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How To Celebrate Your Birthday with a Male Companion James Escortboy

How To Celebrate Your Birthday with a Male Companion – James – Escortboy.org

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For her birthday, Lady S. did ask her husband to realize one of her fantasy: she wanted to be in a threesome with him and another gentleman. After some research on internet, her husband found James, an educated gentleman available for such experience.

As requested, James arrived at the bar near the opera of Paris to meet the couple around seven o’clock. They welcomed him around a drink to meet and know each other and see if they had a mutual feeling before moving to some more intimate place. James immediately see in the eyes of this beautiful lady that she did appreciate his style of gentleman for demanding ladies.

After talking for sometimes, they decided to move to their hotel for a nice four hands massage.

The hands stretched up her back from her legs, to her waist up to her shoulders. Sliding around with a coat of oil, they skimmed over her ribs and back up to her neck. Up and down. Up and down. Some strokes skimmed under the edge of her panty, stopping at the small of her back. Others dipped along her sides, skimming the swells of her breasts. The lady was feeling a wet heat between her legs.

James’s hands moved onto her thighs. Again, strokes swiped from knee to ass, firm strong strokes. As she anticipated the ass massage, she didn’t completely notice the hand that got closer and closer to her pussy until fingers were teasing her lips. Moving her knees apart while he massaged her calves. Getting close enough to feel her pussy.

She turned and looked over her shoulder. Standing there were her husband together with James. Hands lightly oiled, with a large grin on his face.

Amused and aroused, she lowered back on to the bed. She wanted to enjoy every minute of her husband’s sexy birthday surprise.

James worked her thighs and ass. His hands massaged her earnestly now, kneading and spreading with his fingers. She wriggled her thighs farther apart. They both knew that James wouldn’t resist the chance to finger her pussy.

James ran his hands over her ass and thighs, each time sliding his thumbs over her lips. Her clit throbbed against the bed; her nipples were hard too.

James slid his fingers between her pussy lips for the first time. her lips wrapped around them. His fingers were warm and thick wriggling against her. She moaned. He fingered her more and she purred more. James and her husband were making her wet and horny. She wanted more.

While James fingered her pussy, Her husband kissed up her spine to her neck. James asked her to turn over. He wanted to massage her on the other side. She pushed up on her elbows while she tightened her pussy around his fingers, keeping them on her for as long as possible.

Lady S. turned toward James and rested on her right hip. His cock jutted toward her and she reached to stroke it. While she pumped his big hard shaft, he leaned over and kissed her. Full on French kiss. His tongue teased her mouth while her hand lingered on his great cock.

James pressed her shoulder back so she was face-up on the bed. Of course, that also means tits up and pussy up on the bed. He cupped them in his hands, watching them pour over his fingers. He jiggled them. He thumbed her nipples. His hungry mouth nibbled and sucked and licked each one again and again. When he touched her nipple, her clit tingled.

While he enjoyed mouthing her tits, his hand worked back to her pussy. Over her soft belly, circling around her navel, slipping over her naked mound. Soon his fingers were home again between her pussy lips. She arched her back to get more of her tits in his mouth and pressed his hand with hers against her pussy. Together they ground against her clit and rubbed her wet lips. They could hear the juicy wetness his surprise had stirred up.

Then she took her husband’s cock in her mouth, pumped and pulled, bobbing and drawing. His precum dribbled on her tongue. She lapped and mouthed his stiff cock noisily: moaning, popping, sucking. Watching and listening while his cock is in her mouth gets her husband even hornier.

She also wanted to get fucked by James’s cock. His stiff cock slid up her belly. Her tits mashed against his chest as they kissed a deep, intense, carnal kiss. Her husband massaged her incredible ass while she pressed against him, wanting a cock inside her.

After putting a condom, James’s cock filled and stretched her while she was sucking her husband. She heard his sexy low growl, which makes her pussy tingle. Turning to look over her shoulder, she stared at him.

Her pussy tightened and released around his cock. His ass clenched as he stroked stronger into her. Each pump got her closer to cumming. Each wet fucking sound pushed her closer. Each time James’s cockhead pressed deep inside her she almost came.

Her breath burst as her orgasm broke. She pressed back against James to fill her pussy with as much of his cock as possible. Her pussy milked his cock with each spasm.

