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My male escort let me walk pass him. We go through a long corridor, which serves many rooms, some with glass doors. I am impressed with so much space. James meets my gaze.

This huge and splendid apartment, is also wonderful like James … I feel in an advertisement for a luxury perfume! Arrival on the balcony, I gasped. It offers an incredible view of Paris.

We enter the room, James offered me to settle into the couch, and then welled in the kitchen. James returned with a tray of Italian antipasti, and sits next to me. James serves me an Italian sparkling wine.

I’m intimidated by this gentleman who invited me to dinner. I watch him sitting next to me in this huge couch. James is so cute with his slightly open white shirt.

We remain silent for seconds. James looks at my lips with relish. This look troubles me. James puts his face near mine. I feel his breath a few inches from my mouth. James stops a bit in his movement. This erotic tension is unbearable!

Then James puts his lips against mine. A long french kiss, languid, sensual, which makes me shiver. James slid his hand behind my neck and so keeps me with a lot of strength and softness at a time. If he make love as well as he kiss …

I feel melt under his kisses. I feel his hands gently unhook my blouse. His look says a lot about the night we’ll have … I close my eyes, and do not move.

My lover makes me look a little further back, his hands coming to drag my shirt on my shoulders, and his mouth away from my chest. His lips so soft, rest on my breasts, just above my bra.

His tongue interferes under the fabric, I sigh. It’s so good. I take his head in my hands, and then press a bit against my breasts. I caress his beautiful hair. His hands roam my back, James unhooks my bra. I find myself topless, thank you to his mouth. This is the first time that sensual kisses gave to me such effect.

My gigolo looks up to me, I plunge into his dark eyes, and smiled. That smile means: continue, your touch turn me on. James forcefully grabs my hips and made me switch a little further back.

His hands now unbutton my jeans. A button, two buttons, three … James slides the jeans, puts his mouth against my belly and gently down to my panties. I can not control anything. I shudder and feel pleasure from his mouth a few inches from my sex. James approaches more and more my crotch, to please with little kisses.

I am confused and excited at the same time. My cheeks are becoming red as his tongue approach my secret garden. I also feel that my panties gets a bit wet. My body and mind are in unison, connected to this man who kisses me. James stops.

I raise my head and see him watching with intensity and desire my panties, wet from his kisses and my excitement. Then James greedily plunges his face between my thighs, my panties aside with his hand and starts to taste me, lick me, kiss me.

My God, how good it is … Never a man did it with such passion … My legs begin to tremble under the pleasure, I sigh becoming stronger. I also hear his sigh. James will make me come if he continues. Does he want me to come, like this? His lips, his tongue, his mouth against my sex again and again. It’s more powerful, I feel that my heart will explode. I’m like in a daze, as if nothing existed around us, There are only our bodies, and desire. His hands grip my hips, I grab his wrists, and hold them tight. I feel the climax is coming.

I’m coming, James will make me come …

“James , I will … James …”

I can not finish my sentence, I cry with pleasure. A cry as a complaint. The enjoyment through my whole body shaking. James puts his face against my stomach, my hands caress his neck.

“You’re very pretty, when you come, Danielle,” he said with his beautiful deep voice.

Emotion brings tears to my eyes. James looks up to me, I turn my head. I do not want him to see me so excited, it’s ridiculous …

After a few minutes of silence, during which I feel floating out of time, out of space, I reconnect to reality: I am half naked, while he is still fully clothed! I really wanted to see and feel his naked body against mine. James sits down on the couch, I approach to unbutton his shirt already slightly open. Then his jeans, slowly … I put kisses on his chest, as James did with me just now. James has a firm body, and extremely soft. Breathing deeply his manly scent, I feel excited again.

My hands caress his chest while I kiss increasingly close to his open jeans. My mouth is approaching his shorts, I feel his hard bone, very strong, in his jeans. I would like to take off his clothes, take his penis in my mouth, give him as much pleasure as he gave me just now. But shyness, I hesitate to do so …

While my hands go down to open a little more his jeans, James takes me gently by the shoulders. I give up his iron bar to get close to his lips. I sit against him, my sex naked against his body. James holds my hips, we kiss with fervor and strength. As if our lives depended on it. My whole body is just chilling.

