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How to forget your ex

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After her separation Madame wa looking for a service like How to forget your ex. She wore ultra sexy outfits that showed off her body. She knew exactly what her strengths were and she accentuated them every time she went out. She really liked to wear yoga pants that hugged her beautiful buttocks and even her pussy. Madame was not one to wear panties. It was a thong or nothing, and she loved being looked at. However, she was not ready for a new relationship and first had to heal her wounds in moments of entertainment.

When she contacted me for a meeting at her home, I didn’t know what to expect. Of course, as a professional escort boy, I knew how to adapt to all situations.

So I showed up at his home as agreed and after a few minutes to get to know each other. I asked him:

“What do you want from me?” I asked, ready to do anything and everything to satisfy my partner. Madame’s eyes filled with desire when she answered him.
“You must do whatever I want. I don’t want it to be known, it must remain our little secret.”

“Okay,” I whispered before leaning over to meet her lips with mine. The kiss was carnal and sensual but far too short as she turned away from the kiss after a few seconds before backing up to sit on her bed. She took off her little shoes and slid them under her bed.

I stood frozen looking at her when she began to pull up her skirt to let me see what she was hiding underneath. I wasn’t surprised to see her without panties but that didn’t stop me from admiring her confidence and the sight that lay between her pretty thighs.

“Do you like what you see?” She asked smiling, knowing the answer just by looking down at the huge bulge in my pants.
“Huh huh,” was all I could answer as my desire began to grow and my breathing became more and more ragged. If his goal was to drive me mad with desire, it was successful.

I had never imagined such a scene but there, I had to admit that the reality exceeded my imagination.

“Approach.” She ordered and I could only obey trying to control myself.
With every step I took towards her, I could see her little pussy in more detail and it was clear that the situation turned her on just as much as it did me.

how to forget your ex easily - Male escort boy

how to forget your ex easily – Male escort boy

She was wet and ready for a good cock. I was about to lick her and bury my tongue between her soft, smooth folds.

She spread her legs a little more and her skirt was up to her hips. Without even knowing what I was doing, I automatically knelt in front of her. Positioned between her legs, I met her gaze and saw the satisfaction on her face.
“Lick me,” she said wordlessly as my face was close to her pussy. I leaned over her and my warm breath on her skin made her shiver.

Without further ado, I plunged my head between her thighs as she had asked. Madame slipped her hand through my hair to push my head against her pussy. My nose was over her clitoris and I started licking her enthusiastically, savoring the great taste of her flesh and juices. Madame moaned at the first licks on her clitoris and looking up, I could see that she had tilted her head back, closing her eyes. Her top had started to slip off her shoulder and the vision created was the most erotic I had ever seen.

“You look delicious,” I whispered before continuing to lick her and make small circles all around her clitoris. I tried to learn as best I could what she liked and what made her lose control without ever stopping. I licked and ate her faster and faster, like a hungry young man and she started to moan more and more.
Suddenly, she pulled me back as I felt her orgasm coming at high speed. Madame took the opportunity to remove the top she was wearing and I did the same with my clothes and my shoes.

I was naked and exposed to her gaze in front of her when she was worthy of a painting. My manhood was hard as a rock when she ordered me to lie down on her bed. Seconds later I was putting on a condom and Madame was riding me like I was a stud and she started sliding her sweet little pussy wet slit all over my big escort boy cock. She was rubbing her throbbing clit over my cock and I put my hands on her hips to help her move.

Shortly after, when she was tired of teasing and torturing me, Madame lifted herself up before guiding me inside her. She met my eyes and the more I sank into her, the more her mouth opened wide. Her lashes fluttered as she impaled herself

ur me, inch by inch until she completely surrounds me with her hot and humid sex.

She started riding it slowly for starters and I was hoping I could last longer than five minutes with that MILF body taking me like I was her favorite sex toy, that’s How To Forget Your Ex.

I appreciated every movement, every back and forth she made on my manhood and I let her set the pace she wanted even if I was overflowing with energy and wanted to show her what I was capable of in bed.

For the moment her pussy was controlling me but a few minutes later I couldn’t help but grab her waist and accelerate Madame’s back and forth as she met her skillful hips faster and faster.

Her lovely pair of breasts were bouncing above me and I pulled myself up so I could take one of her nipples into my mouth. The moan that came out of her mouth told me I had done well.

entertainment - male escort paris

entertainment – male escort paris

My manhood was in heaven and the desire rising in me pushed me to accelerate the pace and the force of my thrusts. Madame liked to release a little control and power to give it to me because she kept moaning like she liked being fucked hard by a man older than her. I stretched her pussy to the maximum and she continued to take my manhood at an accelerated pace. All my thoughts were focused on the pleasure I felt every second.

Suddenly, I felt my body prepare to release his seed so I quickly slipped a hand up to her clitoris to caress and rub her until orgasm.

“I’m going to cum,” I moaned to warn her and hearing that, Madame was revitalized and taken with incredible enthusiasm. It was as if she wanted to make me cum even faster and find her own orgasm to come along with me.

“Oh yes, go ahead! Cum for me!” she cried, moaning. I continued to stimulate her clitoris while swollen and excited under my caresses and a few seconds were enough for her to explode under my fingers. She was taken by an intense and indescribable pleasure. Her tits were bouncing as I pounded her and in a rush I took Madame’s ass in my hands before rocking her so I could fuck her wildly missionary.

Her legs were around my hips and her hands were on my ass to regain some control as she was penetrated again and again. Our bodies slammed into each other and with a final groan, I emptied myself deep inside her. Her pussy squeezed all around my manhood as she descended herself from her enjoyment.

I pulled away from her and lay down next to her to catch my breath. My eyes didn’t leave her though and seeing the glint of pleasure in her eyes and on her face, I felt a wave of pride wash over me.

A few minutes later as we had recovered from our emotions, I turned to kiss her on the neck and she now knew how to get over her ex.


How to forget your ex with a gentleman is a service for women who want to restore sexual contact with a man. Many women have felt lost after a difficult time without sex. They want to rediscover pleasure with an experienced man to feel confident. How to forget your ex is the best solution to forget your past and move on.

Breathe in the journey of pleasure and the era of erotic play during a Sex Therapy Experience evening with a Gentleman with a specialist in female accompaniment. Enter my world and feel the moisture invading your crotch through the fantasy of a pleasure experience without consequences through the Discovery of Female Pleasure. Sex therapy experience with a Gentleman at home in Paris and around the world for the pleasure of the sensual woman in you.

How to forget your ex with a Gentleman offers you an exceptional entertainment experience. You will never forget that day. You will finally be able to take passionate pleasure and abandon yourself to your female impulses that I would make exult under my virile male caresses. How to forget your ex with a respectful Gentleman.

Amazing Paris Male Companion

Amazing Paris Male Companion

Whatever your age, your origin, your skin color, your physique, I am here to satisfy your desire for sex. Living out your intimate desires with a gentleman will transport you to the joyful magic of a timeless evening in complete discretion and in complete safety. How to forget your ex in Paris for women who have just had a breakup.

2 hours – 3 hours – 4 hours and until the end of the night. Whatever the duration, I make it a point of honor to give you pleasure thanks to my experience of women. Please inquire by simply contacting me by call or message.

Busy, professional and insightful woman, you are looking for How to forget your ex. You need attention and to be pampered. Someone who wants to make you feel like an absolute queen and has no expectations of time commitments or emotional labor.

Someone who can accompany you to an important event and put their full attention on you, but who is not intimidated by your presence. That’s the beauty of straight male companionship. You’re paying for someone’s time and company that you don’t have to mother.

A man who is educated, classy and experienced who understands women.

Looking forward to meeting you and making you forget your ex in the pleasure of our meeting.


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Meeting a male escort boy

Erotic Passion and Desire with a gigolo

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My gentleman tied the lace around my wrists, loose enough that it didn’t hurt, but tight enough that I was well and truly bound. Tied up. Totally at his mercy. I tested the bonds, and knew that I was held fast. Erotic Passion and Desire with a gigolo.

Despite knowing I was perfectly safe in Paris the city of love with my french gentleman male escort , I felt a shimmer of fear. I’d never been tied up before. I’d never been so completely within a man’s thrall before. In that moment, I knew I would do almost anything he asked of me. And I was okay with that, because I knew he wouldn’t ask me to do anything I wouldn’t want, wouldn’t enjoy.

discover the passion

discover the passion

A growl left his lips, and he reached for me, grabbing my ass and jerking me against him, cupping the back of my neck and my ass to hold me flush against him, his jeans rough against my skin, his cock thick behind the denim, hard and straining.

James plundered my mouth with his, a french kiss so furiously desperate that I was left breathless when he pulled away. My male escort palmed both cheeks of my ass and lifted me, and I wrapped my legs around his waist, draped my bound hands behind his head, leaning down to kiss him, demanding his passion with my own kiss.

My male escort took a step, another, and then leaned forward, letting my weight drop me to the bed, my wrists at the back of his neck pulling him to me, keeping the french kiss unbroken, mouths moving, our lips tasting and teeth nipping, tongues merging and tangling, and I felt heat in my belly, an ache that had never been sated, a desire made volcanically potent by his torturous teasing with fingers and mouth, never giving me the fullness of his body.

James ducked out of my arms, backed away, shedding his blazer. I rose to a sitting position, reaching for him, grabbing a fistful of T-shirt, keeping him within in my reach. I tugged up with both hands, knotted in the cotton, and he bent to let me pull the shirt off him.

Next I reached for his pants, leaning in to kiss his breastbone, and as my lips passed over his chest, I felt the pounding of his heart, a staccato rhythm of nerves to mirror my own.

