress. In his haste, several buttons flew out and bounced off the wooden floor of the living room. Once his fingers had reached her belly, he pulled his lips away from the lady’s and watched as the red floral dress fell and exposed her round, firm, bare chest to her.

He took her breasts in his hands. They fit perfectly in his hands, as they had been made for him, and for him alone. Her nipples began to harden and under his fingers they turned into long spikes, begging to be sucked. Lowering his mouth to her chest, he took the first nipple into his mouth and sucked hard. She screamed, in pleasure and pain, but her fingers planted in the shoulders of her male escort encouraged her to continue.

As his male escort’s tongue danced around the hardened nipple, his hands finished undoing the lady’s dress and opened it completely. She pulled her down, shaking her shoulders, leaving her in pink cotton panties.

His cock began to throb with the need to feel her soft, tight pussy surrounding him, as the gentleman in him demanded to be released. He released the nipple from his lips and looked into her eyes. Her desire for him was so intense, she seemed so hungry, that he reveled in her gaze.

Grabbing her around the waist, he twirled her around and placed her on her back on the couch. His eyes wandered down her curvaceous body and settled on her pink panties, the evidence of her desire having soaked the cotton.

“Oh, my God.” Standing up, he quickly took off his white shirt and threw him to the ground.

She sat up, chest bouncing with the movement as she ran her thumbs through the elastic of his pants and tugged on it. The lady shyly grabbed his thick, erect cock in her hand and he moaned softly. She caressed him, slowly at first, which increased his sweet torture. A small drop of cum escaped from the tip as his arousal increased. She licked her lower lip as her eyes left his cock to meet those of her male escort.

He wasn’t sure what he wanted more, to see her lips all around him, or to feel her horny pussy welcoming him. Given the state he was in, and given the desire he felt running through him, it would be impossible for him to be gentle with her. He moved his hips against her mouth, urging her to take him.

kissing your male escort boy

kissing your male escort boy

“Suck me,” James ordered, her body tense and her voice hoarse. The lady looked down at his massive member and licked the tip of his manhood, lapping up the drop that was beginning to trickle down the side. His sharp inhale and soft moan fueled his sense of power.

Loving the way he responded to her teasing, she ran the tip of her tongue up one side of his cock, then the other. When she got to the balls, her tongue went wild on the first, then on the second.

Her male escort’s hands slipped behind the lady’s head and he took her long brown hair in his fists.

The wetness between her legs increased. Knowing that she had so much power and control over him increased her desire for him. She was dying for him to plunge his beautiful cock inside her, but one thing at a time, she wanted to taste him first.

Taking the first ball into her mouth, she sucked gently and smiled as her efforts were rewarded with a soft moan. She let it escape from her mouth and grabbed the second, while stroking his manhood.

Feeling another drop of magic liquid running down her hand,she released the second ball and began to focus on the glans of his cock. Taking the lead, she ran her tongue around and under it, teasing the slit.

“I want you James,” she sighed, taking the glans of the cock in her mouth.
Grabbing the base of his manhood, she began to move up and down the full length with her mouth. Each time she took it in her mouth, she swallowed it deeper and deeper, until the head of his cock pounded the back of her throat.

She regurgitated a little, as the feeling of his member rushing again and again against her throat was unfamiliar and uncomfortable at first. But she wanted to please him, she needed it. She increased her efforts, her hand squeezing his cock harder and she stroked him harder faster.

She moaned around his cock, her desire burning in her lower stomach. His cock throbbed in her mouth. She could feel the tension, and knew by instinct that he was almost there.
Her hips rushed hard against his mouth. Her moans became louder more wild and ferocious, animal. The pain between her legs throbbed and she spread her legs wider to ease the tension. She hadn’t even touched herself and she was about to cum too, just out of anticipation.

Sexology with a male escort boy

Sexology with a male escort boy

“I’m going to cum honey,” the words barely passed his mouth when a sound, part growl, part scream, escaped him and his cum escaped from the head of his manhood. She greedily drank his salty cum and licked it all over, to make sure she got every drop of that delicious nectar.