I immerse my gaze in his. His beautiful dark eyes turn me on. His hands gently caress my naked booty while I move slightly against him. This man makes me mad with desire.

My escort boy takes me by the waist and lifts me with both a lot of strength and delicacy, to knock me on the back, on her couch. While I’m lying naked, I look at him taking off his jeans and underwear. James approached me slowly. All of a sudden I feel nervous again. As if it was the first time I made love. I have not had a lot of partners, but I am not a virgin either. And yet, to feel closer to me, naked and beautiful, I feel like a teenager.

He approaches his mouth from my breasts and my nipples gently nibbles. I sigh, it’s so good. All my nervousness vanished, I am only a desiring body. I want to feel it in me, I want him to make love, right now, right away.

He walks away a few seconds to get a condom and put it on his penis, then back again on my mouth and on my nipples, hardened by my excitement. James slips between my legs, and gently penetrates me. Our bodies merge. I feel his sex, long and hard, making long back and forth in me. My legs around him.

For long minutes, James is taking me, going slowly, then faster. James kisses me on the lips, in the neck. I get drunk of its smell. It’s so good … James gently grabbed my waist, I sit back on him, but this time feeling his member in me. I wave, I arch my back, I embrace him. My secret garden scorching slides on his own, we are in unison … James holds me by the waist, and accompanies the movements of my pelvis. I feel I’m going to come again.

I move more quickly on him. James grabbed my breasts. I feel the enjoyment from his cock to invade my body, I arch my back and screams of pleasure. James also is coming.

Seconds of intense happiness … I seek refuge in the hollow of his shoulder, and we remain long, panting, sweating our bodies against each other. I wish this moment last forever.


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The woman took a bottle containing an amber liquid. She had just invited a stranger at her place, whom she had invited by email! The idea that this gentleman for demanding ladies had understood her expectations excited her to the highest point.

With this idea in mind, The lady opened the bottle and poured into each glass something to warm their spirits. She crouched in front of the gentleman who liked to give pleasure to women on the other side of the coffee table and handed him a glass.

Seeing him sitting on her sofa, his ankle resting on his knee in an eminently masculine posture, made her feel incredible. From where she was, she had an insolent view of his crotch and the male escort looked rather well endowed.

James was the most virile male specimen she had ever met. Again the lady felt herself blushing and took a sip of whiskey to give herself a countenance.

Her male escort leaned forward to get his drink. Their eyes met, giving rise to burning thrills in her, which spread throughout her body.

The gentleman looked at the lady’s pretty face bending over his cock, her lips slightly trembling and her shoulders were far too rigid for the casual attitude she was trying to give.

James knew from experience that he was a well-hung man. The subject often generated some astonishing reactions from his female partners.

The lady gently licked the stretched stem, trembling with desire. The sweet caress was much more exciting than if she had taken it in her mouth directly. However, when she arrived at the height of his massive glans, he perceived a brief hesitation. She opened her mouth, placed herself above the erect rod, and wrapped it slowly in her warm damp mouth.

James congratulated her for her technique in a soft voice while stroking her hair. Thus encouraged, the lady pursued the audacious experience. Taking his cock a little farther in her mouth, she boldly embraced it by playing with her tongue and began to go up and down.

She did not dare to look at him, but knew that he was watching her, certainly enjoying seeing her sucking without any resistance as he gave her the rhythm by light thrusts on her head.

Her male escort gave her a small impulse on the cheek, to tell her that she could straighten up, and released a lock of her hair that he passed behind her ear.

The lady suspected that she was offering a striking spectacle. Her cheeks were on fire, her heart rate was much faster than it should and she dared not imagine what this potential male had to be able to read in her eyes.

Her male escort looked at her in silence with tenderness, then he sketched a small smile and leaned his head aside.

She hoisted herself above him, not in the least reassured by this position too explicit to be innocent. However, as the gentleman was not yet trying to undress her, she relaxed slightly. Installed astride the thighs of her male escort.

