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Male Escort Master of Sex for Demanding Ladies

Male Escort Master of Sex for Demanding Ladies.  Pioneer of the science of women sexuality. The lady was all smiles when she opened the door of her bedroom and saw this attractive gentleman facing her. She was wearing only a transparent shirt and was naked from the waist down.

My male escort’s eyes looked down at her bare feet. Her face remained expressionless as she began to unbutton her shorts, and with one pull of her hands, she bent down to remove her shorts and her panties at the same time. She was completely bare from the waist down, and my eyes marveled at her legs and her shaven crotch.

She laid down on the bed and she spread her legs apart. I bent down and immediately became rock hard at the sight of her engorged clitoris, just above her light brown labia which were glistening from her fluids.

Her clit was throbbing right now. And she was really wet. I’ve never seen anything like this before. I put my gigolo’s hand on the mound of her vagina and the tip of my finger on her clit.

Master hand on her clit

Master hand on her clit

The lady let out an incredibly loud moan as my fingers started rubbing her clit. Her eyes widened and so did her mouth. It suddenly dawned on me that I had complete sexual power over my lady while she was in this state of hypersexual-activity. My fingers, which were becoming wet with her fluids, didn’t let up as I continued to furiously rub her clitoris and labia.

Her face twisted with pleasure. And when two of my fingers went inside her tight little vaginal hole, she squirmed and fought her body just to stay in place. It was like she was a woman possessed under the power of her male escort.

She was cumming. Her back violently arched and her toes tightly curled. A sudden stream of fluids squirted out of her vagina and sprayed between my fingers. She squeezed the sheets she was laying on tightly as a I continued fingering her clit. And I continued rubbing until she became completely relaxed and her orgasm was completed.

When it was over, she just laid there, eyes closed, as she struggled to catch her breath after the powerful orgasm she just had with her gigolo. Her attention turned back towards my erection and her continued hand job. Her eyes became wider and it almost looked as if she wanted to lick her lips.

Male Escort Master of Sex for Demanding Ladies. I gave her a wonderful orgasm when she really needed it most. She wanted now to suck her gigolo to please him in return. She leaned forward and sucked the head of my male escort’s cock. She leaned forward just a little bit more and took my hard shaft inside her mouth.

Her head slowly bobbed back and forth and her other hand continued stroking me, giving me an erotic feeling which was unlike anything I had ever felt before. Her sucking and licking of my hard cock became even more sensational and I was on the verge of an orgasm.

She stopped sucking and paused to think for a moment. My heart pounded and I gleefully positioned myself between her legs. She was welcoming about our first time together as she opened her lady’s legs, and then wrapped them around me once I was in position. We looked each other straight in the eyes and she used her hands to cover my cock with a condom.

She moaned as the head of my gigolo’s erection entered her. It’s been a while since she have made love. I pushed my cock all the way in her small secret garden opening. Her warmth, and wetness, were all very inviting, and so was her small opening. She felt as tight as a woman could possibly feel.

Once her body became accustomed to having a huge erect cock inside her, I slowly made my way in and out. Slowly. It didn’t take long for her pussy walls to loosen its tight grip and we were on our way to actual fucking, the kind of fucking that’s hot, nasty.

Act like a gentleman master escort boy but fuck you like a sex animal

Act like a gentleman master escort boy but fuck you like a sex animal

She ask me louder to fuck her. To fuck her harder. Hearing my well-mannered and highly-educated lady scream those filthy obscenities was music to my gentleman’s ears. And the sight of her with her face clenched tightly from us fucking was even more erotic. Her eyes looked like they were on the verge or rolling back as I continued to thrust harder and faster. Her moans and panting became louder as well.

I was about to cum. Her body became tense and her muscles contracted. Her eyes squeezed shut and I once again felt a steady stream of her squirting, this time it was through my cock as I fucked her mercilessly in a professional escort boy manner.

Her long time fantasy of having sex with a gigolo was finally fulfilled and I came inside her body in my condom. When it was over, I collapsed on top of her and laid there for a long moment. We felt each other’s chests heaving up and down from our rapid heart rates.

what was amazing is that she just had the best sexual experience of her life with an unknown gentleman for demanding ladies or couples.

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Dare to book a male escort boy. After detailing the hotel suite she had reserved for her gentleman, Sarah smiled as he made his way to the mini-fridge. Jean opened a bottle of champagne to offer him a glass. She blinked in acceptance but said nothing.

The desire he aroused in her twisted her head, ignited her spine and burned her intimacy. A few seconds later, Sarah was excited. Jean then started a fire in her. Sarah did not think for a moment of pushing him away. Jean seduced her most naturally in the world and the desire she felt for him finished sweeping away the few scraps of rational thought that remained to him.