He quickly made her lie down against the sofa and literally ripped her panties off. A hundred different emotions and questions came to her mind but she quickly forgot them when James spread her legs and settled down. “James,” she sighed, wrapping her legs around his waist to pull him close.

“I need a minute darling,” he whispered in her ear while nibbling on her earlobe. Then he placed a myriad of kisses on her neck.

Chills ran through her with each delicate kiss. Sliding her hands down his strong, muscular back, she pulled his body against hers. She buried her face in his neck and inhaled his cologne scent. “I can’t believe how much I want you,” she gasped. “I can’t…I just…” She gripped him tighter as he lifted his head and roughly claimed her lips, cutting him off.

Once again, her thoughts became incoherent as the fire inside her ignited as his cock began to erect against her pelvis. She squirmed and squirmed under him, rushing against him as their tongues fought.

Forcing his mouth away from the lady’s, he sat back on his heels and slid two fingers between her soft folds, collecting her essence. “James…” She watched him as he brought his fingers to his mouth and licked her cum. Closing her eyes, she inhaled erratically and then exhaled.

The fingers of his male escort walked again along her slit. On the third pass, they lingered on her entrance and gently penetrated her, centimeter by centimeter, stretching her horny pussy. She moaned, grabbing her thighs and trying to calm herself down, but it was useless.

His inquisitive fingers were too delicious as they stroked her insides, rubbing in just the right place to make her scream in pleasure as her body shook and in a wave of relief she cummed on his hand.

Opening her eyes, she scrutinized every inch of her male escort, from his massive cock now erect, to his chest, to his eyes. She had never seen such a wonderful man in all her life, everything about him was so attractive that she was in awe.

And he was huge. She’d be lying if she said she wasn’t slightly nervous, her vibrator wasn’t nearly as big as he was. But her need took over her fears. She didn’t even feel like she had to make a decision. He was made for her, in a way, she knew that now. It didn’t make any sense, but his instincts told him it was the truth.

“Take me James.”

Their eyes locked on each other, and the lady’s desire was reflected in them. Slowly, he began pushing inside her. She moaned, digging her fingers into his shoulders. The pain was slight, as his need had taken control. The lady could hardly believe it, she was giving herself to a man she barely knew, but instinctively she knew he was the one.

“Again,” she moaned and shivered as he thrust into her with more force until he was buried deep, down to the balls.

James groaned for a few seconds before his mouth crashed into hers.of the lady; but this time his kiss was tender. He bit her lower lip and when she sighed, he slid his tongue between her lips.

She moaned against his lips and moved beneath him, the need to feel him thrust hard and fast into her becoming unbearable. Sensing her need, he slowly slid down her body, until the head of his manhood was at the edge of his entrance, he held back for a moment and plunged deep inside her.

The lady clung to him even more tightly, the pain was almost completely gone and had given way to pleasure. She felt so full, with him deep inside her, and wanted more. She rushed at him again, inviting him to come.

Pulling his lips away from the lady’s, he met her gaze and began to really pound her, over and over, his balls slapping against her secret garden with each thrust. Moving in harmony, their bodies quickly became a single entity; The lady met him at every push.

Again and again, his cock collided with her, the glans rubbing against her G-spot with each stroke.

Her desire was reaching unbearable heights and at an alarming rate. Wave after wave of pleasure swept through her, in harmony with the movements of her male escort. She lost all sense of time and space; all that mattered was the feel of his cock invading her horny pussy over and over again.

“I’m going to cum. Oh, my God James!” She was almost there, almost. She wanted to come at the same time as him, but it was too good. One more hit. Two shots. On the third stroke, she swirled in the ecstasy of her desire.

Her body shook and her pussy twitched on his demanding cock as she was swept away by the most intense orgasm of her life.

James groaned as the lady’s essence flooded her cock and flowed out of her.

“I can’t hold back any longer.” The words had barely left his mouth when he rammed into her one last time and his cum shot out of his manhood into the condom, deep inside her.