Her lover took her by the waist and, without taking his eyes off her, unfastened the button of her jean and opened the zipper. When the gentleman slid her wide hands over her buttocks, the woman’s breathing became shorter and when he insinuated his long fingers under the elastic of her panties to reach the hot moisture of her clit, she stopped breathing. James moved his finger between the wet lips of her clit, going slowly and slowly to her secret garden.

Her gigolo continued to caress the woman gently. She was no longer able to decry his behavior. She just wanted to enjoy the sensations and get carried away by this latent audacity.

The lady tilted forward, pressing her face against her partner’s shoulder, unable to control her tremors or the rise of pleasure that assailed her completely.

James asked her to look at him when he would make her cum. As hypnotized, she raised her head and looked at him with a misguided look. She had rosy cheeks of excitement and shining eyes. Her mouth, half open, let out her gasping breath. The vein of her neck was beating fast and the slight movement of her hips told the gentleman that she was close to climax.

The slow caresses he inflicted were a real torture for the woman who squirmed to accentuate the contact where she really needed it. She groans between pleasure and frustration. This slowness was infernal. Finally, with a furtive and unexpected caress of the tongue against her mouth, the gentleman made her swing towards ecstasy.

The lady’s body convulsed and she bent her back to increase the touch of the gentleman’s fingers on her. She sounded a sound close to a complaint as her eyes revolted with pleasure, her nails planted in the shoulders of her gigolo. James cuddled her tenderly, her face nestled in the hollow of his neck, as she picked up her breath and her intimate muscles were unfolding.

Her gigolo was waving his hand in the lady’s back, cuddling the woman. She still could not get over it. Certainly she had provoked him as she had rarely provoked a man, but she was astonished that he had complied with his desires and accepted what she asked of him.

He suspected, in the way she blushed and her uncertain approach, that she should not have had many sexual partners up to the level.

In fact, he began to realize that the fantasies she wrote in her email were those that remain secret and asleep in her mind.

She had probably never done anything out of the ordinary, and from her tone of indignation when he put her on her lap, she was not Those who sneak in the air with the first comer.

She sighed and let her head go back, offering herself to the kisses of the gentleman. A warm hand with a slightly calloused palm went under his pullover and wrapped a breast.

Under the lace, the small bud of flesh rose. His gigolo gently pinched the nipple between his thumb and forefinger, which snatched a soft moan from the lady, moaning that was immediately stifled by the mouth of her male escort.

The lady was on the point of losing all her means. Her gigolo caressed her breasts through her bra by kissing her without eagerness, but this approach made her completely crazy. She was usually a romantic person, a sweet dreamer … but now she only aspired to one thing: that he fuck her savagely!

With a nervous hand she followed the relief of the powerful erection imprisoned in the jean of her gigolo who grunted with satisfaction. Her gigolo left the lady’s lips for a moment, put her sweater over her head and then took the time to admire the panorama she offered him. The small breasts sheathed in red and black lace, tightly clasped together in the balconnet that married their shapes to perfection, were a pleasure for his eyes.

With a supple finger he pushed a sling and released one of the milky globes whose pale pink aureola appeared, surmounted by the little nipple hardly darker. A thrust of desire ignited the gentleman’s loins, which completely degraded the bra to better appreciate the treasure he discovered.

She had amazing breasts, he took them in the palm of his hands. They fit exactly into it. Her gigolo took the breasts in a cup and then leaned forward to kiss the tits one after the other. They instantly hardened under his tongue, he gently turned around the nipples, triggering a series of chills in the lady’s body. James licked, sucked, bite the little buds that swelled with desire.

The lady could not reply, but groaned in approval when the gentleman took the whole aureola of her breast in his mouth as he voluptuously pinched her nipples. When he finally left them, it was to force the woman to lie down on the sofa. James then tugged at her jean and slowly slid down her legs until he released it. The underwear she wore was matching to her bra. Small piece of red and black lace well indented beneath which was concealed the object of his covetousness.

The gentleman’s knees imprisoned the lady’s thighs, preventing any movement on her part. James straightened up a bit and pulled out his own sweater then unbuttoned his shirt.

When he was bare-chested, the gentleman resumed his amazing caresses while inserting one of his knees between the lady’s thighs, forcing her to pull them aside. The lady gasped as she felt the gentleman’s fingers stroking her through the thin lace as he continued to torture her breasts became hypersensitive.