My male escort was outwardly calm and in control, despite what his pulse revealed. James stood still, staring down at me with a hint of a smile curving his mouth, as I fumbled with the button of his jeans and then, somewhat awkwardly with my tied wrists, lowered his zipper.

The art of pleasure

The art of pleasure

I pulled the jeans down around his knees, and he stepped out of them. With my bound wrists I could only get one hand curled inside the elastic of his boxer-briefs. I pulled them down in front, revealing the broad, purplish head of his thick cock waiting for me. I used the elastic to pull him closer, and then I bent over and licked the drop of clear liquid from his tip, then wrapped my lips around him, tasting him, salty and springy-soft.

My male escort pulled away, his cock leaving my mouth with a pop, and then he shoved the underwear off, stepping out of them and toward me. Naked, James was a huge, hard specimen of perfect manhood. The sight of him made my mouth go dry, made my pussy clench and drip with desire, my core going wet as the fantasy of his body covering mine became a reality. I watched as he crawled onto the bed, my heart in my throat. Erotic Passion and Desire with a gigolo.

His huge hard cock was a long, jutting shaft, bobbing and swaying from side to side as he prowled over me, forcing me to lie down as he moved over me. I could barely swallow past the pounding of my heart, barely breathe, but then his mouth was on mine and I didn’t need to breathe, because he was my breath in that moment, his hot hard cock sliding naturally into my hands, tied in front of me and trapped between us.

My male escort lowered his face to my throat, his tongue sliding against the hollow, tickling and hot and tracing. Another kiss, this to the slice of skin between my tits, followed by half a dozen more slow kisses over the round swell of my boob to the edge of my areola, and then he was tugging the cup down and baring my breast and laving his tongue over my nipple, which puckered and tightened to a stiff peak in his mouth.

My french gigolo grabbed my wrists and pulled them up over my head. Tugged the other cup down and kissed that nipple into taut attention. James twisted in place to glance at my feet, which were still clad in the strappy sandals. James slid off me, brought my foot in front of him, and unbuckled the sandal, then drew it off, tossed it aside.

An intimate moment devoted to you

An intimate moment devoted to you

My male escort kissed my ankle, the top of my foot, kissed my calf while he unbuckled the other sandal and tossed it to join the other. His french lips slid up my leg to the soft underside of my knee, and then I placed my leg over his shoulder while he continued to plant a line of kisses up the inside of my thigh. His tongue lapped at the opening of my pussy, and I shivered.

My french gigolo knelt between my legs, one knee hooked over his shoulder, the other foot bent toward him. A kiss to the tender arch of my foot, tickling, another to the side of my foot, and then the top just above my toes, and then the ankle.

Now both my knees were resting on his shoulders, and his mouth was pressed to my opening in a wet, lapping kiss, his tongue curved to slide between my slick labia, the tip of his tongue parting my lips and nudging my sensitive, swollen clit.

I gasped aloud, arched my back, and his hands caught my hips, lifted my lower half off the bed, bringing my pussy to his mouth and swiping at my core with fat licks of his tongue. Erotic Passion and Desire with a gigolo.

I gasped again, fists clenched, and then let a whimper slip from my mouth, arched my spine, and curled my legs to help him lift my body closer. His stubble was delicious, a sandpaper roughness against my soft skin as his face moved and his fingers dug into the flesh and muscle of my ass, and his tongue speared inside me again and again.

The heat and pressure building in my core became an inferno, my gasps and whimpers becoming shrieks and moans, and then I was there, shuddering on the verge of orgasm, his name on my lips. But then he dropped me to the mattress and his mouth left my cleft, and his name turned into a curse.

My male escort bit my other nipple, eliciting a shriek of protest, which turned into a moan as he sucked the thick peak into his mouth and suckled it, soothing the sting and sending a line of aching pleasure tugging at my core.

I couldn’t get all that out again, so I wrapped my legs around his waist and lifted my hips, seeking his hardness with my softness, finding his huge hard cock and sliding my slick heat along it, grinding against him.

Once I caught my breath, I shook my head. My french gigolo pushed in, a slow, aching penetration. I gasped, a high-pitched inbreath of surprise as he filled me. Holy shit. I felt like I was about to split apart, a burning ache that quickly turned to ecstasy as I adjusted to his size.

I wanna hold you

I wanna hold you

My eyes widened. I’d felt his girth with my hands, stroked his length, but that couldn’t prepare me for the reality of the way he’d feel inside me. I could only incline my head in a slight nod, and then he leaned down to kiss me, thrusting his tongue into my mouth and palming my breast as he stroked fully into me.

I couldn’t breathe, aching, burning, stretched, pierced. I forced my breath in, and out, and then I blinked as my head cleared, and I absorbed the steel-and-silk of his cock inside me. My male escort cupped my breast, then dragged my nipple between two fingers, sending a small quiver through me. My french gigolo still hadn’t moved, but I was shaking with delirium at the way he felt inside me, even motionless.

I nodded, fists clenching in the effort to hold still, the slow slide as he drew out sending a frenzy of quivering thrills through me, putting alight my need to move, to feel him glide inside me. Erotic Passion and Desire with a gigolo.

But I remained motionless, at least until he brushed his lips over mine, breathing with me, tongue flicking out to trace my lips. And then I couldn’t help but kiss him back, and he took my kiss and multiplied it, giving in to need, his cock poised just inside me, only our mouths moving.

We kissed with ferocious intensity, mouth clashing, tongues tangling, breath coming ragged and harsh. And then, matching a thrust of his tongue into my mouth, he stroked into me, spearing me with his massive cock, sliding slowly so his head spread my pussy apart and took him into me to the root. Our hips met, and I was frantic to move, shaking all over. Erotic Passion and Desire with a gigolo.

I just gave him all the desperation I felt in one pleading gaze. His brow furrowed, and he glided into me, smoothly and slowly, and this time I shrieked, a breathless sound.

I swallowed hard and forced myself to remain still, hands clenched over my head, legs extended and spread apart to accommodate his trim hips.

My male escort knew it. Surely he felt it in the throbbing quiver of my pussy, the way my walls clenched around him, the way I couldn’t slow my breathing, the way my hips were rising and falling on their own in a slight flutter, despite my mental commands to stay still. But he was breathing hard, too, despite only having thrust into me a few times.

Evacuate your stress

Evacuate your stress

His mouth covered my breast, his tongue sliding over my nipple, sucking my boob into his mouth and making me inhale sharply, and then he did it to the other boob, and then he was squeezing my tits together and licking at both nipples at once, and I was helpless, unable to stay still, my spine curving by itself, lifting my tits to his hot, wet mouth.

My male escort pushed in yet again, and this time he started a rhythm, an agonizingly slow pace meant to make me insane and succeeding. I moaned with each stroke, fighting to stay motionless as James teased and tortured me with glacially slow thrusts, filling me inch by inch, splitting me apart with his slick, hard cock, then withdrawing just as slowly and leaving me aching with emptiness, dearly needing to move to bring him back inside me, as if his erection filling me was all that I needed to be compete.

My french gigolo sucked in a breath and let it out in a slow groan of relief as he started moving faster, incrementally increasing his pace. I pulled at him, wishing I could touch him, stroke his skin, hold his hips and clutch his hair. Instead, all I could do was hold on his neck with my bound wrists and focus on feeling him, focus on holding still.

Faster and faster, each stroke ripping a gasp from me, until he was pounding into me and I was shrieking, my voice raised in a nonstop series of screams. My tits bounced as he fucked into me, and I felt his cock fill me, pull out, fill me, slamming deep and withdrawing in a frenzied rhythm of primal fury.

And I loved it. Oh, god, I loved it. It was a glorious loss of control, it was Valentine James giving in and abandoning all hold on himself.

Lightning struck in a thousand scintillating sunbursts inside me, heat and pressure wed to become nova-hot explosions that weren’t orgasms but the bursting of pleasure inside me as that climax neared.

I clenched around him with my inner muscles, clamping onto his thrusting, sliding cock with every ounce of strength I had in my vaginal muscles. I was rewarded by a protracted groan from James, who abruptly slowed his pace, and instead of thrusting hard and fast, he slammed into me once, hard and slow, pulled out, and then slammed in again, his body tensed and trembling.

I felt his cock throb inside me at each slow, deliberate, pounding thrust, and I knew he was close. I released my vaginal muscles as he pulled out, and tensed them when he thrust in, matching him, moving in the only way I could, clutching him so he could barely pull out.

I felt my body spasming as climax stole over me, and I had to fight to push it back, hold it off, but it was impossible, like trying to push against a tectonic plate. I tried once more to hold it back, but it was in vain. I felt the orgasm seizing my body, striking my nerves like hammers, every pleasure point on my body pulsing with brilliance.

And then, with a shout, James thrust into me, and I felt him explode in the condom. I came, and I screamed. This was a full voiced scream, a sound louder than any I’d ever made in my life, a primal scream of raw ecstasy.

White light flashed on my closed eyelids, and my entire body was shaken by pulsating waves of explosive pleasure. I felt James slamming into me, his hips thrusting madly as he came and came and came, his hot seed flooding into me, stream after stream jetting against my walls.

In the throes of an earth-shaking climax, all control was forgotten, and I wrapped my heels around his back and ground my hips against his, my pussy clamped tight around his cock, my mouth against his shoulder, biting and sucking and kissing as I was wrenched and twisted and wrung by an orgasm that never seemed to end.

When it did end, it wasn’t all at once, but gradually, a slow fading, a spiral drift down from the heights of heaven.