Her pussy wrapped around his sensitive cock, not letting go. She felt his forehead drop against her back, his panting breath warming her skin. His hands reached under her to tweak her nipples. They were so hard. He cupped her tits and slowly pulled her up. she heard her pussy release his cock. Turning around, she reached her arms around her husband and kissed him. Full on.

Happy Birthday Lady S. !!!


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threesome for demanding couples

Threesome – Try the cuckold experience

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Threesomes – Try the cuckold experience. The car dropped us off in front of the building. My gentleman’s step was hurried up to the elevator. As soon as the doors were closed, he pressed himself against me, intoxicated with desire, the gloomy look, the greedy hands of my body. His hands were wild, he slipped them under my suit’s jacket, kneaded my breasts under the fine silk of my blouse, plunged a hand into my frill neckline. I threw my head back, offering her throat to devour.

It was an animal, I felt its teeth on my skin. His pelvis pressed against me spoke volumes about the desire that tormented him. He pressed me against the cabin wall as much to imprison me as to be one with my body. Our gasps filled the whole cabin, the temperature rose several degrees. I was hot because our desire was so burning. My temples were sweaty, sweat moistened the angel’s footprint above my upper lip, and smeared my forehead. The feverish body of my gentleman transmitted his rage to me. His mouth ate mine open, our tongues fought fiercely and repeatedly our teeth collided.

Two men and a woman

Two men and a woman

The doorbell announcing that we had reached the top floor rang and the doors opened. My gentleman pulled away from me, his hair in disarray as my hands had been roughing it up. Her crazy eyes coveted me like a precious jewel or a mountain of whipped cream cakes. I read there as much gluttony as admiration. Threesomes – Try the cuckold experience.

Taking my hand, my escort boy pulled me out of the cabin. But we did not go very far, because he immediately pressed me against the hall wall and resumed his feverish feast from my mouth and my throat. Then with a dry gesture, he pulled my jacket at the bottom of my arms, forcing them behind my back in the corkscrew sleeves, and I gave myself helplessly to his investigation of my chest which he released with another brief gesture by detaching my bra.

The frill of my blouse yawned over my exposed breasts that he held in his hands, bending down to lick my tips and suck on them alternately. I groaned in pleasure and tilted my pelvis towards him, arching me so that he could swallow my whole nipples. Her saliva was fresh on my otherwise scorching skin. The temperature contrast and her teeth painfully, but so deliciously, pointed to my breasts.

He lifted his face and pressed a hand against the wall near my head, his other hand still resting on one breast, the point of which my escort boy tickled the tip between thumb and forefinger. I parted my lips but only managed to breathe out of contentment, my eyes rolled back in pleasure. Threesomes – Try the cuckold experience.

Another moan from me, but a satisfied little smile also appeared on my mouth. Then he straightened up again and looked into mine. I tucked my lips forward, fluttering my lashes to express my confusion.

A triolist pleasure

A triolist pleasure

He pressed his belly against mine and I felt his obvious erection force against the fabric of his pants. I pitched my pelvis against his erection. I leaned forward so that my lips brushed hers.

Despite the jacket that still hindered me, I managed to put a hand on her cock bandaged through the fabric. He stared at me without saying anything for a second, then took me by the arm and pulled me after him. I followed her, obedient. Threesomes – Try the cuckold experience.

I do not know what awaits me, but I have the impression that it will please me. He led me into the living room and stopped by the black leather sofa. He turned to me and finished completely undoing my jacket which he threw on the ground. Then he got rid of his, quickly untied his tie which followed the same path as my jacket and his. He unbuttoned the top buttons of his shirt. Kicked his shoes with two kicks, then the socks also disappeared.

He did all of this without taking my eyes off me. I stood before him and did not move, as if he had issued the implied order that I should obey his finger and the eye. And because I was madly in love with this man and I knew he was just as in love with me, this situation did not offend me. I even found this unusual relationship mode between us rather exciting.

Barefoot, in pants and unbuttoned shirt, my escort boy faced me and then proceeded to my stripping. He finished undoing the buttons on my blouse, which flew like a boat sail a few meters away. The bra knew a less graceful trajectory. Then my gentleman’s hands went to my pants which fell on my feet.