She was about to beg him to fuck her when he gave up his chest to go down. The gentleman’s hands traced the curve of the lady’s hips and the underpants followed the path taken by the woman’s jean a little earlier.

His lips were lost in the honey-colored fleece of her clit. With a firm grip, the gentleman grabbed her knees and widely opened her legs before plunging his tongue into her fragrant delights. She had never known a lover who acted with such slowness. The tongue passed and passed along the reliefs of her intimacy, visiting each hem, every fold and folding up … in a sulky concert of groans.

The lady shouted, feverishly rippling beneath her mouth, which had been savagely torturing her for several minutes. Deciding that the game could now take a different turn, the gentleman finally granted his favors to the little pink button all inflated which begged to be freed from its tensions.

The orgasm was instantaneous and violent, but the gentleman stopped drinking at her source only when the spasms of that dazzling orgasm had ceased. James slipped gently back to her stomach, scattering kisses scarcely sketched on her burning skin, then brushed her nipples to her lips, and finished his way to the hollow of her neck, where he delighted at the pulsations of his pulse. The lady, her eyes closed, languid, tried to catch her breath.

The weight of the gentleman’s body against her drew a sigh of contentment. When he kissed her, sliding his tongue against her, a new wave of heat took hold of her.

She opened her eyes to discover that the gentleman’s eyes were almost black, his pupils completely dilated by desire.

James smirked, then sat up and held out a hand to the lady. She seized it without understanding and he dragged her to the kitchen.

James grabbed the woman by the waist and lifted her from the floor to the work surface. James placed himself between her thighs and kissed her tenderly.

Once again, she obeyed the instructions of the gentleman who slowly moved her to the edge of the counter. With one hand, he grabbed his rigid cock and rubbed it against the woman’s soaked pussy.

Her clit was still sensitive, and the lady could not stop a muffled groan. Her gigolo rummaged in the back pocket of his pants and pulled out a small metallic square. James tore the packaging and unrolled the condom on his cock.

The male escort of professional pleasure always had condoms with him. James encircled the woman’s waist and lifted her up from the counter.

James took a few steps into the kitchen and wedged her back against a wall. He then made her descend on him and impaled her very slowly on his big cock as hard as an iron bar. Centimeter by centimeter, he penetrated into the depths of his intimacy. She expired dully, feeling with acute acuity the slow and measured progression of the rigid limb in her.

Her gigolo supported her under the buttocks as he saw her sliding against the wall. He withdrew a little and plunged a little further. Slowly, he repeated these movements until he was totally in her. James kissed her again and the movements of his tongue in the lady’s mouth punctuated those of his cock, which came and went in a deliciously burning slide. She moaned with pleasure at the pace that he gave to his kicks. Ample and vigorous.

After a few minutes of this amazing treatment, and without withdrawing from it, the gentleman returned to the table where he stretched her and began to pound her while kneading her breasts.

Her gentleman told her that she was so hot around his cock. These simple words were sufficient to electrify the woman who groans more and more. The rubbing of their pubis excited her congested clit. James used her more and more quickly and more and more strongly, waving diabolically against her by supporting a cadence that snatched cries from her.

Her male escort accelerated the pace. James felt her contracting around him when orgasm was unleashed in her. She shouted his name, shaking her head from right to left like a hysterical fury as she bent like a possessed woman. Nothing more was needed to make him cum.

In a long groan close to a beast’s rumble, the gentleman reached the peaks of pleasure that shook him violently. Several minutes later he carefully withdrew from her and helped her to sit down. Framing his face between his hands, he contemplated the delicate face of the woman. His eyes shone.

Never, but never, even in her wildest fantasies, she would have thought she could live such a thing. Her male escort had given her so much pleasure that she had feared to faint with ecstasy. Orgasm, the real one, the one that made the body vibrate in its entirety, she had at last come to experience it.


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Oh James, you look so handsome, having dressed for me this evening, taking pride in selecting the perfect outfit to accompany your natural beauty. Your skin is so smooth, and I run the back of my fingers down your cheek to your chin, your eyes twinkling above your nose as your seductive lips slowly spread into a smile at my touch.