Eventually, James was limp above me, his weight partially braced so as not to crush me, and we were both panting and sweating. After a moment, My sweet french gigolo rolled off me and flopped to his back. We lay side by side, panting, for several minutes, not speaking, revealing in the glow of bliss.


Now Dear Ladies, give me the opportunity to please you in your fantasy in total discretion and safety. Express all your desires and immerse yourself in the pleasure of a sensual experience with me in mutual respect with protection. To consume without moderation…

Are you looking for an Erotic Passion and Desire with a gigolo that will be totally devoted to you.

Looking to giving you pleasure with a sensual massage or more, everything is possible. Let’s get to know each other around a drink in a nice lounge bar in Paris without commitment and I’ll tell you everything you burn to know.

Contact me: or +33 (0) 755186013

Ultimate pleasure

Ultimate pleasure

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Male Escort Companion Cities of Europe

Male Escort Companion Europe

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List of the Male Escort Companion Cities of Europe of the European Union and other countries of Europe where .

Male Escort Companion Europe

Male Escort Companion Europe

Flag of the European Union

In Europe, you will find some famous capitals like Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, London, Paris, Prague, Stockholm, and Vienna, to name only some. On this page, you will find a list of all capital Male Escort Companion Cities of Europe of the European states with figures of the city proper population.

The Male Escort Companion Cities of Europe pages also offer travel and tourist information for vacations, shopping, dining, and nightlife. Get tips for accommodation, local activities, tourist attractions, cultural events, sightseeing, and round trips for your leisure activities in that city.

20 Best & Most Beautiful Cities in Europe to Visit

1. BoyFriend Experience – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Male Escort Companion Europe

Male Escort Companion Europe

Oh yeah, you’ve heard a lot about Amsterdam… Don’t believe it!

Yes, the Netherlands capital boasts iconic Red Light District and “coffee shops” selling mysterious types of herb…

But that’s only a scratch of the surface. Amsterdam has some of the most beautiful architecture in all of Europe and a very underrated culture.

Enjoy an excellent Indonesian meal, stroll down a canal, visit one of the many green spaces, or a shop in the boutiques of Nine Little Streets, and you’ll realize – there’s much more to Amsterdam than people think.

2. Romeo & Juliet – Paris, France

Male Escort Companion Europe

Male Escort Companion Europe

Chic, stylish, and sophisticated – we haven’t even said the word “Paris”, but you’re already thinking about it, don’t you?

Paris is famous for its beauty, astounding artworks, and architecture, with fantastic statues and sculptures alongside Art Nouveau and the Eiffel Tower.

This city is by far one of the most beautiful cities in Europe for several reasons. In the shape of the Louvre, the city boasts the largest art museum in the whole world.

Laying on the banks of the Seine, France’s cosmopolitan capital city is just as well known for its exquisite cuisine as its high-end fashion outlets. With so many treasures for you to find out, remember to savor Paris slowly – just like a fine French wine.

No matter where you are in the city center the Eiffel Tower stands tall overlooking its citizens and visitors. There’s just something about the magical feeling of Paris that you can’t really find anywhere else.

Want to explore more of French history, take a day trip out to the Palace of Versailles and live like a King and Queen for a day. Check out these best things to do in Paris.

3. Fiancé Companion – Vienna, Austria

Male Escort Companion Europe

History is at the heart of Vienna – literally and figuratively in central Europe. The narrow streets with antiquated buildings provide an authentic atmosphere that you almost expect Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or Sigmund Freud to greet you with “Guten tag” at the local cafeteria.

If it’s a culture you seek, you’ll surely find it in Vienna. From the Schönbrunn Palace to the Hofburg Palace to the perfectly manicured gardens, this city is the definition of charm.

But there’s more to this city than just music and monarchs. Vienna is also a great place to visit independent bookstores, and there are also a surprising number of attractions for young ones, including amusement parks and a top-notch zoo.

And although many Viennese retire early in the night, that doesn’t mean you have to – there are many bars and wine taverns for adventurists.

4. Massage Tantric – Prague, Czech Republic

Male Escort Companion Europe

A prosperous and bustling city – today, Prague attracts more tourists than ever as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

This is personally one of my favorite European cities as it’s incredibly affordable too.

Its picturesque veils both a dark legacy and a resilient past.

From about AD 870, Prague has withstood numerous overthrows, invasions, fires, and floods.

This reputation for survival and perseverance has made the Czech capital extremely fascinating!

Today, its storied churches, narrow streets, intimidating hilltop castles, and statue-lined bridges create the scene of an urban fairy tale.

Even the most jaded traveler would have trouble resisting this charming capital city.

5. Therapist massage – Berlin, Germany

Male Escort Companion Europe

Dubbed “the capital of cool,” – Berlin boasts some of the best and most accepting nightlife around. This vibrant nightlife scene features a lot of beating bars and trendy clubs for you to enjoy. Plus, there are a ton of great parks in Berlin as well as legendary historical landmarks.

The city has changed and evolved rapidly in recent years, with new buildings springing up wherever you look.

However, you can still find momentous historic sites, such as the Berlin Wall and Holocaust memorial.

Berlin’s culinary and cultural scenes are exceptional, thanks to being multicultural. A very welcoming place – the capital accepts everyone and caters to all interests.

6. Doctor love – London, England

Male Escort Companion Europe

You’ve seen it in so many movies – that’s because London is one of the most famous and iconic cities globally.

Many landmarks are instantly recognizable, and Big Ben and the Tower of London are just a couple of its main attractions.

The UK’s capital has a vivid arts and culture scene for you to delve into, while most of its museums are free to the public!

The city is very multicultural – its extraordinary diversity is evidenced by the endless array of brilliant cafes, restaurants, and bars. What’s more, it also has some of the best shopping in Europe.

What are you interested in? Sport, theater, architecture, musicals, maybe the Royal family? Why not go on a Harry Potter rendezvous?

There truly is something for everyone to enjoy in London, making it one of the best places to visit in Europe.

7. Sex Teacher – Grindelwald, Switzerland

Male Escort Companion Europe

If you want outstanding natural beauty and stunning scenery, this is going to be your favorite city in Europe.

Of course, the entire country of Switzerland offers some of the best outdoor adventures in the world.

If you’re looking for that picturesque city featuring Swiss half-timbered homes, Grindelwald is the one.

The attractive town of Grindelwald might not be on your list yet, and you’ve probably never heard of it before – the Swiss gem is located in the Bernese Alps. It offers spectacular views and plenty of activities to keep tourists happy.

Grindelwald is particularly popular during the winter season when it is jam-packed with skiers.

There is a wide range of Grindelwald ski runs to choose from. During the summer months, tourists may visit the area’s stunning vistas.

8. Respectful Guide – Strasbourg, France

Male Escort Companion Europe

With 2,000 years of history, Strasbourg is a cultural bridge blending Franco-Germanic cuisine and language, tucked away in the northeastern corner of France. This city in France is one of the best European destinations to avoid over-tourism and big city life.

This mid-sized city features an amazing dynamic of both French and German culture in one city.

What are you looking for?

Active pursuits, intriguing history, and good food? Look no further than soul-stirring Strasbourg.

It’s young, dynamic, and is the official seat of the European Parliament. The city is a hotpot of cultural activities so get your suitcase ready.

For history and architecture lovers, – you’ll be thrilled to see Strasbourg Cathedral, which is highly acknowledged for its heavy and authentic Gothic artistry.

Strasbourg sits in an ideal location offering a variety of ways to explore Europe.

You can take an easy day trip to Colmar within the same Alsace region of France or pop across the border to see the legendary Black Forest of Germany. These are the best things to do in Strasbourg.

9. Discreet Driver – Florence, Italy

Male Escort Companion Europe

This incredibly beautiful city, tucked amid the Tuscan hills, casts a long shadow through history.

The wellspring of the Renaissance, Firenze, or Florence, sheltered the powerful Medici family and inspired artists like Michelangelo and Brunelleschi. For art lovers, this is your mecca.

If it weren’t for the fashionable Italians and chic shops liningthose beautiful Italian streets, you might think you had traveled back in time to the 14th century.

The stunning architecture is everywhere you look and it’s incredibly inspiring.

No wonder it turned out to be one of the best art destinations in the world.

You may also visit Florence for its beautiful sunsets, great Italian food, and romantic allure, in addition to its renowned Renaissance art.

10. Coach teacher – Salzburg, Austria

Male Escort Companion Europe

There’s more to Salzburg than Mozart and the Sound of Music, but the city is first and foremost a musical metropolis.

First, the old town of Salzburg is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Salzburg’s streets are full of buskers, opera singers, and dazzling harmonic performers.

The city hosts over 4,000 cultural events annually. It’s no wonder Salzburg takes the tagline “Stage of the World” – that’s a lot of performance to pack into a compact city.

But Salzburg is also a great place to wander and absorb the history that distinguishes it from other Austrian cities-it’s typical Habsburg style and distinct atmosphere. Salzburg is timeless and has a youthful vibrancy.

There’s plenty to see and do in Salzburg, Austria. The city is home to a number of world-famous landmarks, including the Hohensalzburg Fortress and the Salzburg Cathedral.

Salzburg is also a great place to wander and absorb the history that distinguishes it from other Austrian cities.

11. Sex Companion – Rome, Italy

Male Escort Companion Europe

Italy’s capital, Rome, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. This is because there is so much to see and do in Rome boasting some of the most famous attractions in the entire world.

There are several ancient ruins and Roman monuments, including the Colosseum, which are a must-see for history lovers. In addition, Rome is home to some of the most famous landmarks in the world, such as the Pantheon and St. Peter’s Basilica.

