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Offer your wife to a male escort for cuckolding or threesome

Living the fantasy of a threesome experience

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The idea of living the fantasy of a threesome experience with a male escort had come from the husband, but he wanted his wife to be a part of it, to want it, to have the idea titillate and turn her on. Reluctant at first, she let herself be convinced and they decided to look for a male escort to respond to their expectations.

On his site, he was telling his stories of threesomes and cuckolding that attracted them first. In his forties, like them, he described himself as tall, dark and above all a gentleman. A few contacts by email and instant messaging have finished deciding them. James was able to convince them with his calm, his voice and his absolute respect for women, a true gentleman of modern times. They agreed to meet, to make love between the three of them.

He arrived one evening for dinner. They had prepared a small meal for the occasion, rather light as they did not want to spend hours at the table. The preparation of this meal was special. Mr. and Mrs. exchanged very few words, but their many languid visual and tactile contact spoke volumes about their mutual excitement.

Imagine you have 2 hard men to please you

Imagine you have 2 hard men to please you

When the doorbell rang, the husband went to open the door for her. He heard his wife sigh, tense and excited at the same time. He was in the same state as her even though he tried to feign coolness. She was waiting for them at the top of the stairs. James approached his wife smiling, put a hand on her arm and kissed her on the cheeks to greet her. His movements were slow and delicate. The husband felt that his wife was already under his spell even before he said a word. His wife then looked at her husband smiling and he understood that she liked him.

James wore a rather fitted white shirt that showed off her body and black dress pants. his wife had put on a pretty short red dress for the occasion, revealing her magnificent legs. A discreet neckline hinted at her chest in a subtle way. The husband also wore a shirt and one of his pants that best show off him. The husband also wanted to please his wife.

They had a quick drink during which they exchanged banalities that allowed them to break the ice. The looks the three of them threw at each other made her melt pretty quickly. The gentleman devoured her with his eyes and she loved it. Living the fantasy of a threesome experience.

These preliminaries had created a game of seduction, very pleasant and very exciting. The atmosphere was very relaxed. They laughed a lot at James’s delicate humor, which brought them together. his wife was seated at the end of the table, as usual, and the two men placed themselves on either side of the beauty. The husband saw James put his hand on his wife several times and stroke her with his fingers. His wife and her husband let him do it.

The male escort took turns looking at them, laughing. James passed a hand under the table. He wanted to stroke her leg. He found her knee and slowly moved up to her hip, slowly back and forth.


Knowing that another man was touching his wife made his cock stiffen all at once. The heat was building in him and feeling his wife’s legs parting slightly turned him on even more.
Every now and then, James would come back to her neck, kissing and licking her. The male escort gently parted the wife’s legs with his hand as continued to kiss her. He went up inside her thighs and came to rest on her pussy. The wife let out a small moan when she felt his fingers caressing her through the fabric of her panties.

The wife was stroking him too and she slipped up to his crotch. The husband saw her delicate approach and it drove him crazy with excitement. His wife finally found the bump formed by his hard cock and began to stroke it. The male escort gave a growl of approval that encouraged her to continue.

James had come back up and was stroking her breasts through her dress. He came back down after a few seconds and went back between her legs. Madam spread her thighs a little more to welcome him. He continued to kiss her fiercely and put his hand in her panties. She let it go, looking in the eyes of her husband who appreciated this moment of sharing.

The husband saw her suddenly arch with a loud moan and he saw the back and forth in her panties that made him realize that James was penetrating her with his fingers. She seemed to love it. He bit his lip and began to stroke himself through his pants. His wife’s moans became regular to the rhythm of his movements inside her stomach, slow and deep. The husband decided at that point to join them. Seeing her drunk with pleasure under the caresses of this male escort had deeply excited her and he wanted, at his turn, to please her..

Take an appointment with me to live the suite of that story “the idea of ​​living the fantasy of a threesome experience” at your home or at the hotel of your choice in Paris.


Do you want to give pleasure to your wife? In a moment of pure sensuality, in the arms of a masseur expert in tailor-made female pleasure. Why are you depriving yourself of having fun in the hands of a man of the world who will treat you with all the respect you deserve and will not judge you to want to relax and release your stress by letting go. Also see Naughty Nights as that’s such a good place to find naughty locals that want some very naughty fun.

Let me transport you to the erotic magic of threesomes. Try living the fantasy of a threesome experience with a male escort during a sensual massage or a timeless moment discreetly and safely. You will forget all your worries and be able to let go during a unique adult entertainment experience with mutual respect with protection.

Sharing your wife with a male escort in Paris

Sharing your wife with a male escort in Paris

Looking forward to seducing you, making you laugh, entertaining you, massaging you. But first of all let’s get to know each other over a non-binding drink and I’ll tell you everything you want to know.

Book The idea of ​​living the fantasy of a threesome experience with a male escort as soon as you are worth it.

Looking forward to please your wife. James

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