I lean in for a kiss and can smell the cologne on your skin, so soft for such a masculine man, such broad shoulders and strong arms that I know can manipulate me to the most sinful of predicaments.

The heat of your kiss warms me, as do your fingers along my bare thighs, seeking my center, confirming that I have been desperate to have you for the past hour as we sat making idle chitchat and being respectable in public. There is not much respectable about us behind closed doors.

You tug my jacket off, getting locks of my long blond hair caught in the process, exposing my throat. You take advantage and lean in, devouring me with your lips, your teeth gently nipping at my neck, my ears, eliciting moans of bliss. You flick the button to my little cardigan, roughly shoving it off my shoulders, pull my camisole down, and squeeze my breasts together, biting my now-hard nipples through my bra. Wanting more flesh, we fight each other to expose my skin, then I need yours, and I begin undoing the buttons covering your chest.

I continue my journey south, relieving your beautiful manhood of the constraints of your trousers, dropping to my knees to engulf you in the hot wetness of my mouth. I am so desperate to taste you, feel you, that I try to swallow every bit of you that I can, taking you to the depths of my throat. I remain there for a moment, feeling your pulse with my own, beating as one: mutual desire. I slowly withdraw, feeling your thickness between my lips, savoring the sensation as I use the tip of my tongue to caress the underside of your beautiful hard bone.

I reach your thick head and swirl around and around, gently probing for any sweet precome, and my ministrations are generously rewarded with a drop of the juice we both savor so much. I slide my hands around to your glutes, spreading my palms across your cheeks and squeezing, loving the feel of your ass in my hands. I gently pull your cheeks apart, slide one hand in, and tickle your rosebud and taint with my finger and am rewarded with a moan from you and a slight trembling in your knees.

You pull me up abruptly, unzipping my skirt and pushing me over the easy chair behind me. My legs are splayed, and I am at your mercy. You know this as you dive into my bare center, hitting my secret garden right away, but only to tease for a bit before licking lower, between my lips, gently tugging with your teeth, sucking my nectar. You return to my secret garden, alternately licking, flicking, and gently biting, adding your thick fingers to my slick opening as you ravage me.

I am soon writhing on the chair, not sure if I am trying to have you or get away from such exquisite pleasure, but soon enough I cry out.
“Oh, James, oh, I’m coming, Baby, don’t stop!” I buck against your hand, your lips, as wave after wave rushes through me, and every muscle in my body contracts. You continue to suckle me as the intensity of my orgasm ebbs, your gaze locked onto mine as your fingers find mine and intertwine.

You climb up my body, biting a hard nipple in a way that tells me you are in no mood for cuddling but need release. Your kisses deepen, and you lean forward, cupping my breasts, so that now you are flush with me as you slide in and out in smooth, well-aimed movements that hit all the right spots.

You pull back and guide me to a chair, seating me and pulling me so my ass is barely on the edge, as am I at this point. You slide your iron-hard rod into me for a moment; my eyes start to roll into the back of my head, but you have so much more in store for me.

I feel the heat of you at my backdoor, and my legs splay just a bit more to grant access. You begin to push, and I feel the crown sliding in, that initial ease before the inevitable pop when the head completely violates my most decadent space.

Is there any more delicious feeling? You pull my ankles up as you simultaneously slide deeper into my ass, then, with one final thrust, you are buried balls-deep. You know how much I love it when you wait there a moment, driving me absolutely mad with desire.

I reach up and pinch your already hard nipples, gently tugging as you slam into my ass, holding my ankles up and apart, taking my ass so completely. Your thrusts are wild, deep, and strong as you fill me in the way only you know that I love. I am pinned against the back of the deck chair, barely able to meet your thrusts, but I clench my ass, gripping you, trying to keep you as deep inside me as possible, feeling every bit of you as you hammer in and out of my tight ass.

I find myself crying out in ecstasy as I come and come, feel you growing even more rigid in my ass, slamming into me, then pausing, only to thrust one final time before releasing my ankles as your body grows rigid with your final thrust.


