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The woman took a bottle containing an amber liquid. She had just invited a stranger at her place, whom she had invited by email! The idea that this gentleman for demanding ladies had understood her expectations excited her to the highest point.

With this idea in mind, the lady opened the bottle and poured into each glass something to warm their spirits. She crouched in front of the gentleman who liked to give pleasure to women on the other side of the coffee table and handed him a glass.

Seeing him sitting on her sofa, his ankle resting on his knee in an eminently masculine posture, made her feel incredible. From where she was, she had an insolent view of his crotch and the male escort looked rather well endowed.

James was the most virile male specimen she had ever met. Again the lady felt herself blushing and took a sip of whiskey to give herself a countenance.

Her male escort leaned forward to get his drink. Their eyes met, giving rise to burning thrills in her, which spread throughout her body.

The gentleman looked at the lady’s pretty face bending over his cock, her lips slightly trembling and her shoulders were far too rigid for the casual attitude she was trying to give.

James knew from experience that he was a well-hung man. The subject often generated some astonishing reactions from his female partners.

The lady gently licked the stretched stem, trembling with desire. The sweet caress was much more exciting than if she had taken it in her mouth directly. However, when she arrived at the height of his massive glans, he perceived a brief hesitation. She opened her mouth, placed herself above the erect rod, and wrapped it slowly in her warm damp mouth.

James congratulated her for her technique in a soft voice while stroking her hair. Thus encouraged, the lady pursued the audacious experience. Taking his cock a little farther in her mouth, she boldly embraced it by playing with her tongue and began to go up and down.

She did not dare to look at him, but knew that he was watching her, certainly enjoying seeing her sucking without any resistance as he gave her the rhythm by light thrusts on her head.

Her male escort gave her a small impulse on the cheek, to tell her that she could straighten up, and released a lock of her hair that he passed behind her ear.

The lady suspected that she was offering a striking spectacle. Her cheeks were on fire, her heart rate was much faster than it should and she dared not imagine what this potential male had to be able to read in her eyes.

Her male escort looked at her in silence with tenderness, then he sketched a small smile and leaned his head aside.

She hoisted herself above him, not in the least reassured by this position too explicit to be innocent. However, as the gentleman was not yet trying to undress her, she relaxed slightly. Installed astride the thighs of her male escort.

Her lover took her by the waist and, without taking his eyes off her, unfastened the button of her jean and opened the zipper. When the gentleman slid her wide hands over her buttocks, the woman’s breathing became shorter and when he insinuated his long fingers under the elastic of her panties to reach the hot moisture of her clit, she stopped breathing. James moved his finger between the wet lips of her clit, going slowly and slowly to her secret garden.

Her gigolo continued to caress the woman gently. She was no longer able to decry his behavior. She just wanted to enjoy the sensations and get carried away by this latent audacity.

The lady tilted forward, pressing her face against her partner’s shoulder, unable to control her tremors or the rise of pleasure that assailed her completely.

James asked her to look at him when he would make her cum. As hypnotized, she raised her head and looked at him with a misguided look. She had rosy cheeks of excitement and shining eyes. Her mouth, half open, let out her gasping breath. The vein of her neck was beating fast and the slight movement of her hips told the gentleman that she was close to climax.

The slow caresses he inflicted were a real torture for the woman who squirmed to accentuate the contact where she really needed it. She groans between pleasure and frustration. This slowness was infernal. Finally, with a furtive and unexpected caress of the tongue against her mouth, the gentleman made her swing towards ecstasy.

The lady’s body convulsed and she bent her back to increase the touch of the gentleman’s fingers on her. She sounded a sound close to a complaint as her eyes revolted with pleasure, her nails planted in the shoulders of her gigolo. James cuddled her tenderly, her face nestled in the hollow of his neck, as she picked up her breath and her intimate muscles were unfolding.

Her gigolo was waving his hand in the lady’s back, cuddling the woman. She still could not get over it. Certainly she had provoked him as she had rarely provoked a man, but she was astonished that he had complied with his desires and accepted what she asked of him.

He suspected, in the way she blushed and her uncertain approach, that she should not have had many sexual partners up to the level.

In fact, he began to realize that the fantasies she wrote in her email were those that remain secret and asleep in her mind.

She had probably never done anything out of the ordinary, and from her tone of indignation when he put her on her lap, she was not those who sneak in the air with the first comer.