This beautiful city comes alive no matter where you are as it’s hard to believe it’s real. The city center is like a walking museum every corner you look at.

Rome is also well-known for its food. The Italian cuisine is some of the best in the world, and Rome is home to many famous Italian restaurants.

Finally, Rome is a very romantic city and is perfect for a couples getaway.

12. Boy bodyguard – Dublin, Ireland

Male Escort Companion Europe

Dublin, Ireland is a must-visit city for those who love literature. Dublin is home to Trinity College, which is where you can find the Book of Kells. The Little Museum of the Dublin Parliament and the National Museum in Ireland are also worth a visit.

The Castle and the Kilmainham Gaol are also popular tourist attractions in Dublin.

There are several popular tourist attractions in Dublin that are worth visiting. These attractions include Trinity College, the Little Museum of the Dublin Parliament, the National Museum in Ireland, the Castle, and the Kilmainham Gaol.

In addition, Dublin is home to some great pubs serving up Irish fare and great tasting ales.

I think you’ve heard of Guinness before, it just tastes different in Dublin. Once you know, you know.

13. Playboy guard – Copenhagen, Denmark

Male Escort Companion Europe

Copenhagen, Denmark is a beautiful city that is home to some of the most popular tourist attractions in Europe.

Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Copenhagen include Tivoli Park, Rosenborg Castle, and Nyhavn.

Copenhagen is also well-known for its delicious Danish cuisine, biking, and well, some of the happiest people in the world. If you love being around welcoming people and don’t mind variable weather, this will be a dream destination for you.

Despite being a populous city, Copenhagen is very charming with stunning architecture. It’s a city that has a town feel without a doubt.

14. Man Companion – Budapest, Hungary

Male Escort Companion Europe

Budapest is the capital and most populous city of Hungary, and one of the largest cities in the European Union. It is home to the Hungarian Parliament Building and Gellért Hill, which offers stunning panoramic views of the city, and the River Danube, which bisects it.

This beautiful city is known for its vibrant nightlife scene, with a large number of bars and clubs located in the district of ruin bars.

Budapest is rich in culture, food, and wine. It plays host to the best museums of any European city- especially for those who love travel photography. With more than 50% of Hungary’s GDP passing through Budapest, this vibrant metropolis offers fun for all types.

Whether you want to go hiking or some good old-fashioned sightseeing; it doesn’t matter what you are looking for, this charming city is bound to steal your heart.

15. Sextoy pleasure – Oslo, Norway

Male Escort Companion Europe

Oslo is the capital and largest city of Norway. It is located in the eastern part of the country and its metropolitan area is one of the most popular cities to visit in Northern Europe.

The city has a rich history dating back to the late 8th century when it was founded by King Harald Hardrada.

Oslo is a great place to see the northern lights. The city is located in the eastern part of Norway, making it the perfect spot to view the aurora borealis.

Oslo is also one of the most populous cities in the Nordic countries, so there is always something to do in the city.

In addition to seeing the outdoor excursions, be sure to check out some of Oslo’s other famous landmarks, such as the Royal Palace, Akershus Fortress, and Vigeland Sculpture Park.

16. Sexy Lover – Barcelona, Spain

Male Escort Companion Europe

Barcelona has an underappreciated long history relative to the other major cities in Western Europe.

The city was originally founded by the Romans in the year 218 BC, and over the centuries it has been ruled by several different empires, including the Carthaginians, the Visigoths, and the Moors.

One of the most famous periods in Barcelona’s history is when it was ruled by the Catalans, who were fiercely independent people. This period is most prominently celebrated through architecture and art, with some of Barcelona’s most famous landmarks being from this period.

Today, Barcelona is a must-visit in Europe for those seeking out a city with a diverse culture and vibe that is sure to impress anyone who visits.

This city sprawls across the Balearic Sea and is one of the best party cities if you’re a night owl.

Barcelona is an incredibly fun city to visit if you’re in your 20s or traveling with a group of friends.

There are plenty of things to do in Barcelona, but some of the most popular attractions include seeing Gaudi’s famous architecture, such as the Sagrada Familia, going for a walk on La Rambla, and enjoying the non-stop positive vibes on Bogatell Beach.

You don’t need history to enjoy this city either, modern art is very well known in Barcelona with Pablo Picasso’s influence still being shown throughout the old town and city.

17. Stallion man – Venice, Italy

Male Escort Companion Europe

The city of Venice, Italy has a long-tenured history. It was originally founded in the 5th century as a refuge area for people who had been displaced by the Barbarian invasions.

The city quickly grew in power and influence, and by the 10th century, it had become an important center for trade and commerce.

In the 12th century, Venice reached the peak of its power and influence, and it became one of the most powerful cities in Europe.

Over the centuries, Venice has played a significant role in European politics and culture, and it is now considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Venice, Italy is a city that is based on miles of canals. Its primary mode of transportation is by gondolas, meanwhile, Vaporetto boats are controlled by a boatman and are considered public transportation.

At night, Venice transforms and becomes a great weekend getaway to Europe.

Visitors often walk the city streets in the morning, visiting Piazza St. Mark, St. Mark Basilica, and the Doga Palace before having a romantic evening enjoying one of the many gorgeous canalside restaurants.

Venice is one of the most visited cities in Europe, so we’d recommend that you travel during off-peak season.

18. Cowboy lover – Cappadocia, Turkey

Male Escort Companion Europe

This year, give yourself an unforgettable experience and visit Cappadocia in Turkey. This city is not going to make the top list of the most visited cities in Europe and that’s a good thing. Cappa

With its wind-sculpted fairy chimneys and Goreme Natural Park, Cappadocia is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country.

In the centuries since cave villages and castles were dug up by men in the region’s rock, Cappadocia has become a hidden city that awaits discovery with naked eyes.

When you go, make sure you do not miss the opportunity of flying over the scenic region in a hot air balloon. It’s one of the best places in the world for hot air balloon rides.

19. Gentleman partner – Stockholm, Sweden

Male Escort Companion Europe

Stockholm was founded in 1252 by Birger Jarl, making it one of the oldest cities in Europe. The largest city in Sweden has a long and fascinating history, which you can learn about at its many museums.

Stockholm is one of the most vibrant cities in Europe to visit. It has a lot to offer tourists, including lovely architecture, excellent restaurants, and interesting museums.

Some of the city’s most popular landmarks include Vasa, a maritime museum, the Stockholm Palace, and the Stockholm Museum of Science and Technology. If you’re interested in learning about Stockholm’s history, be sure to visit its many museums.

Stockholm is definitely worth a visit if you’re looking to explore one of the many great Northern European countries.

20. Callboy Companion – Munich, Germany

Male Escort Companion Europe

Munich, Germany is a city that boasts plenty of historic landmarks and museums. Munich was first mentioned in documents in the year 1158. The city became an important center of trade and commerce due to its location on the river Isar.

The city’s first fortifications were erected in the 12th century. In the 13th century, Munich became the residence of the Wittelsbach dynasty. The city’s most famous landmark, Neuschwanstein Castle, was built in the 19th century under King Ludwig II of Bavaria.

The city’s famed landmarks include Hofbrauhaus, Linderhof Palace, and Nymphenburg Palace. You’ll also find the Viktualienmarkt, St. Peter’s Church, and the Saint Geist Church in this part of town. All are near the same location, so it’s easy to get around the city.


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Making love on the hood of her husband's car

Making love on the hood of her husband’s car

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Madame had always dreamed of making love on the hood of her husband’s car. Madame liked to read the erotic stories of James the male escort for demanding women or straight couples. Reading his stories, she felt like she was going crazy. Her sexual frustration gnawed at her. She read all the stories, situations that, summarily camped, were enough to make her want to masturbate. The fantasies assailed her without her being able to do anything about it.

Her nerves were on edge, smoking cigarette after cigarette, in a sort of haunting feverishness. Suffering from lovesickness, from loneliness, she felt like an animal in a cage, wandering around her house with no other goal than to kill boredom. Her afternoon naps were getting longer every day. She then found in a half-sleep that voluptuousness calculated to excite her. She caressed herself for a long time, made herself come in small successive strokes, imagining that James was with her and made her experience new situations, each more erotic than the last.

Madame was dying to invite him to her home, but she didn’t dare. An indefinite fear moderated her desire. She ends up texting him asking if he would be available for a meeting at her home.

A few minutes after sending her text message, the phone rang. She jumped, as if taken at fault, then picked up. It was James her male escort who called her to get to know each other and find a date for an appointment. Madame invited her to come to her house and described to her the fantasy she wanted to live. Making love on the hood of her husband’s car, which hadn’t touched her for a long time. A kind of revenge on life.

James introduced himself and she took him into the garage and he easily recognized an Alfa Romeo cabriolet from the fifties. Discovering this collector’s item here left James amazed. He had never given pleasure to a woman on such a pretty car. Madame sat down on the cape and James squatted down in front of the car.

Perched on the hood, knees up, she spread her thighs, to be able to exhibit her sex in front of her gentleman’s eyes. Madame closed her eyes and no longer knew if she was fantasizing or if things were really happening that way. The man’s voice suddenly rose.

– Move away again, so that I can see better…

Madame lay down on the bonnet of the car, her skirt pulled up, and opened her knees further. She wasn’t wearing panties. Between her white, almost pearly thighs, a patch of sparse red hair barely covered the pubis.

She exhibited the two rolls of her vulva, hairless. They flared slightly downward, revealing the wrinkled edges of her labia gaping at the pearly pink of her flesh. Below stood out her dark side. Beneath the position, it seemed to expand, pushing out some purple flesh, around the small black hole.

