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Gimme a man after midnight is a service for demanding ladies offered by James, a male escort in Paris. Madame had decided to treat herself to a trip to Paris to celebrate her birthday. She had always dreamed of visiting this city of light and romance, and she was eager to experience all it had to offer.

When Madame arrived in Paris, she was fascinated by the beauty of the city and by the romantic atmosphere that reigned there. She decided to walk the streets and discover the neighborhoods, and she was captivated by all the things she saw.

One day, while surfing the internet, she saw an advertisement for a tantric massage session with a Parisian gentleman. Intrigued, Madame decided to book a session at her hotel, she phoned and was pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome James gave her.

escort boy reaching orgasm

escort boy reaching orgasm

James was an experienced and passionate professional who loved helping his clients achieve harmony and well-being through his massages.

On the day of her session, Madame arrived at the hotel and was taken to a spacious and comfortable room. There she was greeted by the masseur, James, a handsome man in his forties with sparkling brown eyes and brown hair.

James explained to Madame the principles of tantric massage and asked her to undress and lie down on the massage table. Madame was a little nervous but she let herself be guided by James and began to relax little by little.

The Masseur began massaging Madame’s back with warm oil, using long, smooth strokes and digging his fingers into her muscles to release her tension.

James continued to massage Madame for long minutes, alternating between long fluid movements and light tapping on her skin. Madame felt more and more relaxed and she began to let herself be carried away by the sensations that the man gave her.

When the masseur reached Madame’s legs, she felt a shiver of pleasure run through her body. He continued to massage her until she was completely relaxed, then he slowly moved up to her stomach and breasts.

Madame felt her desire awaken little by little and she let out a moan of pleasure when James caressed her nipples gently. He continued stroking and massaging her until she was completely let go, then he slipped a hand between her thighs and began stroking her gently.

Madame felt her desire skyrocket and she let out a cry of pleasure when James began to lick her thighs going up to her secret garden to finally tickle her clitoris with the tip of his tongue.

She felt hot flashes invade her and an incredible pleasure rising slowly inside her. James really knew how to lick a woman to make the desire rise. He is slow and gentle and did this with incredible patience. He seemed to be reveling in her body. Madame moaned softly it was so good.

Finally he finally slipped a finger inside her as she became wet. He continued to caress and massage her until she reached orgasm. Madame now wanted to feel the gentleman deep in her body. She clung to him to feel his manhood reaching out to her.

She lowered her boxers to discover this huge member she wanted inside her. Madame took his cock stiff with desire in her mouth to suck it greedily. James liked to feel his cock in her mouth, which was salivating with passion.

After a few moments, Madame now wanted to ride the gentleman, she put a condom on this erect cock and impaled herself on it. She rode her masseur who was now her stallion. She rocked her hips in a frantic rhythm as James held her buttocks fingering her anus with each jerk she gave him. She wanted to cum on him. After a few minutes of this epic ride, Madame finally let go while James was also on the verge of enjoyment.

escort boy reaching orgasm

escort boy reaching orgasm

Madame felt a surreal orgasm seize her, James felt the contractions of her vagina on his cock which triggered his pleasure and he poured his elixir into the condom. Madame collapsed on top of him and he hugged her tightly while she was still shaking from her orgasm.

They stayed in each other’s arms, the time to calm down, then she thanked James for his performance and left him a generous tip before he left his hotel room. Madame had a smile on her face.

Madame returned home the next day with a light heart and a peaceful body. She knew that she would never forget this experience and that she would come back to Paris as soon as she had the chance. She wrote to her masseur to thank him for his service and told him how much she enjoyed their session.

A few days later, Madame received an answer from James, who told her t that he had been delighted to massage her and that he would be happy to see her again on his next visit to Paris. Madam smiled reading these words and decided to book another session as soon as possible.

A few weeks later Madame returned to Paris and James visited her at the hotel. They spent another unforgettable evening together, and Madame knew she had found a caring and passionate lover who knew how to satisfy her.

Madame discovered that tantric massage was not only a source of physical pleasure, but also a way to connect deeply with her partner and discover new dimensions of her own sexuality. She began to explore other tantric practices with James and to get to know her body and her desires better.

Since that day, Madame has continued to travel to Paris to meet James and spend wonderful moments of pleasure and relaxation together. She knew this special relationship was meant to last and that she would always be grateful to James for introducing her to the pleasure of tantric massage.

Over the tantric massage sessions, Madame and her masseur have become more and more intimate. They saw each other regularly in Paris and spent long hours caressing and massaging each other, exploring every corner of their bodies and discovering new ways to give each other pleasure.

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escort boy harmony and well-being

escort boy harmony and well-being

Whatever your age, your origin, your skin color, your physique, I am here to satisfy your desire for sex. Gimme a man after midnight will transport you to the joyful magic of a timeless evening in complete discretion and in complete safety. Male Escort in Paris is for single adult women feeling alone, cheating or straight couples looking for threesome or hot wife sharing.

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