What It’s Like to Meet a Male Escort in Paris

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What It’s Like to Meet a Male Escort in Paris

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Jessica had a deep night’s sleep. In the morning, only memories remain of the sensations experienced the night before. She had never known such desire burning. Often she liked being taken strongly. But that desire was intellectualized. The one of yesterday was completely animal.

A horny beast that only satisfaction of sexual needs appease. While at table for breakfast in front of her coffee and toast with butter and jam, Jessica thought. She liked this escort boy, he made her come like no one ever in her life.

Jessica was a woman who was driving her business successfully. But she wanted to live physical experiments always unconventional. That’s why she contacted this male escort to enjoy unique experiences of pleasure.

The gentleman accepted the conditions and called her a few days later. The escort boy, named James, offered to pick her up with a cab to take her for dinner before escorting her at a luxury hotel where he had booked a room. Jessica was wearing a long evening dress. she was showing her shoulders and the birth of her chest in a sensual way, highlighting her slender silhouette, with a tight waist and a low corolla starting at her knees. James was also very elegant in three-piece suit.

The couple went to a nice restaurant in a classy hotel. Beutiful and gorgeous, she looked like a vestal. They had diner with champagne and James entertains her with a nice chatting where they discussed many topics of the news. Then they went to the room that James had booked.

The escort boy asked Jessica to take off her dress. She had a lot of presence, taking a proud attitude while she was following his orders. She was wearing under her dress that half-breasts bra pushing up her chest with arrogant nipples , and a matching garter belt holding her back down to mid-thigh.

James put his hand between her legs. She was hot. He slipped his finger between her lips already swollen by her excitement and was not surprised by her wetness calling him for penetration.

Her male escort start rubbing her secret garden, insisted on her clit, but merely to rub her without introducing any finger. Jessica began to respond to his touch imperceptibly rolling her hips and letting out little moans.

She was seized by a feeling halfway between the burn and sting. James had placed four or five ice cubes in his open palm and started to rub her sex with it.

Jessica felt her flesh retracting mechanically, but her desire to be fulfill was still present. Fortunately, she felt that James unfastened. Perfectly erected, he made a few trips between his lips to lubricate his iron bar and preparing her for penetration. But suddenly Jessica felt something special inside her. James was now introducing some ice partially melted into her. When that was done, he penetrated her to seal the entrance with his penis wrapped in a condom and pushed his pelvis forward.

James pushed the pieces of ice to fulfill her. Jessica mingled both the soft feel to finally be invested and the biting cold that was contracting the walls of her vagina. For James it was delicious. Melting ice and contractions holding his penis firmly. Her male escort began to make slow but powerful back and forth. He felt small pieces of ice flowing back while he was pushing deeper. Then once the ice had melted, he started to move faster and she came for the first time.

Her gigolo gave her a little break. Jessica had not moved, her indecency offered to her gigolo. Once he had regained strength, James pushed her in her kneel and bring his virility near her. She took him with her hands, lips and tongue, successfully. He fuck her for a long time, but his pleasure was not coming.

Her male escort put her knees. This time she was not her sucking him but him fucking her mouth. He held his head so that Jessica could not escape. He was entering in her mouth as far as he wanted. She was very excited by his dominant position.

James allowed himself powerful round trips deep in her mouth. Against all odds Jessica manages to completely take his dick in her mouth. James ordered her to remove the latest underwear she still had and lie down on the bed
Then the man stood behind her. Unceremoniously dived suddenly deep as he could. Jessica was screaming, as she cried every time he was fucking her. Her male escort had grabbed her hair and pulled it back at each movement of his own body.

He was riding her bareback, clinging to the mane of his horse. This was more obvious when it started a gallop rhythm. When their bodies were stretched in spasms of enjoyment, they were both sweating.

Jessica felt waves of pleasure increasing to cloud nine. First a kind of amazing pleasure. Then bright spots and visual hallucinations. Then her body began to suffer uncontrollable twitching. She lived an orgasm in a total let go.


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