The male escort got up and took his place on the wing of the vehicle. He spoke in a low voice, stroking the thighs of the beautiful. She lay down on the sheet metal, her skirt pulled up on her stomach, offering her sex to the caresses of the man. She unbuttoned her bodice herself and her breasts gushed out.

She took them with both hands and kneaded them passionately. She pinched them between her thumb and forefinger. The gentleman watched her without flinching. Then he made a gesture and the lady got down on all fours on the hood. She presented her buttocks to him, bowing forward. The man approached his nose and rubbed it against her pussy then against her little hole. From the pink slit were already beading large drops of her intimate elixir.

James wiped his nose with the lapel of his sleeve then put his finger on the clitoris which darted between the thick lips. The lady spread her thighs further, enlarging at the same time her slit and the contour of her anus. The gentleman stuck out his tongue and began to lick both orifices, particularly that of sex which was oozing with wetness.

The lady let out a few sighs, wiggling her posterior. She let herself be licked for a very long time. The gentleman tapped at the same time the anus to the bottom of the rectum.

Madame was fascinated by what she discovered. Little by little, she felt her body soften, her throat become dry.

The raw way the man dug his fingers into her ass was overwhelming. She felt an invading excitement warming her stomach.

The male escort had removed his fingers from the sex of the lady. Then he walked around the car, opened the back door and took a seat in the back seat.

Madame went to join the gentleman in the car. She hung round the neck of the man, who rocked her on his knees. She immediately tied her thighs around his waist, kissing him full on the lips.

Madame stopped kissing the male escort, the better to lean against him. He took out his huge hard cock and put on a condom with difficulty, because of the beauty’s ass which lifted her behind and took the opportunity to unfasten her skirt.

She cambra back, offering her vagina, guiding his stiff cock. She sat for a moment on the tail as if to test its full diameter. She rubbed her breasts against the face of the gentleman who stuck out his tongue to lick the tips and bite them. Then he grabbed her buttocks and hoisted her slowly, so that the glans came out at the entrance to the vagina, at the level of the labia minora. He held her like that for a moment, then let her fall back onto his cock, thrusting her all the way down.

– Yes ! Its good.
– You feel well, my cock?
– Oh ! I like this…

The words were like sledgehammers for Madame. She felt herself weakening, crushed by an excitement that continued to grow.

Suddenly the lady stopped moving. She squatted between the thighs of the male escort, grabbed his cock with one hand, while the other grabbed his balls. He let her head rest back, holding the lush hair in his big hands.

Skillfully, she slid the member in the palm of her hand, released the glans and shook it between two fingers.

She jerked him off for a moment, then, as if that didn’t quite satisfy him, he cut her off. She immediately sat down on the bench, legs apart, split open, next to James.

– Do you want me to shake you? Hey, is that it?
– Yes, I want to feel your fingers in my sex. I want to cum in your hand.

Madame seemed very small in the hands of the man. He jerked off while masturbating her, fingers in and out of her dripping sex. The lady no longer spoke except by onomatopoeia, sighs followed complaints.

“Oh yes…it’s good…

When he pinched her clit, she squealed, clutching his shoulders.

“Take me here now.
– Already ?
“Please fuck me, I can’t take it anymore.

He got between her legs and put his hands on her pussy, parting her lips as if to see inside. The vagina gaped, showing off the pink, puckered mucous membranes, glistening with wetness. The lady pulled him against her, desperately.

– Fuck me, I tell you! Come !

Suddenly he planted his cock in the wet hole and began a back and forth motion.

Madame could not take her eyes off this penis that entered and left the vagina. She saw her appear and disappear, almost bent over, crumpling the flesh.

Madame begged him to go faster, harder, she was delirious. Excited, he manhandled her, giving great thrusts, pushing his cock deep into her secret garden.

Their faces were unrecognizable, transfigured by the imminence of enjoyment. Indeed, the gentleman grimaced, his lips tightened. Madame cried out, giving the impression of struggling, then suddenly stopped, in the grip of an intense relief. The male escort stopped moving, hugging her in his gentlemanly arms. She was happy and satisfied with her experience and promised herself to see James again as soon as possible.

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Modern Women seek tailor-made Escort Boy to do good for the ladies and the era of endless erotic play. Enter my world for a unique experience of pleasure without consequences with a respectful and delicate gentleman escort boy.

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Whatever your age, your origin, your skin color, your physique, I am here for you. Make love on the hood of her husband’s car to transport you to the magic of a timeless evening in complete discretion and in complete safety. Dare to cuddle.

2 hours – 3 hours – 4 hours and until the end of the night. Whatever the duration, I make it a point of honor to please you thanks to my experience as a gentleman for ladies. Please inquire by simply contacting me by call or message. Making love on the hood of her husband’s car.

Looking forward to meeting you to satisfy your fantasy of making love on the hood of her husband’s car in complete safety.

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Offer your wife a male escort massage

Happy Ending Massage Full Nude Body With A Gentleman

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By reading the classified ad “Happy Ending Massage Full Nude Body With A Gentleman”, the lady decided to book this moment of well-being which she needed so much. The lady was lying flat on the bed of her hotel room while waiting for her gentleman tantric therapist. She had allowed the front desk to give him an access card to her room.

She had never had an erotic massage before, and she was very excited about living a new experience of pleasure. She would have liked her masseur to hurry to arrive. She became impatient.

She was so excited when she heard the door of her room opening and the man approaching.

“Hello Madam, I’m James. I’ll massage you today,” he says, approaching the bed. “Ready to get started?”

The lady simply grumbled a yes looking at her masseur. It measured about 1.80 meters, with brown hair and black eyes. He went to the side of the bed and removed the towel that covered her.

“I will start with a massage of your neck”

Massage with happy end for ladies

Massage with happy end for ladies

The lady stretched as the fresh air of the room struck her skin freshly exposed. A little goose flesh attacked her body while she stayed exposed. She was not used to a lot of her body being exposed, even if she trusted her body, and she was visibly nervous.

“Relax, do not crisp,” says James with comfort.

“Sorry, it’s my first time,” said The lady.

“Do not worry. Just tell me if something bothers you during the massage,” says James, putting his hands on her body.

While The lady felt his hands on her neck, her worries dissipated in a moment. James gently massaged the sides of his neck, erasing the tension that had accumulated during his stressful week. As he spent on his shoulders, she pushed an involuntary groan.

“Is it too hard?” Asked James worried.

“It’s perfect,” said The lady.

The gentleman continued his massage on the shoulders of the lady as she was lying there in ecstasy. James firmly massaged her tense muscles ranging from the center of her body to her arms. He started kneading her arms, slowly working from the shoulder to her hands. As she was lying there, enjoying every movement of James’s hands, she felt started to be wet.

James toured the bed to take care on the other side of her body, and she noticed that his boxer did not hide the fact that he was also excited. The mere fact of touching her shoulders and her arms had this effect on him and it excited even more the lady. She needed to be desired but also to enjoy and she wanted it to be as soon as possible.

The hands of the masseur sank into her back, marking a fine line between pain and pleasure. At every pressure of his fingers, the lady repulsed the desire to moan. He massaged her more and more low, now focuses totally on the bottom of her back. To each of his gestures, he was getting closer to the towel that covered her buttocks. She felt her get closer and died of envy he tears the towel and continues. While she felt her fingers go under the edge of the towel, she let out a groan of anticipation. Then she felt her hands stop.

Madam was soaked at this point. She needed to be touched. her crotch was on fire and she could not do anything at this point. She tried to rub her hips on the bed, to give themselves a little freedom but it only increased her desire.

James stood at the foot of the bed and took one of her legs. He started to massage her plantar vault. The lady tried to focus on her feet to mitigate some of the fire she felt in her kidneys, but it did not help. Even the seemingly non-sexual feeling of a foot massage made her crazy.

James had now moved to her calves, firmly kneading the muscle like a baker her dough. At each movement, she felt her legs slightly. She felt her pussy was exposed to her eyes, and the thought he could see her most intimate space gathered her desire for sex even higher. The hands of James reached the edge of the massage zone again as she felt her fingers graze the towel.

Madam bit her lip so as not to moan aloud as he grabbed her buttocks brutally. It was certainly more than a standard massage.

in-house massage with a male escort boy

in-house massage with a male escort boy

She was not even sure she could call this a massage at this point. She felt her hands leave her ass and move to her thigh. It was half relieved and half disappointed with the change of place. He massaged more and more on her leg until his hand is on her soaked pussy.

James leaned over and firmly squeezed his lips against those of the lady. At first, she tried to fight against the kiss, but her body wanted more. She ends up kissing him passionately.

James stopped the kiss and began to kiss her neck down to her bare breasts. He sucked on her nipple, biting it gently and swirling his tongue around it while pinching her other nipple.

Madam moaned loudly, her actions sending jolts of pleasure coursing through her body. He made his way down, kissing her stomach as he went, until Madam felt his warm breath between her legs.

James grabbed Madam by the legs and slid her down the bed until her ass was almost hanging off the end. He knelt down in front of her and leaned down to kiss her on the inside of her thigh. James put his mouth on Madam’s pussy and she could feel his tongue so close to her. She squirmed instinctively trying to force him to touch her.

The air of his breath on her wet pussy sent shivers through her whole body. He leaned back and teased her once more.

“Please,” begged Madam.

James bent down and thrust his tongue into Madam’s wet pussy and fucked her with it. Madame moaned loudly in the empty room, finally getting what she had been dreaming of since the beginning of the massage.

As James pumped his tongue inside her, she writhed on the bed in pleasure. He stuck out his tongue and replaced it with his finger as he turned his attention to her clit. He licked it once and Madam moaned in response.