James hugged the lady until they both fell into Morpheus’s arms.

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Losing your virginity with a male escort boy

Losing your virginity with a sex coach

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Mademoiselle is thinking of Losing your virginity with a sex coach. She appeared in the doorway of the hotel room, her long blond hair flowing over her shoulders ending in a sensual fall on her loins. They gave off a sweet smell when she moved. I wanted to give him all the pleasure possible for this first time.

I had prepared the tray with appetizers and spirits on the coffee table. Everything was perfect. From the decoration to the arrangement of the different foods. I had added a touch of harmony by adding a few candles in strategic corners to create an intimate atmosphere.

I would love for her to feel so comfortable with an escort boy and take her clothes off. I handed her a glass of wine which she accepted with a smile.

Her innocence excited me. I approached her and took her in my arms. She literally threw herself at me. I took her to me and kissed her more passionately.

Mademoiselle wanted to lose her virginity with a sex coach

escort boy seduction

escort boy seduction

Desire possessed her and I let things be. My hands sought her breasts, her sex. I went up her dress and clapped a hand in her panties, my hand wanted her lips, her clitoris. She was wet and my manhood was erect, ready for action.

His hands grabbed my hair and my tongue became more indiscreet. I kissed her neck, her breasts through the fabric. I bit her nipples. My mouth was trying to excite the young virgin. I felt her so helpless, almost shy. Not knowing where and how to put his hands on me.

My greedy hands lifted her dress which she finally took off while I unhooked her bra to grab her delicate breasts.

My tongue passed around her breasts. His skin was white. So soft, so fragile. I licked her nipples languidly. They hardened. Me too. His hands ran through my hair. On my shoulders. I rose slightly as they ventured down my spine.

I grabbed his hands and clapped them above his head as I continued my work. I was very hot. Her too. My hand slowly slipped into her panties and stroked her fine hair. I ran a finger over her wet lips and felt a slight recoil.

I slowed down so that she got used to this first contact with her intimacy then stroked her clitoris. She moaned, her eyes closed, and let herself go completely. Then my finger slipped into her sex and started a slight back and forth. My gestures were gently controlled despite the need to make her mine quickly.

I continued slowly because she was a virgin. An electric current ran through my muscles. I needed more. I kissed his neck and sank my teeth lightly into it, sucking his skin. My feverish mouth descended towards her breasts, her stomach. I took off her panties. The subtle taste of her skin inflamed my senses, but I slowed down again so she could get used to my caresses. My sweet offered herself entirely. Which encouraged me to continue.

My escort boy hands ended up grabbing her hips, soft, slender hips. I was no longer myself. My mouth clung to her vagina. I liked to lick the sex of women, this sweet smell, this liquid excited me to the highest degree. I licked her lips, I kissed the orifice of her femininity. She got up. I could have penetrated her now but I continued to lick her clitoris. Slowly, with the tip of the tongue.

My escort boy hands ended up grabbing her hips

Her trembling body encouraged me to go even further and my tongue decided to enter the orifice. Hot, tight and uncharted. The idea that his cock would forever carry the memory of that first time with me filled me with joy. My hands parted her lips and drove her to the edge of ecstasy. I felt it vibrate. She could have come easily. But I wanted the pleasure to last a little longer.

I got up to remove the rest of my clothes and had to make an effort not to tear them off. She sighed shyly, her eyes closed. Her legs had closed out of modesty.

I stood up and took his hand to place it on my erect manhood. She seemed fascinated. It was normal. A first time. Her mouth engulfs my cock. The back-and-forth movement accelerated. His novice mouth explored the dimensions of my desire.

Educated gentleman to teach ladies with no experience

Educated gentleman to teach ladies with no experience

Still wanting to drink in her intimate taste. I grabbed her buttocks and pressed my escort boy’s mouth against her clitoris, which I began to lick delicately. Her legs were shaking and my tongue was going faster and faster as my sweet wet more and more.

my escort boy mouth against her clitoris

I could feel her legs shaking with excitement. But I continued to slide my tongue over the wet flesh, then I inserted a finger into her vagina and gently moved it back and forth. His hands clung to my hair.