She sighed and let her head go back, offering herself to the kisses of the gentleman. A warm hand with a slightly calloused palm went under his pullover and wrapped a breast.

Under the lace, the small bud of flesh rose. His gigolo gently pinched the nipple between his thumb and forefinger, which snatched a soft moan from the lady, moaning that was immediately stifled by the mouth of her male escort.

The lady was on the point of losing all her means. Her gigolo caressed her breasts through her bra by kissing her without eagerness, but this approach made her completely crazy. She was usually a romantic person, a sweet dreamer … but now she only aspired to one thing: that he fuck her savagely!

With a nervous hand she followed the relief of the powerful erection imprisoned in the jean of her gigolo who grunted with satisfaction. Her gigolo left the lady’s lips for a moment, put her sweater over her head and then took the time to admire the panorama she offered him. The small breasts sheathed in red and black lace, tightly clasped together in the balconnet that married their shapes to perfection, were a pleasure for his eyes.

With a supple finger he pushed a sling and released one of the milky globes whose pale pink aureola appeared, surmounted by the little nipple hardly darker. A thrust of desire ignited the gentleman’s loins, which completely degraded the bra to better appreciate the treasure he discovered.

She had amazing breasts, he took them in the palm of his hands. They fit exactly into it. Her gigolo took the breasts in a cup and then leaned forward to kiss the tits one after the other. They instantly hardened under his tongue, he gently turned around the nipples, triggering a series of chills in the lady’s body. James licked, sucked, bite the little buds that swelled with desire.

The lady could not reply, but groaned in approval when the gentleman took the whole aureola of her breast in his mouth as he voluptuously pinched her nipples. When he finally left them, it was to force the woman to lie down on the sofa. James then tugged at her jean and slowly slid down her legs until he released it. The underwear she wore was matching to her bra. Small piece of red and black lace well indented beneath which was concealed the object of his covetousness.

The gentleman’s knees imprisoned the lady’s thighs, preventing any movement on her part. James straightened up a bit and pulled out his own sweater then unbuttoned his shirt.

When he was bare-chested, the gentleman resumed his amazing caresses while inserting one of his knees between the lady’s thighs, forcing her to pull them aside. The lady gasped as she felt the gentleman’s fingers stroking her through the thin lace as he continued to torture her breasts became hypersensitive.

She was about to beg him to fuck her when he gave up his chest to go down. The gentleman’s hands traced the curve of the lady’s hips and the underpants followed the path taken by the woman’s jean a little earlier.

His lips were lost in the honey-colored fleece of her clit. With a firm grip, the gentleman grabbed her knees and widely opened her legs before plunging his tongue into her fragrant delights. She had never known a lover who acted with such slowness. The tongue passed and passed along the reliefs of her intimacy, visiting each hem, every fold and folding up … in a sulky concert of groans.

The lady shouted, feverishly rippling beneath her mouth, which had been savagely torturing her for several minutes. Deciding that the game could now take a different turn, the gentleman finally granted his favors to the little pink button all inflated which begged to be freed from its tensions.

The orgasm was instantaneous and violent, but the gentleman stopped drinking at her source only when the spasms of that dazzling orgasm had ceased. James slipped gently back to her stomach, scattering kisses scarcely sketched on her burning skin, then brushed her nipples to her lips, and finished his way to the hollow of her neck, where he delighted at the pulsations of his pulse. The lady, her eyes closed, languid, tried to catch her breath.

The weight of the gentleman’s body against her drew a sigh of contentment. When he kissed her, sliding his tongue against her, a new wave of heat took hold of her.

She opened her eyes to discover that the gentleman’s eyes were almost black, his pupils completely dilated by desire.

James smirked, then sat up and held out a hand to the lady. She seized it without understanding and he dragged her to the kitchen.

James grabbed the woman by the waist and lifted her from the floor to the work surface. James placed himself between her thighs and kissed her tenderly.

Once again, she obeyed the instructions of the gentleman who slowly moved her to the edge of the counter. With one hand, he grabbed his rigid cock and rubbed it against the woman’s soaked pussy.

Her clit was still sensitive, and the lady could not stop a muffled groan. Her gigolo rummaged in the back pocket of his pants and pulled out a small metallic square. James tore the packaging and unrolled the condom on his cock.

The male escort of professional pleasure always had condoms with him. James encircled the woman’s waist and lifted her up from the counter.