“You like this?” he asked, burying his face between his legs.

He began licking her clit furiously, getting into a rhythm and then changing it so the feeling kept changing. He swirled his tongue around her clitoris and Madam felt an orgasm building up inside her. He took it in his mouth and sucked it while he vigorously fucked her pussy with his finger. As she was about to cum, he stopped.

James got up and pulled Madam brutally and she knelt down. He stepped in front of her and dropped his pants, his cock staring her in the face.

Madam obediently opened her mouth and licked the glans of this man. As she opened her mouth, he thrust his manhood inside and began to fuck her mouth like it was a pussy.

Amazing feeling with a male escort boy

Amazing feeling with a male escort boy

Madam just moaned around his cock, unable to speak. James pulled his member out of her mouth and swung his balls in front of her. She obediently started licking and sucking them. He pushed the lady on her back, put on a condom, put her legs on his shoulders and positioned his big taut cock in front of her dripping pussy.

“Are you ready?” he said to her.

She simply nodded in response. James thrust his huge hard cock and Madam moaned. She looked at him quizzically as he didn’t push any further.

“I want you to ask me,” he told her.

“Please,” she moaned.

“Please what?” he asked her.

“Please fuck me now! I need you inside me.” she says.

James no longer made her wait. He thrust the full length of his manhood inside her and began pounding her hard. He was rubbing small circles over her clitoris with his thumb as he ravaged her pussy, and she could already feel her orgasm building again. He reached out and pinched both of her nipples, sending her climaxing. Madam writhed in pleasure under the magic fingers of her masseur.


Happy Ending Massage Full Nude Body With A Gentleman is a service for modern women looking for a moment of sweetness with a gentleman. Many women crave a gentleman’s fun without the hassle.

You all have the right to an Escorting Service: Excellence at home for single ladies in the company of a man who will take care of you and will not judge you for wanting to learn pleasure without commitment. Ask me anything you want or let me take you into pleasures you don’t know yet. Enter my world of eroticism. Book a Happy Ending Massage Full Nude Body With A Gentleman.

Breathe in the journey of timeless pleasure and the era of endless erotic play in a moment dedicated to Woman’s Pleasure. Enter my world and feel the humidity invade your crotch thanks to the fantasy of a pleasure experience without consequences with a respectful and delicate escort boy. Enjoy a Happy Ending Massage Full Nude Body With A Gentleman.

Enjoy endless foreplay with your escort boy. Drown your senses in seduction, An exceptional experience with a gentleman. You will never forget that day. You will finally be able to take pleasure and abandon yourself to your female impulses that I would make exult under my virile male caresses.

Don't miss a male escort boy massage

Don’t miss a male escort boy massage

Whatever your age, your origin, your skin color, your physique, I am here to satisfy your desire to discover or improve your pleasure. Erotic desire for an evening with a gentleman will transport you to the pleasurable magic of a timeless evening in complete discretion and in complete safety. Shiver from a kiss on the neck the moment you book a Happy Ending Massage Full Nude Body With A Gentleman.

2 hours – 3 hours – 4 hours and until the end of the night. Whatever the duration, I make it a point of honor to teach you how to have fun thanks to my experience with women. Please inquire by simply contacting me by call or message.

Looking forward to meeting you and Reserve a Happy Ending Massage Full Nude Body With A Gentleman.


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Male escort champagne experience

Date for women with a charming gentleman

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The lady wanted to live an experience full of passion during a date for women with a charming gentleman. Madam’s heart roared wildly as he looked up at her and laid his hand on the triangle of flesh between her thighs. She arched back on the mattress, lifting her pelvis slightly towards him. His fingers accepted her offer and slid gently between her legs.

– Oh ! she said, spreading her legs.

A curse escaped her lips as he spread her legs further apart, lifting his core higher as he lowered his mouth to her warm heart.

– James !

She ran her fingers through his hair, pushing his head back as she approached him, raising her hips towards his mouth. Her head exploded in rapture, her lower abdomen contracting as wet dripping from her body.

The male escort opens Madam’s thighs to taste it

James focused his gaze on her face as he bent down between her legs. He slid his tongue down her wet slit. She shivered with each lick, and he pressed his upper lip against the petals of her slit. Her moans echoed through the room as he found her clit between her lips, teasing it. And then he brutally clicked his tongue on it.

– My God !

He lost his temper. He squeezed her ass and clasped his fingers in exploration, digging into her body.

– Yes !

Madam’s butt shook as he plunged into her depths, exploring the warmth and wetness of her interior. His cock contracted against her wandering lips.
Snarling, he let go her pussy and moved his lips up to her waist and belly button, his tongue dipping into her belly button as his fingers continued to dive into her soaked, clenched hole.

Boyfriend experience dedicated to you

Boyfriend experience dedicated to you

She parted her lips and gripped his shoulders, loving the fact that he was always fully dressed while she was naked. It gave her all the power, while she was vulnerable and exposed. She ran her hands past his shoulders, trying to unbutton his shirt, but let it go when her lips landed on his mouth.

The pressure of her mouth was heaven, and she offered her tongue to him when he silently demanded it. Her lips were obsessed, confident. He was still pumping her pussy with one finger as his tongue danced with hers, and then she jumped when he clicked his thumb against her burning clit.

Her moan was muffled by his ravaging lips. She struggled to spread her legs even wider, to give him more access, her heart wrapped in a vice of fiery pleasure. She opened her eyes wide, quickly losing control. her cheeks flushed.

– Not so fast.

She blushed, wanting to slow him down, but he was so good. His crushing weight was an amazing feeling of being dominated. The finger that filled her body was thick, satisfying an insatiable urge in her pussy.

And his teeth gently bit her tongue when she offered it to him. Her moan was long and loud against his lips. Her whole body convulsed violently, and she dug her fingernails into his shoulders wishing he would stop. Her thighs tightened and struggled to close as the waves of pleasure kept overwhelming her.

The male escort checks the wetness of the lady

He brutally broke their kiss. She cried out when she saw his expression. The eyes of this amazing man were wide with wonder.

James found it hard to believe it. She was so passionate. He had barely started, and her pussy had already soaked her knuckles.

Romantic experience with a gentleman

Romantic experience with a gentleman

He slid the back of his hand down her cheek. His skin was feverish, her hair tangled around her head, and her pink lips pink swollen from his bites.

Something unleashed inside her. She shrugged his shoulders back, and this time she dominated the kiss. Her lips covered her mouth, pressing and forcing him to sit down as she deftly unbuttoned his shirt. She parted the sides and scanned his chest with her fingers. The muscles were well traced under her trembling fingers. Moaning, she brushed against the thick, scattered hairs in the center of his chest.

James deepened their kiss, but she was wild, unwilling to let go of control. Her lower abdomen wanted more, and when she touched his belt, her heart skipped a beat as he pushed his hands away.

He got off the bed. Muscles flexed, biceps contracted, he took off his belt and then pulled down his zipper before pulling down his pants. She looked at him, eyes wide, cheeks flushed.

His boxers were white, hugging the manhood that had rubbed against his lower abdomen earlier. Madame got rid of her blouse before removing her bra.

He leaned forward, fingers sliding down her jaw in a downward path to the center of her heavy breasts. Madame lowered her eyes. She looked at him, he caught her breast, pinching it lightly, weighing it before trapping her nipple between his fingers.

The lady moaned and automatically raised her hand to her boxers. She gripped the long hard cock trapped in the white fabric, before slipping her hand into its elastic. She brushed the base of his cock, and he jumped, helping her take off her boxers.

Madam inhaled sharply as she saw his manhood shoot out, pointed towards her. his cock was tough, veined and ready. She was turned on, consumed with the excitement of seeing him like that.

She had just wrapped her fingers around the pulsating manhood when he pushed her away, crushing his body with his body.

I let you imagine what follows…


Date for women with a charming gentleman is a service for modern women who want to discover all the secrets of pleasure with an experienced gentleman. Many women want to learn how to make love with a gentleman without the complications.

Breathe the journey of timeless pleasure and the era of erotic play in an orgasmic private party with a gentleman. Enter my world and feel the humidity invade your crotch through the fantasy of an experience of pleasure without consequences with a respectful and delicate escort boy. Treat yourself to a date with a charming gentleman for the pleasure of the sensual woman in you.

Enjoy endless foreplay with your escort boy. Drown your senses in seduction, An exceptional experience with a gentleman. You will never forget that day. You can finally take pleasure and surrender to your female impulses that I would exult under my manly male caresses.

Drinking champagne with a gentleman

Drinking champagne with a gentleman

Whatever your age, your origin, your skin color, your physique, I am here to satisfy your desire for discovery. Sexual education for women with or without experience will transport you to the enjoyable magic of a timeless evening in complete discretion and in complete safety. Date with a charming gentleman for the pleasure of the woman and for the thrill of a kiss on the neck in the arms of a virile and tender gentleman.

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Offer your wife to a male escort for cuckolding or threesome

Living the fantasy of a threesome experience

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The idea of living the fantasy of a threesome experience with a male escort had come from the husband, but he wanted his wife to be a part of it, to want it, to have the idea titillate and turn her on. Reluctant at first, she let herself be convinced and they decided to look for a male escort to respond to their expectations.

On his site, he was telling his stories of threesomes and cuckolding that attracted them first. In his forties, like them, he described himself as tall, dark and above all a gentleman. A few contacts by email and instant messaging have finished deciding them. James was able to convince them with his calm, his voice and his absolute respect for women, a true gentleman of modern times. They agreed to meet, to make love between the three of them.