The other hand, the one that didn’t hold her chin, joined her twin, preparing her mouth for the next assault of her kiss. His tongue interfered between his teeth without any form of preamble.

Dare to book a male escort boy. The gentleman probed her deeply, exploring every corner of his mouth, asserting his dominion over each of his senses one after the other. She tried in vain to grab onto his back while he entered her mouth with her tongue. Sarah moaned when she felt her taste in her. She passed the pulp of her fingers over her skin. Sarah pressed herself more against her heat. She wanted him to thaw it, to burn it, even.

She began to run through her body with more greed. Jean groaned and wildly untied his mouth from hers. For a long time, they looked at each other, then he lifted her in his arms. Sarah clung to her shoulders. She saw the hotel suite and its interior decor scroll past her eyes like a kaleidoscope as he led her to her room, which accentuated the emotional chaos that already inhabited her.

Imagine this moment of pure sensuality with your male escort boy

Imagine this moment of pure sensuality with your male escort boy

Jean tore off the shawl she wore around her neck then placed it on the bed, before pulling the zipper down from her little black evening dress. Sarah obeyed took off the garment in a fraction of a second. She wiggled on herself, unable to keep up with the excitement that invaded her intimacy from second to second when she saw him devour her eyes. She was wearing a set of black lingerie as well as a pair of matching stockings. And her pearl necklace. But that doesn’t count, that, she said to herself, in the midst of hysteria.

Jean’s expression hadn’t changed too much, but his gaze was so eager to detail it that she felt burnt to the third degree. The escort boy ordered him to take off his pants and go to the bed.

She did so and felt like she was in a dream. A torrid erotic dream in the face of which she had no intention of struggling. She put her head on the pillows and Jean covered her with her body, spreading her thighs to intrude against her before regaining possession of her mouth. Their two languages ​​bustled wildly, side by side. Jean pressed one of his hands against her breasts and, on the other, grabbed one of her hips.

Dare to book a male escort boy. With a gesture, he pressed her closer, forcing her to feel the intensity of his desire. Sarah moans at the mouth of her mouth. She literally seemed to vibrate on contact. For a woman who had been living undead for three years, this feeling was like a sexual shock.

The escort boy touched his nipple, gently, then more sharply but still confidently. She arched, now thirsty for even more sensations like this. She slid her hands over his shoulders, then back, massaging him and consuming himself at his touch.

At the perception of this body against his, Jean groaned with pleasure. Sarah’s skin was as soft as silk. To feel his nipples, pointed like darts, in the palm of his palm drove him crazy. Her shy caresses on her back blinded her with envy.

The escort boy rolled suddenly to the side and with a precise gesture defeated the opening of his jeans before bringing him down quickly along his legs. Her stiff member stretched toward her, hard and swollen. He devoured his honey complexion with his eyes. As if she had hidden herself in vain from the sun. His taste was a delight. Her skin, her mouth, her sweat.

Dare to book a male escort boy. Jean couldn’t wait to slide his tongue between his legs. When his cock brushed against the satin surface of his thigh, he and Sarah groaned together. She wanted to sit up but Jean stopped her and took her by the wrists, grabbing them in the palm of one hand.

The touch of his little cold palms on him had made him feverish. He would never be able to keep his cool. While lifting Sarah’s arms above his head, he interfered even more between her thighs.

The escort boy did not take his eyes off her as he slid his fingers through the dampness of his silky pubic fleece, digging the abundant fluids of his intimacy before spreading them all over his lips and against his secret garden.

Sarah arched on the bed, struggling against Jean’s grip on her captive hands. Which made him tighten his grip, while maintaining a frantic pace with his fingers, mercilessly squeezing his nervous flesh until she screamed and gave in to ecstasy. His index and middle fingers slipped into his narrow lair, delighting him to see her contract and convulse under his assaults.

She was already ready to welcome him, visibly as excited as he was. Jean stretched out and took a condom from the drawer of his bedside table. The urge to be in her was so strong that he put it on in record time.

Let your male escort boy eat your secret fruit

Let your male escort boy eat your secret fruit

Dare to book a male escort boy. Without further ado, he spread her thighs and sank deep. Sarah’s body tensed, but Jean was warmed up by the small size of his cock that surrounded him. Jean hoarsely told her that she was narrow before back and forth against Sarah’s femininity while maintaining insistent support. Still under the influence of her orgasm, the woman moans with pleasure. The contact of his slender body against his made him lose all capacity. The escort boy penetrated her deeply.