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Jessica had a deep night’s sleep. In the morning, only memories remain of the sensations experienced the night before. She had never known such desire burning. Often she liked being taken strongly. But that desire was intellectualized. The one of yesterday was completely animal.

A horny beast that only satisfaction of sexual needs appease. While at table for breakfast in front of her coffee and toast with butter and jam, Jessica thought. She liked this escort boy, he made her come like no one ever in her life.

Jessica was a woman who was driving her business successfully. But she wanted to live physical experiments always unconventional. That’s why she contacted this male escort to enjoy unique experiences of pleasure.

The gentleman accepted the conditions and called her a few days later. The escort boy, named James, offered to pick her up with a cab to take her for dinner before escorting her at a luxury hotel where he had booked a room. Jessica was wearing a long evening dress. she was showing her shoulders and the birth of her chest in a sensual way, highlighting her slender silhouette, with a tight waist and a low corolla starting at her knees. James was also very elegant in three-piece suit.

The couple went to a nice restaurant in a classy hotel. Beutiful and gorgeous, she looked like a vestal. They had diner with champagne and James entertains her with a nice chatting where they discussed many topics of the news. Then they went to the room that James had booked.

The escort boy asked Jessica to take off her dress. She had a lot of presence, taking a proud attitude while she was following his orders. She was wearing under her dress that half-breasts bra pushing up her chest with arrogant nipples , and a matching garter belt holding her back down to mid-thigh.

James put his hand between her legs. She was hot. He slipped his finger between her lips already swollen by her excitement and was not surprised by her wetness calling him for penetration.

Her male escort start rubbing her secret garden, insisted on her clit, but merely to rub her without introducing any finger. Jessica began to respond to his touch imperceptibly rolling her hips and letting out little moans.

She was seized by a feeling halfway between the burn and sting. James had placed four or five ice cubes in his open palm and started to rub her sex with it.

Jessica felt her flesh retracting mechanically, but her desire to be fulfill was still present. Fortunately, she felt that James unfastened. Perfectly erected, he made a few trips between his lips to lubricate his iron bar and preparing her for penetration. But suddenly Jessica felt something special inside her. James was now introducing some ice partially melted into her. When that was done, he penetrated her to seal the entrance with his penis wrapped in a condom and pushed his pelvis forward.

James pushed the pieces of ice to fulfill her. Jessica mingled both the soft feel to finally be invested and the biting cold that was contracting the walls of her vagina. For James it was delicious. Melting ice and contractions holding his penis firmly. Her male escort began to make slow but powerful back and forth. He felt small pieces of ice flowing back while he was pushing deeper. Then once the ice had melted, he started to move faster and she came for the first time.

Her gigolo gave her a little break. Jessica had not moved, her indecency offered to her gigolo. Once he had regained strength, James pushed her in her kneel and bring his virility near her. She took him with her hands, lips and tongue, successfully. He fuck her for a long time, but his pleasure was not coming.

Her male escort put her knees. This time she was not her sucking him but him fucking her mouth. He held his head so that Jessica could not escape. He was entering in her mouth as far as he wanted. She was very excited by his dominant position.

James allowed himself powerful round trips deep in her mouth. Against all odds Jessica manages to completely take his dick in her mouth. James ordered her to remove the latest underwear she still had and lie down on the bed
Then the man stood behind her. Unceremoniously dived suddenly deep as he could. Jessica was screaming, as she cried every time he was fucking her. Her male escort had grabbed her hair and pulled it back at each movement of his own body.

He was riding her bareback, clinging to the mane of his horse. This was more obvious when it started a gallop rhythm. When their bodies were stretched in spasms of enjoyment, they were both sweating.

Jessica felt waves of pleasure increasing to cloud nine. First a kind of amazing pleasure. Then bright spots and visual hallucinations. Then her body began to suffer uncontrollable twitching. She lived an orgasm in a total let go.


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How To Celebrate Your Birthday with a Male Companion – James – Escortboy.org

For her birthday, Lady S. did ask her husband to realize one of her fantasy: she wanted to be in a threesome with him and another gentleman. After some research on internet, her husband found James, an educated gentleman available for such experience.