James took a few steps into the kitchen and wedged her back against a wall. He then made her descend on him and impaled her very slowly on his big cock as hard as an iron bar. Centimeter by centimeter, he penetrated into the depths of his intimacy. She expired dully, feeling with acute acuity the slow and measured progression of the rigid limb in her.

Her gigolo supported her under the buttocks as he saw her sliding against the wall. He withdrew a little and plunged a little further. Slowly, he repeated these movements until he was totally in her. James kissed her again and the movements of his tongue in the lady’s mouth punctuated those of his cock, which came and went in a deliciously burning slide. She moaned with pleasure at the pace that he gave to his kicks. Ample and vigorous.

After a few minutes of this amazing treatment, and without withdrawing from it, the gentleman returned to the table where he stretched her and began to pound her while kneading her breasts.

Her gentleman told her that she was so hot around his cock. These simple words were sufficient to electrify the woman who groans more and more. The rubbing of their pubis excited her congested clit. James used her more and more quickly and more and more strongly, waving diabolically against her by supporting a cadence that snatched cries from her.

Her male escort accelerated the pace. James felt her contracting around him when orgasm was unleashed in her. She shouted his name, shaking her head from right to left like a hysterical fury as she bent like a possessed woman. Nothing more was needed to make him cum.

In a long groan close to a beast’s rumble, the gentleman reached the peaks of pleasure that shook him violently. Several minutes later he carefully withdrew from her and helped her to sit down. Framing his face between his hands, he contemplated the delicate face of the woman. His eyes shone.

Never, but never, even in her wildest fantasies, she would have thought she could live such a thing. Her male escort had given her so much pleasure that she had feared to faint with ecstasy. Orgasm, the real one, the one that made the body vibrate in its entirety, she had at last come to experience it.

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A male escort dedicated to her pleasure.

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The lady sat in front of her phone later that night in Paris, debating whether or not to send a message to this gigolo for demanding ladies that she found on internet. Her message was ready and it was just a matter of actually sending it.

She took a deep breath and clicked ‘send.’ She had debated in her mind sending a longer message, or maybe even asking him to have coffee, but she decided against it. She sent a short message saying “I am a lonely lady in the city of love and I am looking for some company, Are you available for a drink to know each other tonight at 8pm ?”

She didn’t need to wait long for a reply. Her phone was beeping, indicating a new message. He said “Hi, Thank you for your message. Let’s meet in a bar you know.” They set up a time and a place to meet.

She had never been before to this bar as she was new in Paris. She dressed sexy: a black dress that accentuated her curves. She thought, that dress would draw James’s attention. She finished her hair and make up, then grabbed her bag and walked out.

The idea of sleeping with this man had, of course, been one of the main things in her mind. She stopped herself right there, not wanting to get caught up in her fantasy and get all hot before she sat down for drinks with him. That would come soon enough.

She took a cab to go to the bar. When She got there, She looked around for James and didn’t see him. She was about twenty minutes early, so that wasn’t a surprise. Any time she go on a first date, She always want to be early—better for the guy to look for her than for her to be looking for him, was her philosophy. She grabbed a seat at the bar and ordered a glass of red wine.

Turns out, she was right to be that early, because five minutes later, James walked in the door. He sauntered in easily and grabbed a table, assuming she wasn’t even there yet. She took a moment to look him over. His sensual energy was amazing, and she wasn’t the only person who had noticed him walk in.

Almost every woman in the bar had taken notice, though some were better at hiding it than others. She smiled and felt desire pulse through her. James wore a suit, a white shirt and black shoes.

She took her glass of wine and made her way over to him, enjoying the looks of some of the women who thought she was a stranger just trying to hit on him. They were looking as if they couldn’t wait for her to strike out—and then, when he stood up and greeted her with a light kiss, she felt their envy.

“You look beautiful,” he said as he planted a light kiss on her lips. It took everything in her to not gasp from the heat of his touch. “Thank you,” She murmured as she sat across from him. She knew she was blushing, and she was grateful the bar’s lighting was dim.

The server approached and they ordered some appetizers. James ordered a bottle of the wine She was drinking, and they settled into the booth. She couldn’t say for sure when she decided that she would definitely be having sex with him that night, which was a total violation of her no sex on the first date policy.

It may have been when they started in on the second bottle of wine, though she had a feeling it was probably in her head from the start knowing James was a male escort dedicated to her pleasure. She spent the entire time in the bar in a state of complete arousal. His energy was a strong draw, and the conversation, his smile, and looking into his eyes only enhanced that arousal. She could tell he felt it too; She saw his eyes, more than once, drift down to her breasts, admiring what he saw.