The pleasure of the couple

The pleasure of the couple

He grabbed my butt in both hands, moved closer to me. There, bare chest in front of him, loose pants on the ankles and just a string of black lace, I could only belong to him and submit to his desires.

He cautiously tilted me back on the couch. I rested against the thick, fluffy cushions that dotted the couch. my gentleman knelt down to take off my shoes and the pants gathered on my feet. Then he grabbed the sides of my thong and slowly, so slowly, slid the lingerie down my legs.

I sighed with desire under his serious and possessive gaze. His eyes scanned the smallest area of ​​my body and his hands, so voracious earlier, became softer when, going up the inside of my thighs, he spread them on my secret garden vibrating with desire.

My belly tightened and, of myself, I opened more widely the way to my pleasure. I threw my arms over my head, completely surrendering to him. I knew what he was going to do and my escort boy barely put his lips to my secret garden when I was overcome with an uncontrollable shiver.

He started by kissing my secret garden with a full mouth, parting his lips as if it were a fruit he was tasting. Then his tongue entered the dance, intermittently pointing between his lips to touch my privacy.

How sweet, how good. Without focusing on this hypersensitive point of my secret garden, he began to lapping me with the flat of my tongue, from bottom to top, slowly at first, then faster and stronger, his tongue interfering at the start of the race. the entrance to my secret garden, making me want more. His fingers on both sides of my secret garden opened it more to facilitate his feast and, shaken by this slow pleasure like a torture, I tightened my hands on those of James.

Suddenly the orgasm stretched my whole body on the sofa. I folded my legs, tightening my thighs around the raised face of my gentleman who watched the enjoyment devastate me without his fingers leaving my secret dripping garden.

Face to side, eyes closed, I slowly resurfaced, my hands now in James’s hair. Never had a man given me so much pleasure. Then he got up and straightened me in a sitting position on the sofa, pulling me by both arms. I still had my head spinning from this violent enjoyment and suddenly I found myself face to face with the erection of James, still trapped in his pants.

He didn’t have time to react. I didn’t even know if that was what he wanted from me, but it was what I wanted to do anyway. My hands undid his belt and lowered his pants, then his boxers swollen with his desire. I guessed that he was getting rid of his shirt which was blocking his view from above.

He put his hand on my hair, lovingly, as if not to lose foot, when I took his cock in my hands to put a piece of latex on it and I slipped it into my mouth, cuddling his tongue, tightening my lips around from his taut iron bar.

A new enjoyment

A new enjoyment

was hungry for him, again, despite this orgasm that he had stolen from me when I preferred nothing more than his cock inside me, than our bodies intertwined and glued to each other in caresses, that our pleasures vibrating even in the flesh of the other.

My hand slid over his manhood, my mouth covered him and our moans of desire met in the otherwise silent apartment. He took me from the sofa to the nearby coffee table, then tipped me over onto the tray, which he waved with his hand from his books and other remote controls. He fell to his knees between my thighs, his two hands holding my arms above my head, firmly but not suddenly.

He stayed a few seconds like this, his cock resting against mine, his gaze riveted on mine, his chest lifting, battered by his broken breath. He penetrated me suddenly and I was so excited, by his voice, by our game, by my desire for him, that I perceived the beginning of a new orgasm. He was immediately smothered by the repeated assaults of his licks in me, his eyes still glued to mine.

I felt him strong and victorious in me. His possession of my body was indisputable and delicious. Each of his manly impulses filled me more and I saw these features that became more tense each time he approached the enjoyment. He narrowed his eyes, he was going to capitulate. Swinger – Try the threesome experience.

He suddenly widened his eyes, suddenly let go of my wrists to cling to my waist. And my escort boy dived one last time in me, arching his whole body, launching a ferocious and animal roar that made me turn my head.

His pelvis suddenly slows his movements and he remained stuck in me, his manhood still swollen and present. Pushed thus into me, he pressed himself harder against my secret garden without actually moving and, suddenly, my exhausted belly fired a last burst of jolts while James, motionless above me, observed me with tenderness.

When I manage to regain my wits and my breath, James, still in me, leaned over to caress my face and wipe the sweat running down my brow from his palm. I had never felt so female and never had so much fun with a man. I slowly emerged from the rain of kisses he placed on my face.


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