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An exquisite moment in a shower with a male escort boy

Looking for a Male escorting in the shower

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Madame was looking for a Male escorting in the shower. Madame went to the bathroom, where she began to undress. The weather was stormy this late afternoon, and the air was sticky. She needed a good shower to freshen up and clear her mind. Once naked, Madame glanced in the mirror above the sink.

She was a petite blonde with a thin, pale body. Her breasts were surprisingly large compared to the rest of her body, and her buttocks pleasantly plump.

She did not like her curves, which gave her a very sexy silhouette. Like many women, she felt complexed…

Cunnilingus avec un escort boy sous la douche

Cunnilingus avec un escort boy sous la douche

She climbed into the tub, and she wondered if she should take a bath or a shower. Suddenly she felt very tired.

Her eyes slowly closed, but she forced herself to turn the shower knob to wake up. When the hot water gushed over her body, she let out a long sigh of relief. She loved the way the shower spray massaged her skin.

She had run in the Luxembourg park adjacent to her building, and her muscles ached. The warm water caressed her sensually, much like a very caring lover.

Madame thought again of James, the male escort boy she had ordered for this evening, and she felt excited. She wished he had hugged her now.

Madame ran the jet of hot water over her fully shaved sex, and she moaned discreetly. And then suddenly, she heard a suspicious noise at the door.
She gently pushed the shower curtain open, and she saw that someone was turning the handle.

-Who is here ? she asked in an uncertain voice.

The door then opened, and a tall figure slipped inside before closing it.
It was indeed her male escort boy.

– James ? you are already there ?

said the lady, mechanically placing her hands on her perfectly rounded breasts.

The man looked at her attentively, without giving her an answer and without showing the slightest embarrassment. Madame guessed an ardent desire in his eyes.

Shower with a male escort

Shower with a male escort

“I really wanted to see you naked,” he finally answered. I hope it does not bother you ? you told me you would leave your key under your doormat.
Madame looked at him without saying anything.

She felt a lump in her throat, and butterflies were fluttering in her stomach.

James advanced towards her while removing his white shirt. Then he did the same with his pants and his boxer shorts… He was completely naked now, and Madame could admire his gentleman’s body at leisure. His manhood was swollen with desire, and huge.

-Can I take a shower with you, honey?

“I…I…” she stammered.

Alright James…

Madam was very excited. She felt like she was living a daydream.

He joins her in the shower and walks closer to her. He was so tall next to her, and so attractive.

Madame was shaking in all her limbs as she was excited. The hot water fell on their naked bodies, wetting their hair and covering their skin with fine glistening drops of water. She then lowered her eyes, and she looked again at the erect member of the gentleman. He was like crazy for her…

-Do you see the effect you have on me?

he asked, putting his hand on Madame’s cheek.

-Yes… Me too, I’m excited…

He leaned towards her and grabbed her pretty plump buttocks. He then placed a burning kiss on the quivering lips of the beautiful lady. She closed her eyes to better appreciate the sensual wave of his mouth caressing hers.

Around them, the steam from the shower transformed the bathroom into an erotic sauna…
He then gently pulled away from her, but Madame grabbed his muscular arm.

“Again,” she asked.

He pressed his warm body against hers. His pecs crashed against her voluptuous mature breasts, and she felt his massive cock caress her hot, wet slit.

The hot water still fell like a waterfall on their bodies overwhelmed with desire. He darted his tongue into the lady’s mouth and wrapped it around hers in a long erotic dance. Madame trembled in all her limbs. What they were doing was totally forbidden, and terribly exciting.

He caressed her big breasts swollen with desire.

Dreaming of a sexy erotic shower

Dreaming of a sexy erotic shower

-Would you mind…soaping my breasts? she asked with a fake innocent look.

“With pleasure,” he replied with his charming smile.

He placed a dab of soap in the palm of his hand, then he began to massage the creamy foam on Madame’s supple and soft chest. She closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of the male escort boy’s warm, firm hands on her excited breasts. He feasted on her soft flesh, enjoying her woman’s body as he saw fit…

“Your breasts are beautiful,” he whispered in her ear.

“I love what you do,” she replied.

She also put down a hazelnut of hevon in the palm of her hand, then she grabbed James’s erect penis to cover it with foam.

“Let me soap you, too,” she said, smiling mischievously at him.

Her own temerity astonished the woman… It was as if she was going through a kind of sexual trance.

She moved her hand back and forth over his penis, jerking it off while massaging the soap into his cock. She saw James shudder and moan… He was so hard… She loved giving pleasure to this forty-three-year-old man. She felt like a real little slut, and she liked it.

“You’re doing very well,” he said, placing another kiss on his partner’s lips.