He reached out and took her hand in his across the table. She felt his heat move through her, and she shifted in her seat, feeling arousal pressing her, closing in on her from all sides.

She paid the bill and they walked to her car. She drove a black and red Mini Cooper that suited her personality perfectly. She smiled as he easily opened her door for her, not making a big deal out of it, and, as they sped along the night streets, James smiled over at her, his white teeth bright in the darkness of the car.

When they arrived at her apartment, he, once again, opened her door for her. they walked to her condo, a large two bedroom on the first floor of a high rise nearby the Eiffel tower. It was sparsely decorated and the colors were dark. Black carpet, navy blue furniture, and the walls were a deep burgundy color that made everything else stand out in a muted, sophisticated way.

She went in the kitchen, getting a fresh bottle of wine and two glasses. She came over with the two glasses and poured red wine into his glass. They clinked, and, after she took a sip of this delicious, high end wine, James kissed her. His lips on mine were warm, soft, and they sent a bolt of electricity through her. She shifted to face him more directly, and he reached for her glass of wine and set it gently on the coffee table.

She felt her body responding to him as if it had been waiting to be nearer to him, in this exact position, for as long as she could remember. With James, it was as though her body was acting independently of her mind. Her body wanted him, carnally, animalistically, and she couldn’t explain it.

When James led her to the bedroom, though she’d never slept with a guy on the first date before, it felt absolutely right. She let him lay her on his bed, a king sized sleigh bed with dark sheets and a darker comforter.

He kissed her again and pressed his body to her. She couldn’t believe the heat emanating from him. James wasn’t sweating; it was a dry heat, as if he was giving it off without taking it in himself.

He gently pulled off her shirt with his teeth, a gesture that nearly sent her into orgasm on the spot. James lifted it with his teeth and used his hands to pull it over her head. When She looked at his shining, brown eyes in the darkness, James smiled at her.

She smiled. She more than liked it. She responded by using her fingernails to pull his white shirt off. James growled at her and she shuddered, feeling the vibration of his voice through her body.

He kissed her stomach and her hips as James slid her dress off, revealing the black panties She had changed to when he’d texted her. James used his teeth to pull those off as well, and, as She felt his perfume against her skin, She felt goosebumps rise, her arousal showing in the wetness between her legs.

The male escort dropped her panties on the floor and returned to her pussy. James began to nose at her and lick it as she spread her legs to him. He kissed her inner thighs, sliding two fingers into her secret garden as he did so, and he began to move his fingers in and out. She groaned with pleasure as he simultaneously stimulated her inside and out. He moved her legs over either of his shoulders, and her calves pressed into his hot shoulders, burning with his core temperature.

He smiled, looking up at her from between her legs. Her gigolo went back to sucking on her clit. It was growing with his touch; She could feel it. And, just as he nearly sent her over the edge, he slowly drew his tongue away and began to lick the folds of her pussy, moving outward to her thighs.

The gigolo dropped her legs from his shoulders and, looking into her eyes, slowly removed his pant and boxers. His hard cock glistened in the darkness, full of his pre cum and desire for her. His cock was huge, long and sleek, and she felt her legs drop open involuntarily, her hips broadening for him.

He mounted her and slid his huge cock easily into her wetness. The gigolo moaned as he slid inside, and he paused for a moment. She could feel his cock pulsing inside of her, twitching as it settled into its new, snug space.

James began to thrust, his long cock moving in and out rhythmically. She wrapped her legs around his hips and brought him close to her, her nails digging into his back as he grunted with each thrust. her voice echoed his, and she felt her orgasm rushing in as his body rubbed against her clit each time he pressed to her.

She was ready to cum, breathless, gasping as he forced the air out of her with each thrust. He thrust faster, harder, and, as she climaxed, he did as well, pushing his hips hard into hers, his hard cock reaching deep inside of her. He laid on her after their mutual release, his breath hot and rapid in her ear. She was sweating, full of heat from both him and herself, her body deeply satisfied with this encounter.

When the male escort pulled out, he put his fingers on his cock to hold the condom in place. It was nice that he was considerate, and it made her desire him even more. He kissed her, then went to the bathroom to clean up. When he returned, he laid next to her, his body hot next to mine. She kicked off the covers, including the sheet. It was definitely getting cold outside, but that was not the case inside her bedroom. Here, they were on fire.

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