The Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile hotel

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The lady and James exited the restaurant and entered the Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile hotel, her gentlemant leading her by the hand. Despite the fact that she wanted this, she was still nervous, and as they approached the elevator her heartbeat sped faster and faster until pure adrenaline raced through her veins.

She had no idea what was going to happen, no idea if this would change her life. She hoped not. But this desire had been building and there was no way she could turn back now. Later. The lady would worry about consequences later. We only live once…

Then they were in the elevator, standing on a swirling red carpet, and James was pushing floor 38 amazon purchased music as mp3. The door was closing and soon they’d be alone. But a hand shot between the elevator doors, pushing them back open. Her toe tapped an impatient beat as a crowd of people pushed their way inside. James inched closer to her, surrounded her. She was shaking.

Hurry up! she wanted to scream. But the fucking elevator seemed to be stopping at every floor. The two of them stood at the back of the mirrored elevator car, listening to the music. Her pussy throbbed. The lace of her bra teased her sensitive nipples wii spiele herunterladen. When she felt James’s fingers on her skin, she jumped. Her male escort smiled down at her.

She nodded. His touch burned a circle around her wrist. Her gigolo drew her hand behind her back. Seconds later James held both of her wrists, pressing them against the brass rail lining the back of the elevator.

Restrained. James’s grip was as solid as a metal handcuff. She glanced at James, who was smiling at her like the handsome devil he was. And she couldn’t say anything because there were two gray-haired women in front of them talking about the value of the buffets herunterladen.

They stopped at another floor and one of the old ladies exited. Then there was just three of them. The remaining woman turned and smiled. The lady tried to return the gesture, but it must not have worked because the woman looked downright alarmed. As soon as the elevator doors opened the elderly woman bolted as fast as she can.

Turning toward her, James reached into the neckline of her dress, slid his fingers beneath her bra and brushed her nipple. She gasped as James’s grip on her wrists grew firmer. Her male escort pulled her arms tighter, straighter. Her gigolo leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her clavicle pons wörterbuch herunterladen.

Biting her lip, she tried not to moan as James pulled her nipple between his fingers and pinched. The elevator continued to rise as James’s other hand moved over her lower body. She closed her eyes, trembling as his hand lightly skimmed her waist, her hips, her thigh. Her gigolo reached under her skirt to glide his fingertips over the elastic of her panties.

Finally his finger, his knuckle, so strong, so warm, was touching her, fingering her. She was so wet she was almost embarrassed. But that didn’t stop her from widening her stance a bit, urging him on Songs download apple. She bit harder on her lip before she begged him to finger-fuck her. Not yet. She wouldn’t beg yet.

The elevator stopped. James withdrew his hand from her panties, but did not release her wrists. With a firm hold Her gigolo directed her down the hallway, their footsteps silent on the thick carpet. Her male escort hadn’t straightened her panties; they were still twisted to the side. The discomfort rubbed at her hypersensitive flesh as they marched toward her room.

The hotel was huge, the hall seemed never ending. By the time they reached the door of the room she was in a daze, ready for anything herunterladen. She wanted to come right there in the hallway. It would have been so easy for James to lift her up, push her against the wall and dry-fuck her. Even through his trousers, the feel of his cock against her sex would send her over the edge, she was sure of it.

But James was pulling a card out of his pocket and then they were inside. The minute the door shut, James released her, pushed her back against the heavy wood and slammed himself against her body. His mouth was on hers, his lips devouring her in a way that seemed primal, hungry. She responded by wrapping her hands around his neck and urging him deeper musik kostenlosen wie geht das. Everything seemed to fade away under James’s touch.

His erection was rock hard and pushing at her thigh, just inches from where she wanted it. James pulled away and took a deep, ragged breath. James had her in his arms, was kissing her, directing her backward toward the bed. Her male escort followed her down onto the mattress, covering her body with his.

Her pulse beat a steady rhythm in her ears as her gigolo tugged the fabric up over her hips. James lifting her dress over her breasts, her shoulders, taking her nipple into his mouth through the lace of her bra smiley app kostenlos herunterladen. But as he pulled her dress over her head, she thought back to previous lovers and realized she’d never felt so at ease, so comfortable. So excited. She wanted him. She wanted to be filled by him.

Leaning over her, James kissed her rib cage, his soft lips tickling her skin. He went lower to her panties, pulled them down her thighs, her calves, over the black pumps. He threw the scrap of silk onto the floor. Shivering, she locked her gaze on James’s. James spread her legs wide, opening her.

She jumped when she felt his fingers on her damp flesh, exploring her pussy lips pixieset images. Instinctively, she wanted to close her eyes, but James would not release her from his stare. She began to squirm as James stroked her secret garden, played with her until she was bucking against him, gasping. Then he was sliding his fingertips across her sex to the part of her body that was begging to be filled.

She wanted him to fuck her, to ram his fingers into her as James watched. But she bit her lip, quivering as she held back. She wanted to plead, but she wasn’t there; she couldn’t let go like that. Not yet.

But she was so close herunterladen. She was losing herself to James’s touch and her skin burned under James’s gaze. Sensation overwhelmed her, possessed her. When James tapped her secret garden with a flick of his finger she writhed on the bed, kicked out her legs, silently begged him to put his mouth there.

James didn’t. He flicked her again, a prick of pain that she welcomed. She took her breasts in her hands, pinched her own nipples. James’s eyes went dark. Finally James put his warm mouth to her needy secret garden, licking and sucking until her head swam from pleasure. She had to tear her eyes off James as she moaned. She was cumming right there.