He put a little more soap in the palm of his hand, and then he put it on the lady’s sex.

-I too, I must wash your secret garden, he said.

He began to massage her pussy, making sensual circles on the lips of her vulva which were swollen with excitement.

Never before had a man touched Madame like this, and she had never felt such an intense and wondrous sensation in her entire life. They were masturbating each other in the shower, and it was delicious…

-It’s too good, James… she said under her breath.

He continued to massage her hot pussy, thus soaping her lips, her labia minora, her mons pubis and her clitoris… When he reached her tender bud, electric shocks of pleasure invaded her whole body.

-Oh yes… go on, Jean… I really like what you are doing…
He then plunged his index finger into Madame’s vagina and gently fingered her while massaging the soap on her clitoris with his thumb. She leaned against him and bit his muscular shoulder to keep from screaming.

“I’m going to come…” she moaned.
– Go ahead, Madam, let yourself go.

Madame had passed the point of no return. She needed to cum…

She then exploded on Jean’s fingers, and her vagina contracted on her index finger as waves of cosmic pleasure invaded her whole body. She winced as she
letting go of this indescribable pleasure… Jean was offering her the most intense pleasure she had ever known in her entire life.

It’s your turn to take the plunge and contact me to live an unforgettable experience of pleasure in the shower or elsewhere, you decide how and where I will give you pleasure. I am here to satisfy your desires with respect, protection and discretion.

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Looking for a Male escorting in the shower is a service for modern women who want to discover all the secrets of pleasure with an experienced gentleman. Many women want to learn how to make love with a gentleman without the complications.

Breathe in the journey of timeless pleasure and the era of erotic play during an orgasmic private party with a gentleman. Enter my world and feel the humidity invade your crotch thanks to the fantasy of a pleasure experience without consequences with a respectful and delicate escort boy. looking for a Male escorting in the shower with a real gentleman escort boy for the pleasure of the sensual woman who is in you.

shower together save water with a male escort

shower together save water with a male escort

Enjoy endless foreplay with your escort boy. Drown your senses in seduction, looking for a Male escorting in the shower is an exceptional experience with a gentleman. You will never forget that day. You will finally be able to take pleasure and abandon yourself to your female impulses that I would make exult under my virile male caresses.

Whatever your age, your origin, your skin color, your physique, I am here to satisfy your desire for discovery. Looking for a Male escorting in the shower with or without experience will transport you to the joyful magic of a timeless evening in complete discretion and in complete safety. Professional lover of adult women’s entertainment to shiver with a kiss on the neck in the arms of a manly and tender gentleman.

2 hours – 3 hours – 4 hours and until the end of the night. Whatever the duration, I make it a point of honor to give you pleasure thanks to my experience of women. Please inquire by simply contacting me by call or message.

Nice to meet you. Looking for a Male escorting in the shower for adult women. A charming virile and tender gentleman boyfriend who will make you come in the shower and elsewhere.

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male escort boy shower

Sex therapy

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Sex Therapy

When we got back to his male escort’s hotel suite, he carried me inside and laid me on his fluffy bed. It smelled really fresh and clean. I watched him as he made his way around the room, closing blinds and pulling curtains shut. After each one he would look back at me as if he was waiting for me to change my mind or something. No chance, this was my moment, I wanted to do this as a Sex Therapy, I had to do this for personal reasons. When he finished, he came to me and picked me up again. James carried me to the bathroom and turned on the shower, never saying a word.

My mind was racing, along with my hormones and nerves. He slowly pulled off my jacket and let it fall to the floor, watching my eyes, still waiting for a sign to stop. He wasn’t getting any. He unbuckled my belt and slowly pulled it all the way out. When it slid across my skin, it gave me a shiver and I took a deep breath. He let it fall to the floor. He knelt down in front of me, never looking away from my eyes and slowly pulled my boots and socks off. As I was looking down at him, I felt naughty.

I liked that feeling, a lot. Carefully, he reached up to my waist and undid each button, one at a time, on my jeans. As each button popped open I could feel it in my chest like the drums in my favorite rock song. I felt nervous that I was going to be naked soon, but the excitement of the way he was undressing me slowly diminished that feeling. He pulled my pants down and I stepped out of them. His eyes were still locked to mine.

Pleasure to be with a dominant man

Pleasure to be with a dominant man

The Sex Therapy gentleman for demanding women stood and took the bottom of my shirt and slowly pulled it over my head and let it drop to the floor. Then he reached around and undid my bra in one easy motion. When his arms touched my bare skin, I could feel my nipples harden and became aware of the wanting and the wetness between my legs. Here I was in nothing but my panties in front of someone I’d just met. The nervousness was gone now and I was more than okay with it. My breasts were heaving and I was almost panting at this point.