She was close to release.

I felt the sudden surge through her belly which exploded in uncontrolled tremors. She threw her head back, leaning back on the couch while I took the opportunity to put on a condom, not being able to wait any longer.

I lay down on top of her and penetrated her. Very delicately. Mademoiselle jumped slightly. The movement was slow at first because her vagina was ultra tight. I gave him time to offer himself before accelerating.

The animal was going to come out and I had to control it. An explosion was going to occur in my lower abdomen but I had to hold on. Maybe she would have another orgasm? But I was not counting on it too much for a first time.

Her hands squeezed my buttocks as I continued to penetrate her faster, deeper. Her explosion was incredible as she lost her virginity, an animal cry came from the depths of her throat.

My heavy body ends up falling on her. She was now relieved, fulfilled to have overcome this stage of her life as a woman. She was breathing heavily as her heart raced. I took her in my arms to cuddle her tenderly.


Losing your virginity with a sex coach is a service for modern women looking for a moment of sweetness with a gentleman. Many women want to have fun with a gentleman without the complications.

You all have the right to lose your virginity in the company of a man who will take care of you and not judge you for wanting to learn pleasure without commitment. Ask me anything you want or let me take you into pleasures you don’t know yet.

Breathe in the journey of timeless pleasure and the era of endless erotic play. Enter my world and feel the humidity invade your crotch thanks to the fantasy of a pleasure experience without consequences with a respectful and delicate escort boy.

an experience of pleasure without consequences with a respectful and delicate escort boy.

Enjoy your pleasure trip like no other. Drown your senses in seduction, An exceptional experience with a gentleman. You will never forget that day. You will finally be able to enjoy pleasure with a gentleman.

Pleasure of deeling the desire of a gentleman

Pleasure of deeling the desire of a gentleman

Whatever your age, your origin, your skin color, your physique, I am here to satisfy your desire for discovery. Secret lover for novice women to transport you into the magic of a timeless evening in complete discretion and in complete safety. Letting go to lose your virginity with a sex coach in mutual respect with protection.

2 hours – 3 hours – 4 hours and until the end of the night. Whatever the duration, I make it a point of honor to teach you how to have fun thanks to my experience with women. Please inquire by simply contacting me by call or message.

Looking forward to meeting you during this appointment for Losing your virginity with a sex coach.



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Sex coach for demanding ladies

What is a Sex Coach for ladies?

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What is a Sex Coach for ladies?

A Sex Coach for ladies is someone trained in various aspects of human intimacy who helps people overcome intimate problems. A Sex Coach for ladies teaches, trains, guides, motivates, collaborates, inspires, monitors, validates, and listens to help their clients achieve their personal, intimacy and relationship goals. 

Who Do Sex Coach for ladies Help?

Sex Coach for ladies helps a wide range of women. In our society most people grow up with a lack of intimate education and intimate-positive instruction, and for that reason, most of us could use the services that a Sex Coach for ladies provides. He can also teach you how to use a Purple Dildo with your partner.

Sex Coach for ladies  deals with a variety of diverse women who are married, single, or dating, as well as people who are intimately challenged or differently-abled, all from different walks of life regardless of gender, race, intimate orientation, age or lifestyle.

What Kind of Problems do Sex Coach for ladies Help With?

Many women grow to adulthood without knowing how to have a successful, fulfilling love and intimate relationship.  They don’t know how to receive or give pleasure or how to communicate successfully about intimate issues when they arise.