He arrived one evening for dinner. They had prepared a small meal for the occasion, rather light as they did not want to spend hours at the table. The preparation of this meal was special. Mr. and Mrs. exchanged very few words, but their many languid visual and tactile contact spoke volumes about their mutual excitement.

Imagine you have 2 hard men to please you

Imagine you have 2 hard men to please you

When the doorbell rang, the husband went to open the door for her. He heard his wife sigh, tense and excited at the same time. He was in the same state as her even though he tried to feign coolness. She was waiting for them at the top of the stairs. James approached his wife smiling, put a hand on her arm and kissed her on the cheeks to greet her. His movements were slow and delicate. The husband felt that his wife was already under his spell even before he said a word. His wife then looked at her husband smiling and he understood that she liked him.

James wore a rather fitted white shirt that showed off her body and black dress pants. his wife had put on a pretty short red dress for the occasion, revealing her magnificent legs. A discreet neckline hinted at her chest in a subtle way. The husband also wore a shirt and one of his pants that best show off him. The husband also wanted to please his wife.

They had a quick drink during which they exchanged banalities that allowed them to break the ice. The looks the three of them threw at each other made her melt pretty quickly. The gentleman devoured her with his eyes and she loved it. Living the fantasy of a threesome experience.

These preliminaries had created a game of seduction, very pleasant and very exciting. The atmosphere was very relaxed. They laughed a lot at James’s delicate humor, which brought them together. his wife was seated at the end of the table, as usual, and the two men placed themselves on either side of the beauty. The husband saw James put his hand on his wife several times and stroke her with his fingers. His wife and her husband let him do it.

The male escort took turns looking at them, laughing. James passed a hand under the table. He wanted to stroke her leg. He found her knee and slowly moved up to her hip, slowly back and forth.


Knowing that another man was touching his wife made his cock stiffen all at once. The heat was building in him and feeling his wife’s legs parting slightly turned him on even more.
Every now and then, James would come back to her neck, kissing and licking her. The male escort gently parted the wife’s legs with his hand as continued to kiss her. He went up inside her thighs and came to rest on her pussy. The wife let out a small moan when she felt his fingers caressing her through the fabric of her panties.

The wife was stroking him too and she slipped up to his crotch. The husband saw her delicate approach and it drove him crazy with excitement. His wife finally found the bump formed by his hard cock and began to stroke it. The male escort gave a growl of approval that encouraged her to continue.

James had come back up and was stroking her breasts through her dress. He came back down after a few seconds and went back between her legs. Madam spread her thighs a little more to welcome him. He continued to kiss her fiercely and put his hand in her panties. She let it go, looking in the eyes of her husband who appreciated this moment of sharing.

The husband saw her suddenly arch with a loud moan and he saw the back and forth in her panties that made him realize that James was penetrating her with his fingers. She seemed to love it. He bit his lip and began to stroke himself through his pants. His wife’s moans became regular to the rhythm of his movements inside her stomach, slow and deep. The husband decided at that point to join them. Seeing her drunk with pleasure under the caresses of this male escort had deeply excited her and he wanted, at his turn, to please her..

Take an appointment with me to live the suite of that story “the idea of ​​living the fantasy of a threesome experience” at your home or at the hotel of your choice in Paris.


Do you want to give pleasure to your wife? In a moment of pure sensuality, in the arms of a masseur expert in tailor-made female pleasure. Why are you depriving yourself of having fun in the hands of a man of the world who will treat you with all the respect you deserve and will not judge you to want to relax and release your stress by letting go. Also see Naughty Nights as that’s such a good place to find naughty locals that want some very naughty fun.

Let me transport you to the erotic magic of threesomes. Try living the fantasy of a threesome experience with a male escort during a sensual massage or a timeless moment discreetly and safely. You will forget all your worries and be able to let go during a unique adult entertainment experience with mutual respect with protection.

Sharing your wife with a male escort in Paris

Sharing your wife with a male escort in Paris

Looking forward to seducing you, making you laugh, entertaining you, massaging you. But first of all let’s get to know each other over a non-binding drink and I’ll tell you everything you want to know.

Book The idea of ​​living the fantasy of a threesome experience with a male escort as soon as you are worth it.

Looking forward to please your wife. James

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Enjoy the show given by your hot wife

Kinky experience with her candaulist hubby

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The lady wante to have a Kinky experience with her candaulist hubby. Madame was dressed in a long evening dress for Kinky experience with her candaulist hubby. She freed her shoulders and the birth of her chest in a sensual way, while emphasizing her slender figure, with a tight waist and a bottom in corolla from the knees. Her hubby had blindfolded her so that she could not see anything because he wanted to give her an extraordinary evening.

James, the male escort boy of Paris, was also very elegant. The perfect little couple heading to an imaginary party. When they entered the fictional club her husband had chosen. Madame did not know that the experience would take place in her own house where she had always lived with her husband. Her hubby was walking behind them. In his hand, a leash that was hooked to a luxurious dog collar wrapped around his wife’s throat.

The male escort boy  succinctly introduced his date and her “husband’s bodyguard”. The house was opulent, we were obviously between people of “good family”.

sharing your wife with a male escort

sharing your wife with a male escort

Bluntly, her husband said she was there that evening for “everyone’s pleasure.” The Candaulist male escort, on the other hand, had eyes only for Madame. Radiant and majestic, she looked like a vestal. Of a particular type, however.

The husband explained to his wife that the obligation of virginity was replaced by the obligation of multiple partners, and the sacred fire she had to maintain was the desire of her occasional lovers. But, like the true vestals, she would suffer the whip in the event of violation of this rule… or if such were revealed their desire.

Her husband spoke up, “It’s time to take action,” he said. A long evening awaits us ”. “You are right,” replied the Candaulist gentleman. Give me the leash ”. Then he asked the lady to get up and take off her dress.

She obeyed very graciously, adopting a proud demeanor while under command. She had only put on a half-breasted bra under her dress that made her breasts squirt with arrogant nipples, and a matching garter belt holding stockings reaching up to mid-thigh.

The escort boy Candauliste took her around the room to show off her nakedness in front of her husband, before leading her to the bar where he attached his leash. He directed her to lean on a stool with her forearms and arch her back. You could tell that she was also wearing a beautiful plug jewel.

This “rosebud” stuck in her anus taking the ambient light and reflecting it according to the facets of the pretty cut pink stone which decorated the emerging part. The escort boy directed his hand towards the bare crotch. The sex was hot. He slipped his middle finger between the lips already swollen with arousal and was not surprised to find a wetness that called for penetration. He annoyed the vulva, insisted on the clitoris, but only rubbed his middle finger without inserting it.

Madame began to react to his caress by rolling her hips imperceptibly and letting out small moans. He leaned over the bar to grab something. Madame, leaning on her stool, could not see what it was about. She didn’t have to wait long to figure out what it was. She was seized by a sensation halfway between the burn and the sting.

The escort boy had placed four or five ice cubes in his open palm and was rubbing it back and forth against his penis. “The lady has fire between her thighs,” he said. I don’t want to take any risks ”. Madame felt her flesh retract mechanically, but the urge to be searched was still there. Fortunately, she felt that the escort boy was undermined.

Sharing a hot wife is so exciting

Sharing a hot wife is so exciting

Perfectly erect, the escort boy put on a condom and walked back and forth between the lips to lubricate his manhood and prepare him for intromission. But suddenly Madame felt something other than the stiff, hot cock. The escort boy was pushing the partially melted ice cubes into her vagina. When it was done, he closed the entrance with his penis and pushed his pelvis forward. The big cock was pushing the pieces of ice to make its place.

For Madame there was both the sweet sensation of finally being invested and the bite of the cold that made the walls of her vagina contract. For the escort boy it was delicious. The melting ice lubricated the movement and the contractions gripped his penis firmly. He began to make slow but powerful back and forths. He felt the small pieces of ice flow back under his thrust, but also the fleshy part of the rosebud that sat enthroned in the rectum of his mount.

Then once the ice cubes had melted, he picked up the pace until he enjoyed himself the first time. He allowed himself a short break and a glass of champagne. Madame hadn’t moved, her indecency open to all eyes. Once he had regained his strength, The Candaulist escort boy brought her to her knees and presented her penis to cheer her up.

She applied her hands, lips and tongue to it, successfully. Then he took her, sitting on the stool against the counter. He worked it for a long time, but his pleasure did not come. So he made her return to her knees, her back to the counter. He took off the condom and this time it wasn’t her who sucked him but he who kissed his mouth. He was holding his head to keep it sideways and since it was propped up the back, Madame could not get away from it.

He sank as far as he wanted, occasionally causing his victim to gag. His dominance increased his arousal tenfold and he ejaculated earlier than he wanted to. A set of a few squirts of hot cum lined Madame’s mouth. He let her swallow and then clean his cock before allowing himself a powerful back and forth to the hilt.

Against all expectations Madame managed to swallow the penis of twenty centimeters without vomiting. The escort boy ordered her to take off the last of her underwear and lie down with her chest on a table and wait for her. He had dressed in the meantime. He asked the husband for some string to tie Madame’s wrists and ankles to the legs of the table.

Then the escort boy released the last hole he hadn’t visited and put the plug in Madame’s mouth. She didn’t try to refuse. During the preparation for this evening, her husband gave her at least two enemas to be completely clean. She knew very well that this path would inevitably be practiced in order to live a Candaulist and triolist experience.

This is what the escort boy had in mind, but he was struggling to regain his vigor. To revive his excitement, he began to inflict a heavy spanking. He started off quite violently, almost until his hands hurt. Madame’s ass was cashing in a loud snap and muffled growl. His posterior ached and soon became colored purple over its entire surface.