As requested, James arrived at the bar near the opera of Paris to meet the couple around seven o’clock. They welcomed him around a drink to meet and know each other and see if they had a mutual feeling before moving to some more intimate place. James immediately see in the eyes of this beautiful lady that she did appreciate his style of gentleman for demanding ladies.

After talking for sometimes, they decided to move to their hotel for a nice four hands massage.

The hands stretched up her back from her legs, to her waist up to her shoulders. Sliding around with a coat of oil, they skimmed over her ribs and back up to her neck. Up and down. Up and down. Some strokes skimmed under the edge of her panty, stopping at the small of her back. Others dipped along her sides, skimming the swells of her breasts. The lady was feeling a wet heat between her legs.

James’s hands moved onto her thighs. Again, strokes swiped from knee to ass, firm strong strokes. As she anticipated the ass massage, she didn’t completely notice the hand that got closer and closer to her pussy until fingers were teasing her lips. Moving her knees apart while he massaged her calves. Getting close enough to feel her pussy.

She turned and looked over her shoulder. Standing there were her husband together with James. Hands lightly oiled, with a large grin on his face.

Amused and aroused, she lowered back on to the bed. She wanted to enjoy every minute of her husband’s sexy birthday surprise.

James worked her thighs and ass. His hands massaged her earnestly now, kneading and spreading with his fingers. She wriggled her thighs farther apart. They both knew that James wouldn’t resist the chance to finger her pussy.

James ran his hands over her ass and thighs, each time sliding his thumbs over her lips. Her clit throbbed against the bed; her nipples were hard too.

James slid his fingers between her pussy lips for the first time. her lips wrapped around them. His fingers were warm and thick wriggling against her. She moaned. He fingered her more and she purred more. James and her husband were making her wet and horny. She wanted more.

While James fingered her pussy, Her husband kissed up her spine to her neck. James asked her to turn over. He wanted to massage her on the other side. She pushed up on her elbows while she tightened her pussy around his fingers, keeping them on her for as long as possible.

Lady S. turned toward James and rested on her right hip. His cock jutted toward her and she reached to stroke it. While she pumped his big hard shaft, he leaned over and kissed her. Full on French kiss. His tongue teased her mouth while her hand lingered on his great cock.

James pressed her shoulder back so she was face-up on the bed. Of course, that also means tits up and pussy up on the bed. He cupped them in his hands, watching them pour over his fingers. He jiggled them. He thumbed her nipples. His hungry mouth nibbled and sucked and licked each one again and again. When he touched her nipple, her clit tingled.

While he enjoyed mouthing her tits, his hand worked back to her pussy. Over her soft belly, circling around her navel, slipping over her naked mound. Soon his fingers were home again between her pussy lips. She arched her back to get more of her tits in his mouth and pressed his hand with hers against her pussy. Together they ground against her clit and rubbed her wet lips. They could hear the juicy wetness his surprise had stirred up.

Then she took her husband’s cock in her mouth, pumped and pulled, bobbing and drawing. His precum dribbled on her tongue. She lapped and mouthed his stiff cock noisily: moaning, popping, sucking. Watching and listening while his cock is in her mouth gets her husband even hornier.

She also wanted to get fucked by James’s cock. His stiff cock slid up her belly. Her tits mashed against his chest as they kissed a deep, intense, carnal kiss. Her husband massaged her incredible ass while she pressed against him, wanting a cock inside her.

After putting a condom, James’s cock filled and stretched her while she was sucking her husband. She heard his sexy low growl, which makes her pussy tingle. Turning to look over her shoulder, she stared at him.

Her pussy tightened and released around his cock. His ass clenched as he stroked stronger into her. Each pump got her closer to cumming. Each wet fucking sound pushed her closer. Each time James’s cockhead pressed deep inside her she almost came.

Her breath burst as her orgasm broke. She pressed back against James to fill her pussy with as much of his cock as possible. Her pussy milked his cock with each spasm.

Her pussy wrapped around his sensitive cock, not letting go. She felt his forehead drop against her back, his panting breath warming her skin. His hands reached under her to tweak her nipples. They were so hard. He cupped her tits and slowly pulled her up. she heard her pussy release his cock. Turning around, she reached her arms around her husband and kissed him. Full on.

Happy Birthday Lady S. !!!


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