What is a Sex Coach for ladies? And how can a Sex Coach for ladies help women overcome various intimate and relationship issues including:

  • Help married couples bring the spark and intimacy back into their relationship.
  • Help couples learn positive, effective communication skills.
  • Help couples overcome a mismatched intimate drive.
  • Help women experience more pleasure and orgasms.
  • Teach individuals and couples about pleasure and how to have better intimacy.
  • Give their clients an intimate-positive, safe environment to express themselves intimately without shame, blame or guilt.
  • Teach couples how to experiment with different types of intimate play, fantasies and role-playing.
  • Teach people how to explore power play and BDSM in a safe way.
  • Teach adults about safer intimacy, STIs, and how to protect themselves during intimacy.
  • Help couples heal a sexless marriage and cultivate their passions and desires for better intimacy.
  • Teach individuals about their sexual anatomy like the G-spot in women and how to achieve satisfying and pleasurable orgasms.
  • Teach individuals dating skills as well as how to find their soul mate so they can embark on a long-lasting love relationship.
  • Teach couples about Tantric sex and how to experience a greater intimacy and spiritual connection.
  • Help individuals heal sexual issues so they can experience more sexual self-advocacy.
  • Learn all about sex toys, the different types of sex toys, how to use them and how to introduce them. Then also consider sex toys as the amount available is just shocking, have a look through Adult Sex Toy City for example to see the vast amount that you can choose from.
  • How to initiate sex with a man, foreplay techniques, kissing, erotic talk, erotic massage and more…

    What Does Sex Coach Do?

    Sex Coach is like a superheros and have a wide range of amazing skills.

    Sex coach shares positive and accurate information with respect to relationships, intimacy and sexuality. This helps them to enable women to get positive results and enjoy healthy sexual relationships.

    Sex coach listens to women to help them determine their goals. They may give their client homework, or as we like to call it “Lovework”, such as exploring their body to find out where their erogenous zones are and how to pleasure themselves.

    Sex coach may give women various resources or teach them sexual techniques and exercises. Sometime sex coach helps women with a hands-on approach.

    Sex coach often takes a holistic approach as they monitor a client’s progress, while providing feedback that allows their client to thrive, prosper and flourish sexually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

    Sex is our second basic instinct after survival, so natural urges begin between the ears before they arouse between the legs. Therefore, sharing knowledge on sex can lead to sexual satisfaction and fulfillment.

    What is the Difference Between a Sex Coach and a Sex Therapist?

    A sex coach is a professional who is certified to help clients identify current issues in their sex life and to create an action plan towards their desired goals. They don’t deal with past issues, but are future-orientated helping the client set goals to transform their present sex life. Unlike sexual therapist they don’t diagnose, pathologize or treat a client’s dysfunctions.

    A sex therapist is a professional with a degree in human sexuality as well as psychotherapy, theology, social work, medicine or counseling. They work with clients in a long-term process, looking at their past issues, to help resolve problems, behaviors, past traumas, self-destructive habits through analysis. They are bound by a code of ethics and require degrees plus clinical experience, and a state license. They often accept medical insurance.

    As a sex coach it is important to recommend sex therapist when necessary, when they need professional medical help or therapy.

    Why Hire a Sex Coach?

    People seek out and hire a sex couch for a variety of different personal reasons. For couples, they may want help getting that spark back in their relationship, or a way to fix their mismatched libidos. They may want to learn to become better lovers and learn new sex skills. They may want to find more ways to include sex in their relationship, have more sex, explore sexual boundaries, try new things and become more sexually adventurous. They also may need help resolving conflicts, or sexual issues like low sexual desire that prevent them from having a satisfying love and sex life with a man.

    For individuals, they may seek out help to overcome a lack of confidence, low libido, lack of desire, or help them learn how to express their sexuality in a sex-positive way. Then the folks at Real People Real Sex have also put together a ridiculous list of sex toys so check that out if you’d like some new options.

    Do I Need a Sex Coach?

    If you are experiencing problems with your sex life, intimacy issues, or relationship problems, or struggling with sexual dissatisfaction, then hiring a sex coach may be very beneficial for you.

    The thing is, if you think you need a sex coach, then it probably wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. A sex coach can help you pinpoint where in your sex life you are unhappy. Most people need help with their sex lives from time to time, so there is not need to feel like your relations (or you) are broken.


    Don’t hesitate to contact me to understand better What is a Sex Coach for ladies and how I can help you.

    Contact me by a simple email at man.jean@yahoo.fr or a call,text or whatsapp message to +33755186013


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