Slight reliefs also appeared. But the libertine escort boy continued the correction with regularity. It was becoming almost unbearable for Madame. Luckily that was around this time he felt hard enough to explore his dark side. He removed the plug to lubricate his huge cock in her welcoming mouth and then came to stand behind her. With infinite softness, he slipped delicately between her pretty buttocks.

Gradually his sphincter adapted to the dimensions of the man and the penetrations were done without any pain. He had gripped his hair and pulled it back with each forward movement of his own pelvis. He looked like a rider riding bareback, clinging to the mane of his horse.

It was all the more obvious when he adopted a galloping pace. When her body tensed in the spasms of enjoyment, both were sweating. He withdrew to the heavy applause of the husband. I think the filly wants more than I can give her. I give you the place, Mr. Husband.

Her husband came to kiss Madame in the position where the escort boy had left her. James walked over to kiss her on the mouth. It was invading all available space. As if he knew, but maybe it was, he amused himself by pinching Madame’s nose to make her breathe only through her mouth.

With the consequence of putting the unfortunate woman in respiratory distress, without being able to escape it. The result was not made to wait more than a few tens of seconds. As her brain was deprived of oxygen, Madame felt more and more effects. At first a kind of pleasant “graying”, like the start of a shoot. Then bright spots and visual hallucinations.

Then his body began to experience uncontrollable muscle twitching. The two men took it for an orgasm that triggered their own enjoyment simultaneously. When the first one came out of her mouth, she took a deep breath and was brought back violently to reality.

Her husband had stuck his hand in her pussy and shook it unceremoniously but with dexterity. A little later he triggered her first real orgasm. Afterwards the two men had long fun with her, often under James’s direction. Tied up, searched in sometimes unbelievable positions, often during double penetrations, Madame was their toy.

The three hours had been passed but she had been able to live the threesome that she and her husband dreamed of. Her husband approached Madame, to untie her and then help her put on her dress before putting her leash back on. The escort boy left the house of this couple satisfied to have been able to make them live a candaulist and triolist experience according to their fantasy.


Kinky experience with her candaulist hubby for a candaulist and triolist experience. Giving pleasure is a gentleman’s art and you need it. Many couples want to have fun with a gentleman without the hassle. You have the right to enjoy the company of a man who will take care of you and will not judge you for wanting a libertine moment with no tomorrow.

Breathe the journey of timeless pleasure and the era of endless erotic play. Step into my world and open your thighs and feel the moisture fill your crotch with the fantasy of an experience of harmless pleasure with a respectful yet virile man.

Enjoy your pleasure trip like no other. Drown your senses in seduction, An exceptional experience with a gentleman. You will never forget that day. You can make all your fantasies come true.

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Live a candaulist and triolist experience for demanding couples with an escort boy in Paris will meet your furious desire for a trio in order to satisfy your desire in libertine moments in complete safety. Just for the pleasure of having fun in a kinky experience with her candaulist hubby.


Pleasure, desire, passion, ecstasy on the program of a kinky experience with her candaulist hubby. A journey of endless erotic pleasures. Fantasy of erotic entertainment for adult women for a moment of pleasure in the company of a gentleman. Try out the women’s fun at home if you’re in the mood for a clinch with a man.

2 hours – 3 hours – 4 hours and until the end of the night. Whatever the duration, I make a point of giving you pleasure thanks to my skills as a professional gentleman and thanks to my outstanding performances. Please inquire by simply contacting me by call or message.

I am here for you guys when you need a good someone for a unique entertainment, I will give you an exceptional experience during a moment of pleasure where giving pleasure is a gentleman’s art. Live a candaulist and triolist experience for demanding couples is an experience made for you.

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Adult entertainment for ladies

Erotic experience in a luxurious hotel in Paris

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Erotic experience in a luxurious hotel in Paris. The Lady hadn’t slept the night before meeting this gentleman. Instead, she’d spent hours laying out different outfits, going through possible fantasy. She pictured James in between her legs, his tongue delicately licking her in the most tender way. She started to rub herself through her panties. The orgasm was delicious in its quiet intensity. She came while picturing him sucking her secret garden.

After they had met at the bar of this luxurious hotel in Paris, James escorted her to her bedroom. Her dress was short and revealing of her creamy white thighs. James took the view in as she crossed her legs, then he moved behind her as she sat on the couch. He reached down and began slowly massaging her tight shoulders. The feeling as he did so was like nothing she could recall. It was as if he was melting her, melting her with nothing but the subtlety of his touch. His hands knew her inside and out.

Authentic pleasure with a gentleman

Authentic pleasure with a gentleman

She whispered as his hands slid over her shoulders, slowly pulling the straps of her dress down so that he could access all of her bare skin. The slack created enough of a gap in the top of her dress that most of her breasts were now revealed as well. She could hear his breathing, deep and excited as he continued to work the muscles in her shoulders. Erotic experience in a luxurious hotel in Paris.

Her slick mound was swollen, ready for his touch. The fabric of her dress was rubbing against her bare pussy, so close to the surface—all it would take was one quick tug and her dress could be hiked up to her hips. Erotic experience in a luxurious hotel in Paris.

She could cum right now if she wanted to, but she didn’t want to seem so cheap and easy. James wouldn’t respect her if she lost control with such little effort on his part. And so she ground her teeth together and kept herself from releasing the energy building in her lower anatomy.

She knew what was coming and her entire body trembled with anticipation—both fear and longing. She leaned forward and her hands grabbed the top of the couch. The hem of her dress pulled up to the very top of her thighs.

She stood with her legs further apart, and her dress moved upwards again. She could feel the air on her butt now. James was seeing her ass. He maneuvered himself so that he was slightly at an angle to her, and one of his strong hands gripped her shoulder.

She felt a sting as his other hand came down and slapped her buttocks. Her ass cheeks bounced with the force of it. Another hard slap. The sound echoed in the apartment. Her pussy vibrated from the pressure. She was getting excited.

He slowly, ever so slowly, pulled her dress up over the curve of her ass. Now her butt was totally in his view. She could hear his excited breathing, but other than that he was silent.

Next, there was another crack of his hand against her naked butt.

She cried out, mostly in pleasure. This seemed to goad him to spank her more fervently. Soon he was paddling her butt with his hand. The slaps were firm and strong, but the pain wasn’t very intense. The Lady was enjoying it much more than she would have imagined. It was intimate, she felt completely connected to James, and trusting that he wouldn’t do anything to truly hurt her. She moaned as he beat her buttocks.

Her secret garden was dripping down her legs and she wanted nothing more than his hand on her bare mound. If he so much as grazed it, she’d have gone off like a fire alarm. But he wasn’t touching her anymore. This was the most erotic experience in a luxurious hotel in Paris.

Absolute moment

Absolute moment

She glanced back at him and saw that he was studying her. His eyes were so hungry, she knew that he wanted her badly, perhaps as much as she wanted him. Then why doesn’t he just take her?

His hands moved up to her thighs. Now she was feeling the pleasure. She moaned. The darkness had become a friend, somehow. She rather enjoyed not knowing where his hands would move next. Not knowing what he might do to her, where he might touch her. Erotic experience in a luxurious hotel in Paris.

For a very long time, his warm hands moved along her thighs, tracing up and down, and each time he strayed towards her wetness, she moaned louder and louder. She was going to cum soon. She couldn’t help it. She’d wanted him to touch her like this, and here it was happening.

The more she tried to resist, the harder it became. Her nipples were so hard she could have cut glass with them. They poked roughly up through her dress. He must have noticed this, because suddenly his hands were on them, roughly pulling her nipples and squeezing them through the sheer fabric of the dress.

She moaned louder and louder, her body bucking and writhing in its straps. He played more with her nipples, sometimes being gentle, other times squeezing until it became painful. But always there was pleasure. Always.

He was playing with her body the way a great violinist would stroke his bow against the strings of an instrument. Sometimes fiercely, with something akin to violence, other times the gentleness of his caress was a thing of beauty.

The Lady was out of her mind, out of her body, out of her self. She’d become something totally different, as if she’d been transported. In the darkness she found she didn’t care how she looked, or what he might be thinking of her moaning and writhing. She completely let herself go, let the fantasy become reality. Erotic experience in a luxurious hotel in Paris.

The orgasm that she’d been fending off and fending off was building to a crescendo that was unimaginable, like a tsunami building and building. Soon it would swallow everything in its path.

The wave broke when his hand slid from her nipples down her ribcage, her belly and stopped at the very top of her slick cunt. She knew she’d long ago soaked through her dress, it was sticking to her skin and he could likely see everything in stark outline.

His fingers came to rest and one fingertip dug slowly into her swollen flesh, nudging her clitoris. She came then, with such ferocity that it might have looked like convulsions. She bucked her hips and his finger was fucking her now, fucking her through her dress.

She screamed. Her nostrils flared as she sucked in air and expelled it, still bucking. The orgasm continued and continued. By the time it was over, she was simply drenched. Drenched and exhausted.


Male Escort Master of Sex for Demanding Ladies: All women deserve to receive it. As a gentleman for demanding women, I offer you the security of my professionalism and my experience that will allow you to be sure that my Sex Therapy will please you and that your eyes will be shining at our next meeting. Erotic experience in a luxurious hotel in Paris.

The Sex Experience can teach you how to let go like an education of your senses that will provide you with a unique entertainment for adults in mutual respect with protection. Let me travel to you to please you.

Contact me to arrange the details of your own Sex Therapy and you will get it on the date you want.

looking forward to meeting you. James

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