He knelt in front of me again and very slowly pulled my panties down. I stepped out of them. He moved them aside and stood. I felt free, not embarrassed or stripped, because the way my male escort looked at me made me feel sexier than I’d ever felt. He pulled his shirt off. I wanted to look so badly but he hadn’t left my eyes and I couldn’t pull out. He kicked off his shoes and brought his feet up and took off his socks. I noticed how agile he was and wondered what moves he’d show me next.

The gigolo put his hands on his pants button and hesitated, he was giving me every opportunity to stop, but this was what I wanted, what I needed. My eyes were asking him to keep going. He unbuttoned and unzipped, and down they went. He kicked them away. Our eyes were still locked. I could tell he was naked. I didn’t know if his underwear went with his pants or if he wasn’t wearing any, and I could also tell he had a beautiful iron bar. I was so fucking turned on. I wanted to look at him, I wanted to touch him, why did he have to be so sensual?

He reached back and opened the shower door. I walked toward it. I had to leave his eyes, finally, to step in, and he followed. I turned to him, put my arms around him and started kissing him. He tasted delicious. My hands were exploring every inch of his upper body.

Our eyes locked again. He slowly squeezed shampoo into his hands, rubbed them together, and lathered up my hair, massaging my head. It felt so good I had to close my eyes for a moment. He took my hand and squeezed some shampoo into it. I reached up and massaged his head, his hair felt thick and healthy. I pressed my fingers hard against his scalp. He ever so lightly pushed me back so my hair was under the shower head. I closed my eyes and let it wash over me as he ran his hands through, rinsing the suds. Every time his hand touched the back of my neck, I got a tingling sensation between my legs. We kissed again, slowly, I pulled him to me so his head was under the water, too. I ran my fingers through his hair until it felt like the suds were gone.

male escort boy shower

male escort boy shower

I pushed him back until he was against the wall and kissed him more urgently, I could feel his hardness against my stomach and I wanted it inside me. I sucked on his tongue and bit his lip. Then I pulled back and I looked at him, all of him.

I took him by the hand and led the way to his bed. Both of us were soaking wet. I pushed him down on the bed and opened his night stand drawer, assuming that if he had condoms, this was where they’d be. I pulled out a condom and opened it. I wanted to put it on him, but I had no experience doing that, so I handed it to him. I watched him slowly set it on the head and roll it down the shaft.

Fuck Sex Therapy! That was sexy. She climbed on top of him and started kissing him, hard. She was rocking her secret garden against his cock and She was on the verge of taking him in when he turned quickly and was on top of her.

“Fuck me now,” She said, pleading. Her male escort looked into my eyes. He slowly put his cock right against her opening and very slowly moved his hips back and forth, putting pressure against her, but not entering her.

“Please, James.” I tried to thrust my hips forward enough to feel him inside me. I arched my back and he leaned down and put his mouth over my hard nipple, sucking on it briefly before moving to the other side. I moaned. He pulled his cock away from me and kissed my stomach, then back up to my nipples, and he was against me again. He was driving me crazy.

“James, I want you to fuck me for my Sex Therapy.” I was looking right into his eyes. He pressed harder against me. “Yes,” I whispered, our eyes were locked. He was beginning to enter me.

The man pulled back, opened his night stand drawer, and grabbed some lubricant. He put it on his finger and put it against me. He rubbed my love button and then slid his finger inside me, watching my eyes with every move. He put another finger inside me and I was losing my mind. He pulled his fingers out and rubbed some lubricant on himself, and then he was pushing against me again.

“Just fuck me now,” I whispered loudly. He pushed forward, he was partially inside me when he stopped, watching my reaction. It hurt, a lot, but I didn’t want him to stop. I had to do this.

James pulled her down and pushed inside her, his thick head stretching her pussy. It was so damn good, she gasped. He pushed her down, using his hands on her waist to screw her further onto his love muscle. He fucked her in and out hard and fast. When he finally hit bottom, filling her in a way she’d never forget, he pulled her back against his chest and kissed her neck, whispering.

She had never had an orgasm like that, not even with her vibrator. James was really the best Sex Therapy she ever had.


Sex Therapy for women: All women deserve to receive it. As a gentleman for demanding women, I offer you the security of my professionalism and my experience that will allow you to be sure that my Sex Therapy will please you and that your eyes will be shining at our next meeting.

The Sex Therapy can teach you how to let go like an education of your senses that will provide you with a unique entertainment for adults in mutual respect with protection.

Contact me to arrange the details of your own Sex Therapy and you will get it on the date you want.

looking forward to meeting you. James

☎ +33755186013