Jean was literally dazzled by his desire, but he stopped dead when he heard Sarah scream, his cock only half introduced into her. The escort boy paused to admire the pearl necklace she was wearing, then patiently licked them one by one before biting her skin. When he finally reached his lips, they were wide open, and their taste as sweet as it was addictive. His cock and his tongue eagerly entered these two hot and humid openings. Pearls and honey.

She led him to the edge of the abyss. His intimacy kept him captive. Jean pulled back slightly, opening Sarah’s body to another request. With his thumb, he stroked her clitoris, tickled it, forming strong circles. She moaned against her partner’s mouth and arched, rubbing more against her fingers, plunging his hard cock like an iron bar even deeper into her.

She cried out in desire when Jean grabbed her by the hips. His cock seemed too thick and he invaded it, forcing a passage in it … What he was gifted! Not to mention his thumb whose caresses missed making him lose his mind. Sarah felt something she had never known before. She arched, turned, fidgeted against the pressure of Jean’s cock, feeding the fire that consumed her from the inside. She saw by his look and his upturned lip that he appreciated. She moaned with pleasure and extended her movements back and forth.

She gasped, moaned under his assaults, begging him to take her again. A silent prayer which he understood and honored. The escort boy sank further, pressing his male attributes against his damp lair, groaning like an animal. When she cried out and arched her pelvis again, Jean tightened her wrists more and pressed her tighter against the mattress.

The escort boy worked her more intensely. She really had a nice little tight pussy. No question of delaying this climb of pleasure. The orgasm was very close. Jean’s turgid cock stimulated her even more than she had ever been.

Dare to book a male escort boy. He begged his body to welcome him, to make room for him, and each time he retired, she wanted him to sink again, obsessed with the presence between his thighs of the thick member that pounded her, massaged her, asking for something she had never known existed before.

Sarah gasped when Jean collapsed on top of her, devouring her hardened breasts with her mouth, sucking her in so furiously that he further fanned the burning fire in her. As he bit her flesh and penetrated her more brutally, their wet skins in contact, she enjoyed again.

Do you like doggystyle with your escort boy?

Jean grumbled wildly when he felt the spasms of his partner. She was so hot … and her eyes were wide open. The escort boy picked her up and, with a gesture, tore off the last two pieces of fabric covering her breasts. He grabbed one of the two mountains and licked it greedily, biting it. He loved its fruity, creamy and feminine taste. He would only make a mouthful … As he straightened it, he was captivated by the breathtaking vision of his generous white chest.

Jean looked at her. She was drenched in sweat, her blond hair that she had at shoulder height was spread over the pillow. She returned his gaze, panting and full of desire for him. The narrow wall of her little cat tormented him and, at each step, she called him to order, pushing him more inside without warning.

The escort boy lifted her thighs and pressed them against her before possessing her even more violently. She cried out in shock. From fear or excitement, Jean could not have said it. But what he was sure of was that he had never enjoyed making love with a woman so much.

Jean slows down the pace, still deeply anchored in her, and with his skillful fingers, parted the gaping lips of his partner in order to lightly rub his member against her clitoris, which caused in her new shivers. She trembled at the contact of the hairs which went from Jean’s navel to the birth of his penis, very close to his most sensitive flesh.

When she heard her moan, Jean understood that she was halfway between two orgasms. With half-closed eyelids, he looked at her again. She was ready to enjoy again. Such evidence made him smile. With the help of his forearm, he kept his partner’s knees pressed against his shoulders.

Dare to book a male escort boy. Sarah let out a little cry as she felt pleasure invade her while Jean entered her differently. She was even more surprised when he grabbed her buttocks with both hands and placed a fiery kiss on it.

She trembled more intensely at his command. Feeling his warmth, Jean laughed frankly, delighted. She was simmering, in full orgasm, and could not react. A carmine veil landed on Jean’s eyes. Honey and pearls apart, Sarah had seemed to love the little spanking he had just brought on her beautiful little posterior.

The escort boy was vibrating their two bodies now, seeking to free himself from the pleasure that inhabited him by introducing himself even more deeply. Their flesh clattered and Sarah stopped, resting against the headboard, her sheath still tightly tightened around his manhood in action.

What a wonderful partner! thought John, moments before being overwhelmed by his own orgasm. The escort boy tilted his head back and restrained his scream between his clenched teeth, never ceasing to work on it.

Feeling him come and go while enjoying, Sarah closed her eyes, giving free rein to her tears. To feel this man coming so powerfully into her was one of the two most wonderful experiences of his life.

What had just happened was the craziest thing Sarah had ever done in her life. She didn’t even know her last name! But she had no signs of regret. And she never would. Her blood kept beating in her temples, hot as embers. She felt revived. She was trembling and confused, but alive as never.

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