The lady grabbed her knees, spread her legs wide, as wide as she could. She came with a guttural scream, her entire body shattering nerve by nerve. James didn’t let her go until her breathing had slowed. When she opened her eyes she found him staring at her. If she thought they looked hungry earlier, it was nothing compared to now. Now her male escort wanted to devour her. She understood his need. Spasms still shook the very center of her, and this was just the beginning of a crazy night of sex with this amazing male companion in Paris.

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Guiding women to orgasm

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My goal is to guide you in order to get the best orgasm of your life umsatzsteuer 2016 formular herunterladen.

The truth is every healthy woman is capable of multiple full body orgasms

Sadly most women will never reach their full orgasmic potential

-Around 29% of women have never had an orgasm at all

-Around 70% report never having an orgasm during sex

-Only 20% of women have experienced a vaginal orgasm (deeper orgasm than clitoral orgasm)

There are a number of reasons for this but the biggest is lack of knowledge and understanding of how it works

Very few people realize this but guiding a woman to orgasm requires leading both her mind and body

What I’m about to teach you is not just about having more techniques to use in the bedroom, it’s about understanding how a woman’s body and mind come together to give her an orgasm word excel kostenlos chip. Having this understanding will give you a lifetime of experimentation and incredible sexual experiences.

I want to teach you how to have an orgasm and also multiple orgasms fotos aus der icloud herunterladen.

Bondage: Sensory Deprivation: Blindfolds, Hoods, and Earplugs

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 When I take away your sense of sight or sound, your other senses become heightened. When you’re blindfolded by a professional male escort, noises sound louder, smells are more intense, and even the lightest touch can send chills down the spine herunterladen. When you can’t hear anything or you can hear only one particular sound, you focus on what you can feel, smell, possibly see (if you can), or simply sense around you. Sensory deprivation play focuses on depriving women of sight or sound—with blindfolds, hoods, earplugs, headphones, or some combination of these. This deprivation can help to put her in a particular frame of mind; when wearing these devices women often feel curious and excited as she anticipate what might come next in a scene how can I download from netflix movies. Sensory deprivation toys can also help you focus on what’s happening to your body, making each sensation stronger.

Blindfolds come in polyester, satin, leather, and other fabrics, and it’s a matter of personal taste which you prefer. Some sleep masks—those that really block out light—work very well as blindfolds. Some blindfolds have an elastic strap; others fasten with Velcro or a buckle watchbox filme downloaden. An adjustable elastic strap is preferable to one that isn’t adjustable, although if there is enough give, a nonadjustable blindfold should be fine; just make sure the blindfold fits snugly but is not too tight. If you’re going to be lying on your back most of the time, then you may not want a blindfold with a buckle, since it can become uncomfortable against the back of your head pretty quickly tierstimmen kostenlos herunterladen. If you want to obscure someone’s vision but not take away their sight entirely, try a sheer scarf that’s folded several times.

Putting a blindfold on someone is a great way to neutralize the environment around them. If they can’t see, suddenly they have to rely on you to tell them what’s going on—or not; this is a great opportunity to shift a bottom’s sense of reality, spin a fantasy, or control what they know (or think they know) ms teams download kostenlos. For some bottoms, a blindfold immediately makes them feel submissive; for others, it puts them off balance enough that they can slip more easily into a fantasy. Blindfolds can also give beginner tops a boost of confidence—it’s easier to project a sense of confidence, discipline, and precision if your bottom can’t see you fumble with a flogger games with money for free!

If you enjoy the sense of helplessness that blindfolds provide, wearing a hood will take it to another level. Hoods can be made of different kinds of material from spandex to leather, but they have one thing in common: breathability. That may mean small holes in fabric, perforations in leather, or eye/nose/mouth cutouts. Like blindfolds, hoods obscure your vision, but they can do something more; some people have a profound loss of identity when they wear a hood bayern 2 podcast. They can immediately feel small and submissive. Think about it: when your face is completely covered, you can feel erased, dehumanized, or objectified. This can be a useful tool if, for example, a bottom enjoys being “used” as a sex slave; a hood can transform someone into simply a mouth available to please her master whenever he chooses free radio stations. It’s common to combine sensory deprivation with bondage.

Our sense of sound is one important way that we process information about what’s happening around us. Like a blindfold, taking away someone’s ability to hear can heighten their other senses and help them to focus on exactly what you want them to: the feel of ice melting and dripping between their breasts, the pinch of a clamp around their nipple, the sting of a cane videos von twitteren iphone. Using earplugs (available in most drugstores), you not only alter what a bottom hears but also turn up the volume of their own breathing, which can be an intense experience that connects them to their body and what’s happening to it.

Another way to play with the sense of sound is to control what the bottom hears. This isn’t exactly sensory deprivation; it’s more like sensory manipulation libreoffice download for free windows 10. Think about walking into an empty room. You hear a heavy metal song. Or a piano concerto. Or the deep base of techno music. Each one conveys a different tone. Put a pair of headphones on a bottom to fill their ears with a desired soundtrack, and it can set the mood for your scene. Perhaps the fantasy is to be taken advantage of under the bleachers during a football game. A soundtrack of cheerleading chants can help bring that to life. Or you want her to imagine having sex in public at an orgy. Put on your favorite group-sex scene in a porn movie, and you’ve got the sounds of other people having sex and coming all around you.

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